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Maybe you are the newbie in the office, or perhaps a new person has joined your organisation, or maybe you head up a division within a company that requires fresh blood.

Whatever the case, everyone knows what it feels like to be new. The question is are you making the most out of your new role?

Embarking on a new career journey can be a very nervous…


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Persistence and Perseverance.

Lipton Fleming work closely with a charity called Eaves and last week we spent a couple of hours with them discussing how dreams can become a reality with a few of the right steps.  These are people who have suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse and are trying to rebuild their lives for a brighter future.  Women who have been trapped in violent relationships, some even trafficked.

Life throws us a curve ball and the course of our lives can change cataclysmically. It could be a…


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What is Perception?

'There is little conjunction of truth and social reality.  Around us are pseudo-events, to which we adjust with a false consciousness to see these events as true and real.'  What does this mean to you?  Put simply to me it means that just because I am told the sky is green, do I have to…


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2012 starts with a plan…..

First off, let me start by saying Happy New Year.

So the festive season is at an end and hopefully you have had your fill of fine food and wine, Christmas and the New Year has enabled you to spend quality time with your friends and family. Now we have the joy of looking ahead and getting back to reality, with this in mind we start to think of what we want from this year, our hopes and dreams i.e. winning the lottery and winning the euro millions back to back!!

And then reality…


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The Christmas Party

Another year is drawing to a close, the Coca-Cola adverts are back on TV and our thoughts turn to the excitement of the Christmas Party. Whether you are a 600 strong army hiring out a huge venue or a small gathering in a restaurant, there is a shared objective. Celebrate your successes, toast a year of hard work...and do everything in your power not to drink to the point of being that person everyone is talking about the next day!…


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Is it time to leave your job? Do you know when that time is?

If you look back in time, maybe around 40+ years ago, employees found a job within a company and were expected to stay with that same company for their entire career in exchange for a pension and a gold watch or pen. Now times have changed dramatically, most people have 5-8 career changes in their lifetime.

So now employees are faced with a new decision, how to determine when to leave their current job. This may…


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Engaging, retaining, developing and investing!

We recruiters often talk about how candidates need to give more to their employers and how they need to be seen to want to add value, to want to drive for good outcomes but it is a game of two halves and as Employers we all have to look at how we attract, retain and develop our people - do we have a formal employee engagement strategy in place?…


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Are we in danger of losing our moral compass? Are we living in an overdraft mentality?

 Yet again this morning the headlines in the news revolved around the slow and sluggish economy and why we as citizens should look after our elderly counterparts and how many under 14 year old children would sacrifice their pocket money and entertainment time if their parents/guardians would give up smoking! It’s as if the media is requesting us to check our moral compass. Now not only are the powers that be asking that we start being prudent and put in as opposed to take…


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Early Christmas Presents, Great Opportunity!

The Indian summer seems to have officially gone and it's now time to dust off the winter coats and step into the cold wind, hoping that London can avoid coming to a standstill this winter. With any luck, you might even sink your hand into the pocket of your long forgotten favourite winter coat to find a tenner you didn't realise was in there. I would love to say that's what happened to me, alas, it did not. A year old packet of chewing gum isn't nearly as…


Added by Lipton Fleming on October 24, 2011 at 11:56am — No Comments - The minefield of digital acronyms.

As our lives grow more and more complicated with day to day tasks and everything gets more technical, our language becomes shorter with ‘text talk’ and acronyms scattering our communications.

To new comers in the world of ‘Digital Media’ seems like there is a strange, foreign or even alien language that can take some getting used to.

Many a time at the beginning of my journey…


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Planning a career change?

A career change is a life altering decision and should be properly thought through and planned. It can mean a complete transition to a new job, a new employer or a new industry. If a person chooses to change career direction, for example they have been in …


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Preparation Is Key

In my opinion failure to prepare for anything you do in life, never mind my job as a recruiter or for an interview is a fatal sin.


Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe".  This is the way any successful person should prepare for every battle.  Don’t get me wrong I haven’t always been someone…


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Are You Google Friendly?

Google Friendly


Back in the day…… one of the most important obstacles in securing your dream job (other than skills, interviews & receiving the offer) was getting a good reference from your previous employers. These days there’s an extensive social media list of obstacles to consider aswell i.e. Google,…


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Being Good for Someone Else

How do your actions affect others? If you’re a happy & positive person going into work everyday with a smile on your face and a can do attitude, how does that reflect upon colleagues? Personally I think it impacts greatly on how you’re perceived; it can turn a frown upside down quite literally. Keep a positive outlook and remember to bring it with you everyday, it will help you become more balanced and help…


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Recruiting In Social Spaces….


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