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4 Tips for Budgeting for a Career Change

Whether you're starting your own business, changing careers, or just going off the job grid for a bit of soul searching, your financial situation is about to change - drastically. If you've decided you have enough money tucked away to take that plunge - or you want to get to the point that you do - a tighter budget is going to be your new reality. Consider the following while embarking on your new career journey.

You're going to need to reevaluate your media intake.…


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Software Knowledge That Will Make an Accountant's Resume Stand Out

Most employment experts agree that accounting is one of the few professions expected to be "safe" over the next decade, with plenty of opportunities, even as much of the job market remains difficult for white-collar workers. Remaining competitive, however, is more important for accountants than perhaps anyone else, as the wealth of opportunities will draw top candidates with whom you'll have to compete.

The single best way to to do this is to master software applications that you'll…


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4 Pointers for Filling an Accounting Position

One of the hardest things a recruiter can do is convince a client that they can't handle their own accounting in house. Business owners often want to handle their own books because they either don't trust an employee to count their beans or they feel like it's a place where they can save money. While this isn't usually the case, hiring a bad accountant is easy. Hiring a good one, however, requires some finesse.

Follow this guide to recruiting the best accountant for the…


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Mobile Jobs: Applying on the Go

The Internet job search has gone mobile. Like the rest of the world, your competition is moving faster and doing more while away from home. Mobile job search is now standard fare for job hunters and recruiters alike. Whether you're looking for mobile jobs on an Apple or Android device, there's something out there for you. Most of the mobile job apps you'll want to use are free and have been…


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Quick & Easy Negotiation Tips Every Recruiter Should Know

As a recruiter, your job entails juggling multiple negotiations on a daily basis. Candidates want to get more. Clients want to give less. You need to earn a living. It's impossible to please everyone, but good recruiters can strike deals in which everyone wins - including themselves.

Follow these tips to negotiating for success.

When negotiating, don't let your concept of perfect ruin something good.

Establish the Floor

No one wants…


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Top Tips for Recruiters Trying to Place Out-of-Town Candidates

One of the most difficult situations a recruiter can encounter is finding the perfect candidate for the perfect job - with an un-commutable distance between them.

A recent study shows that more than three-quarters of candidates have a problem with relocating - even for a great job. Moving is never easy, especially if…


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How to Spot Excellent Job Candidates on Twitter

Twitter is an amazing hunting ground -- one that's been vastly underutilized and too often written off as an unruly homeroom of the Internet. There are amazing recruits who are looking for a decent job. But with more than half a billion users, it's estimated that Twitter is one of the 10 most visited pages on the Web.

How do you find the…


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Middle-Aged and Lost Your Job? It's Not Hopeless

According to The Wall Street Journal, 3.5 million Americans aged 45 to 64 were out of work last year. Almost 40 percent of those were unemployed for a year or more.

About twice as many 20-somethings are unemployed than more seasoned workers, but in middle age, finding a good job with good benefits can be much harder for an older worker. If you find yourself looking for work in middle age,…


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4 Tips for Attracting Headhunters

Looking for a job is a full-time job -- one that can be daunting, overwhelming, and frustrating. Some of the best positions, however, aren't advertised. As a supplement to your active job hunt, consider a headhunter. Headhunters are employed as recruiters to find vetted talent without sifting through a thousand resumes in response to a Craigslist ad. Follow this guide to getting noticed by top…


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Top Characteristics That Add Up to a Successful Recruiter

As a recruiter, you’re the gatekeeper between the company you represent and the employees it’s able to hire and retain. A successful recruiter is not only responsible for staffing a business with an adequate number of employees, but strives to bring — and keep — the best people possible for each individual position. Follow these steps to take the leap from good recruiter to great.



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