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Susan Hand's Tips "responding to job applicants" Make it a Process

Corporate recruiters and agencies are overwhelmed with job applicants in these economic times. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that all employment communications are planned prior to getting in the ring. However, I have witnessed a bulk of organizations, and company representatives that do not respond or follow up to jobseeker.

I'm sure this is not because they do not care, or do not have the manners to communicate. I believe most likely that it is due to poor… Continue

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Want a sure way to increase sales, productivity and Company Image? Invest in Recruitment.

Hello Congress, Obama and the World Markets! The answer to a company, country or world's success is right in front of you. Invest in heard it for free and it didn't cost you a bail out, or a deficit. Hire talented recruitment professionals to identify jobs, hire talent, and grow productivity.

With the right leadership hire, business and services increase, productivity sours, and oh yeah that GNP might actually increase!!!!

Its more than Labor Economics, its… Continue

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Thoughts on professional curtesy vs. paid work?

Recently I helped a friend of a friend find placement. It didn't take much for me to lend my network, and resources. I also steered the friend toward professional sites, and resume tips. I often do this for my professional network and family.

However, recently I've been overloaded by associates who need or want help. I hate to turn them away but I am on a job search myself, so have to stay focused.

My mentor suggested that I start thinking about a fee for service business.… Continue

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Web 2.0 and Organizing your Recruiting Resources

Some of you saw an earlier web answer I gave regarding Web 2.0 and organizing your recruitment resources, and asked if I would write more. Well today I'll be starting my Web optimizaton tip list, I will try and publish a weekly tip, on organizing and planning a Web 2.0 strategy. I hope you will add your valuable knowledge, mistakes,and learnings to improve our overall understanding of what works and what doesn't work. My goal is to eventually share my complete strategic plan and process,… Continue

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Fedex to give free Resume Printing

Please share

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Great things being done by Great Companies for the Economy

I ran into a co-worker yesterday, that had been denied application to a high profile (government vendor) company, because she was unemployed. I couldn't believe it. Yes, I hear from hiring managers that they don't want someone out of work because the stigma is the candidates are lowest performers. However, in this economy??? Get real. But its happening, and it's happening at companies receiving benefits from the bail out. Okay so that is disappointing, we could moan and complain. However, I'm… Continue

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Recruiting with Courage during a depression oops I mean recession

The unemployment lines are long, the phone is busy, and resumes seem to drop into a black hole--- Seem familiar? Well for all you HR, Recruitment or Sales professionals that may not have seen times like this before remember this... The labor market will improve, the Global economy will follow and you will make a difference if you act with courage and integrity. People, Candidates and Businesses don't only remember you when you are hiring and cruising in good times, they remember what you do or… Continue

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for the recruiter---Are skills truly transferable?

In this economy. Does it make sense for a recruiter to consider --Transferable skills????

It is part of my role to influence hiring managers to think out of the box. Many times, that means educating those hiring managers how to read a resume, what questions help uncover hidden talents, and Identifying potential vs. experience in an applicant. This prompted me to inquire to all of you----Are hard skills really transferable? I know that we all need leaders, and that is a skill that is… Continue

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Call for input on Lay offs as an excuse !!! Really????

We have all heard about the economy, the slow down, the massive layoffs expected and the of course the bailouts of large financial organizations failings, etc.

This weekend a brief comment was thrown over a shoulder of a pretty important person, saying that he thought much of the layoffs in Mass. were an excuse for some large companies to downsize and get rid of overhead, people and failing projects. Really an excuse??? My response, I could see 10% of employee population but how… Continue

Added by Susan Hand on December 9, 2008 at 1:07pm — 3 Comments

The Big, Bad and ugly: Who stole my candidate, and Hey I had her first...How to avoid candidate competition and Share like the big kids

Few people talk about it out loud, but it happens, we know it, Agencies know it, and here is a tip on how to avoid it.

Seems simple enough. You spend hours trying to get people interested, they apply and then 4 other corporate recruiters tag them. By the Way these recruiters are all working on your team.

How about this one. You speak with a candidate, get her jazzed about a leader position in a niche area of development, and bam....They have an interview tomorrow with… Continue

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Save Recruitment Dollars with increasing your Candidate's Experiences

I have to make a confession. I often get so busy with my reqs, my candidates, and my interviews, that things I learned early on in recruitment and HR have slipped. Last week I took a breath and tried to put a framework together so that I could mentor others around my success in candidate experience and relationship building. I knew I was strong in a couple of areas, but I had never connected my enjoyment of building relationships and creating an experience for all my stakeholder, with the Cost… Continue

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Recruiting Tools- What do we use and How much do we really use it?

A good recruiter uses all available avenues to recruit, source and build networks. However, the working recruiter has to focus their efforts so that they have the most productive results with the least time investment.

Here is where I am wondering ---How much do we really use? We have all seen it in our networks, and our training. Web 2.0, Google it, job-boards, aggregators, Linked in, Blogging, Zoom Info.......

However, working side by side with some pretty successful… Continue

Added by Susan Hand on June 26, 2008 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Organizing your Web 2.0 Strategy

Web 2.0 is Now. However, our profession and organizations still don't have the structure ready to receive it. Lets create a Best Practice here and now.

Like any great strategy, planning and relevant results are a must. So when planning your recruitment strategy take some of the most important criteria into your plan.

First What does your organization and your goals want to accomplish from use of technology?

Should Web 2.0 be used to market job opportunities? Should… Continue

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