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You can lead a horse to the water…

As an Executive Search consultant, there is nothing more frustrating than the following scenario; you have done a really good job finding, screening and selecting some great candidates for a specific position. When presenting the candidates to the client, the response is very positive and you feel confident that this process is going to be a home run. Well, think…


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4 Tips to Perfect the Millennial Candidate Experience

The time to start attracting top Millennials, a.ka. Gen-Y, to your organization starts with the candidate experience. Developing a standard process aimed towards keeping Gen-Y candidates informed and aware of your jobs and employer brand cements a positive reputation vis-à-vis the company. Understanding this is especially important in light of the fact that reviews of…


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CANDIDATES! - Stop talking yourselves out of the job!

I don't know what it's like in the US, but here in Blighty (The UK), far too many candidates talk themselves out of the…

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Brand-new News from the online recruiting world – LinkedIn, Social Resume, and more

Hey, it’s a new year, which means – well, I don’t know! But some stuff did happen in the past 30-40 days, so let’s take

 a look at how the industry is faring:


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Who's Your Daddy?

Click here to play.

Scott’s new video book, The Avoidant…


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Something NEW in Sourcing Today

I hope you'll join us today (Tuesday, Jan 29) at noon (ET) in SourceChat to talk about the NEWEST and MOST EXCITING thing in sourcing today – AcquiSourcing - over on the MagicMethod  network. 

Have you all heard about…


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5 Things to Consider When You Offer Poor Customer Service

It was the middle of December, right before the Christmas break, when my wife and I went out for dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday.  Getting out of the house is a big event for both of us.  Having 2 young children keeps our lives pretty busy, and we were looking forward to having a night away from our day-to-day activities.

When we got to the…


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Mastery in the Circus - Learning Points!

I went to the circus a few days ago with my kids. As I was watching a great show and performance by all of the artists performing, I couldn’t help but wonder about how many thousands of hours of dedicated training  it must have taken by these artists to acquire the skills, strengths and  mental focus for them to pull through their gigs. It made me reflect upon where…


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Online Social Learning Communities: Necessary but not Sufficient

As the Digital Era progresses, professionals at all levels and career stages need to develop and maintain a core set of digital competencies. These competencies can be developed informally, through online social learning communities, but they must also be developed through formal education and training programs. Academic and other…


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It’s Not LinkedIn-it’s The Referrals!

They say that cold-calling is dead, but if you received a recruiting call from me; I was simply engaging in referral   marketing!

Wikipedia defines referral…


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Surviving your interview; the questions you didn't expect.

For a lot of people, January is the month to look for a new job – everyone wants to start the New Year with a boom and for many that means finally landing their dream job. (If you are still struggling to get an interview, please see our blog post ‘My New Year’s resolution – get a new job!’ for help and tips on where to look.)

So you’ve been keeping an eye out for…


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Entry Requirement in Insurance Sector

The insurance claim handlers work in challenging work environment. They are responsible for difficult tasks like investigating all the documents and find out the legitimacy of the claim. In addition to this they are expected to keep an eye for the fraudulent acts.

Work area

The work area of the insurance claim agents demands that you work as the coordinator and find out about the services that are important to the policy holder. You may be asked to contact a builder to…


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Skills and Knowledge Required for Oil Engineering Jobs

The job role of the oil engineers demands that they work in challenging situations. They are responsible for assessing the geological reports. Ascertaining the risk of oil extraction is also the responsibility of the oil engineers. Monitoring and assessing the performance of reservoir are also essential job role which the oil engineers perform. If you want to make a career in this field, you will need to possess some essential skills.

Required skills

The professionals in…


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Banker – Job Description and Skills

People dream about getting a job in the banking sector. Although there are different banks available, it is not easy to find a job in the banking sector. If you are interested, you need to gather information about making a career in the sector.

Job description

A banker needs to perform various tasks. You will have to handle different meetings with different clients. It is the banker who discusses the financial requirement of the clients. They are also expected to provide…


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Construction Engineer Jobs - Responsibilities and Requirements

The construction engineers are responsible for designing, managing and overseeing different projects related to construction. These projects can be a rebuilding project. Designing a building is also related to construction projects. The prospect of the job may vary depending on the economic condition of the country.

Job description

Construction engineers are hired to complete various construction jobs. Their projects may revolve around designing a drainage system or…


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Register with a Care Agency to Succeed in Your Career as a Caregiver

Why is it a good idea to register with a care agency if you want to build a career in the care services? Whether you are new to this field or have considerable experience in this sector, you may find it easier to get appropriate jobs if you register with a care agency. However, this is not the only reason for this. Here are a few reasons that make this a good choice.

Reason 1: The care agency completes the basic screening and background checks:  When the family of an elderly…


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5 Ways To Network As A College Student

Unfortunately networking and career development are not always the main focus on college campuses but you can do more networking at college than you think. Whether it’s for a job in the future, or you’re seeking an internship or summer position, networking is a great way to share knowledge and open doors for yourself.

Talk to your professors.  Aside from…


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Don't Judge A Potential Candidate Just By Their Public Profile

Don’t Judge A Potential Candidate Just By Their Public Profile

Don't Judge A Potential Candidate Just By ......…


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Hidden LinkedIn Resume Tool for Candidates

Fed up with sub-standard Resumes and CV's, even from top people?

Point them to LinkedIn's hidden resume builder at http://resume.linkedinlabs.com. It's saved my candidates bacon more than once. It converts their LinkedIn…


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Value in the "Permission to Present"

For those of you in the Staffing Industry, you know what I’m referring to when it comes to “Permission to Present”.  At Morton Consulting, we define this as clear permission to represent a candidate for a specific position at a specific customer.  We’ve seen “Permission to Present” really take off with our clients, especially in the MSP or…


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