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Looking for Sales Recruiters in Indianapolis and Minneapolis!

Aerotek, a leading provider of recruiting and staffing services, is currently seeking a career oriented individual for an opportunity as an in-house Recruiter for our Midwest sales offices (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne).

Aerotek is a division of Allegis Group, providing our clients with commercial, industrial, professional and technical professionals in a variety of industries. We have over 150 field offices located across the United States, Canada, and… Continue

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Generation Y… The good, the bad, and the profitable.

I have been reading a lot lately about Generation Y and how evidently it will be the fall of western civilization. I did quite a bit of research about them for my last employer because they hired predominantly entry level, college grads in its management training program. There are some fears about who is coming out of this group and I politely disagree. I am here to make the case for this group and tell you why everything will be ok. Now, realize that I am technically part of this generation,… Continue

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Barack and Hillary on LinkedIn

Maybe everyone in the world knows this already, but it was just passed on to me this week-end. Barack and Hillary, yes, the democratic candidates for president, are on LinkedIn. I also noted that if you are a member of TopLinked, one of the groups within LinkedIn, you can send an invite to Barack to be networked with him. I don't know if anyone replies to the invites, I am sure it is not Barack sitting at his computer replying to the invites, but would be nice to be Linked with… Continue

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Establish A Niche, And Work Will Follow

Excerpted from CRN Gov .com (see link below)

Establish A Niche, And Work Will Follow

Throughout government agencies, IT departments are e-mailing and calling retired civil servants and military veterans in a plea to return to work. There are ever-widening staffing shortages, thanks to an initial wave of baby boomers retiring from the federal, state and local workforce. California, in fact, has created a database dubbed "Boomerang" to hire back retired state employees. The… Continue

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The simple things bring down most interviews

After the long memorial day weekend I found myself without a topic in which to blog about so to try and break the writers block I was reviewing many of the recruiting/career blogs that I frequent for some interesting topics in which to play off of in my article, and wouldn’t you know I found something here.

In a survey about interviewing etiquette goes through many questions about how people approach and handle interviewing and while you can pick it apart and read a lot… Continue

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Just wanted to pass on a story. Mid last month I get a call from one of the recruiters I work with. She asks me to contact a doctor she has coming to the Dallas area, and lets me know they have been trying to get ahold of another Realtor and this other Realtor wasnt calling them back. I quickly called them, and within a couple of hours had them set up on searches in the areas they wanted, and was planning a community tour the following Saturday. Well, they showed up in town, I spent almost 9… Continue

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APEX developer-8025

APEX developer-8025

Tandel Systems provides software and hardware engineering solutions and products that enable your business to differentiate from the competition and to succeed in the marketplace. We leverage our imagination, business knowledge and technology to provide measurable business results in defined timeframes. Whether the solutions are for Government and Critical Infrastructure, Collaborative Environment, Asset Management, or Document and Content Management, our singular focus… Continue

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May 27, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday

Teach something, learn something...

"Passion" is a word that gets bandied about a lot. Here is author and activist Patrick Dixon's take on what it means and how it can be applied.

Motivation, leadership business change management…


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What Do I Say NOW?

Many people don’t know what to say to the sourced names we provide. Because these names are many times the truly “passive” candidate some recruiters who’ve been reared on resume farming are “reluctant” to call someone who isn’t actually “looking”.

Just about everyone is “looking”.

Out of 10 names you telephone source:

1-2 will be looking at… Continue

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Weekend, May 23-24, 2008

That was the week that was...Week ending May 23, 2008

A round-up from the recruiting industry’s group blogs, portals and individual archives...

A funny week with lots going and not much getting done. It must be summer... The Daily Column...

Mendoza’s Monday Member Showcase: Meet Heather Gardner - from $0 to $300k in Record Time

Geoff… Continue

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Conversation with Shally Steckerl and Don Ramer

I spoke with Shally Steckerl and Don Ramer today about there recent decision to merge companies. I thought I was going to be in a bit of trouble because when the call started, they were not on the line. I had a little help from my friend Paul Debettignies and Jason Gorham. Shally and… Continue

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Time flies

Wow, I see that I joined this system back in February. That is not long, by my standards, but it still seems like I just joined.

I made a forum post here:

I was half expecting people to pounce on that thing. It happens. Internet events are 'spiky'. Of course, spiky includes quiet bits and it is unfortunate in this case. I have only one other time attempted to create a 'spike' in traffic… Continue

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Running Straight and True

Bob and I went to see the third film in the Caribbean trilogy “Pirates of the Caribbean” shortly after it opened last year in May, 2007. Just recently I watched it again on a lazy Sunday afternoon and was reminded of this piece I wrote, though not sure where (or if) I ever posted it. I offer it now for your amusement.

The usurper of the pirate ship "The Black Pearl"… Continue

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Anyone ever heard of RJ Makay or the Rorex group?

Just wondering..

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Recruiter’s Need Love Too.

I know some of you recruiters out there have worked in the different venues of recruiting, ie. corporate versus contingency or agency. Have you ever noticed the less than friendly attitude you normally get as a third party vendor when you are working the contingency side and call into the corporate recruiter or HR?

I have worked the corporate side also where, yes, you get a few calls from recruiters trying to drum up work. I always try to treat them with respect, and it doesn’t take… Continue

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SYNAPSE-FIRING ALERT!!! -- " . . .Cognitive structures—mental maps—to help make sense of their experiences between the ages of 11 to 13"

In coming across a very interesting HBR Article from Tamara J. Erickson today ("Are There Gender Differences Within Gen X?"), I thought to immediately pass this on.

Before posting it here, let me briefly preface: Albeit with my very limited voice as a result of only being in Talent Acquisition for 5 years, and also not personally… Continue

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[) ; ; (- ()

found her..+ another step from there...

lost? figure out that code and it might provide some additional input...

not here to win, but I am here to help... :)


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May 23, 2008

TGIS (Thank Goodness, Its Sumser!)

Digging Into

John continues adding up the sum of's parts, this week adding the conversation into the equation:

From Technical tips to process questions, from professional advice to vendor critiques, the forum covered the vast arena that is our profession. As the membership multiplies, expect to see interesting voices emerge here.
Some of the conversations John is… Continue

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"Montaigne's practical, ethical response to injustice in an uncertain world is to ruse with the law."

The interiority of the self is one of the great framing fictions of the Essais, a fiction that provides the space and the opportunity for Montaigne to carry out both the encounter and the dialogue with himself that are his project, to fashion himself, and to negotiate the boundaries between the self and the… Continue

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Technical Recruiter (Telecom) - Toronto, CA & Frisco, TX

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