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Make Your Online Footprint Attractive to Employers

When you apply for a job, your potential employer is going to conduct an online search of you if they're even remotely interested in hiring you.

You won't have any pre-notification that they're going to do the search, so make sure you're prepared ahead of time.

Your online footprint refers to any of the results that turn up when someone searches…


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Don't Retire on Not Recruiting Senior Citizens

Finding dependable, loyal employees is the key to a successful recruitment process, which is why so many businesses nationwide are hiring senior citizens.

That's right; seniors make great employees for a number of unique reasons.

If your business is hiring, here are some of the advantages of going the senior citizen route:

Tips for Hiring…


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Go Social with a Better Resume

Sometimes a resume just isn't enough of an attention grabber when it comes to landing the perfect job.

Fortunately, social media can help put your resume and your career hunting endeavors in the social spotlight.

Here are just a few ways social media can help you promote your resume:

Make Sure Your Resume is Website-Friendly

Just because…


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Design the Right Approach to Career Surfing on the Web

Being able to utilize the internet in one’s career is a necessity in almost every field.

Architects are finding that they too must become adept at surfing the web for the right tools to help their careers.

Whether they are looking for new jobs or new resources for their current positions, the internet brings a wealth of information that the savvy architect and…


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Put SMS to Work for Your Recruiting Needs

If you run a recruiting agency, then you already know how important it is to effectively reach out to potential job candidates.

Fortunately, going mobile with SMS marketing can help you do just that.

Here are a handful of ways you can use SMS to your advantage in your recruiting endeavors:

Text Job Openings

Whether candidates are in the…


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Are Senior Citizens Solid Recruits?

Could older workers be an asset when recruiting new talent?

Older employees are often overlooked in favor of younger staff that oftentimes proves more tech- savvy, but in fact older workers offer many advantages to your business.

So just why should your business consider older employees?

Wealth of Experience

One of the first things to…


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Selling the Interview for Both Recruiter and Applicant

There's no doubt that job interviews can be tough, but what too few people realize is that that the difficulty exists on both sides of the interview desk.

Of course, for interviewees, nervousness can quickly take hold and cause panic, but for interviewers, there is a different type of pressure: finding the right candidate or risk hurting the company.

As the…


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Constructing the Best Resume for Recruiting Pros

Just like for any other field, a top-notch resume is necessary for the construction industry.

If you are seeking in the construction field, make sure you're building the best resume you possibly can.

Some important aspects exist, just as in any resume, so take a look.

Build up Your Portfolio

As the article, “…


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The Advantages of Big Data Recruiting

If you work in human resources, chances are good that you've heard a thing or two about big data recruiting.

But, is this just the latest trend in hiring or is it a true evolution in workplace recruiting?

Here are some of the top advantages of big data recruiting and how to make this shift in hiring tactics work for your business…

Comb the…


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Should You Be Recruiting Telecommuters?

Are telecommuters a liability because they are out of sight? Or perhaps telecommuters are a cost effective way to staff companies? 

So should businesses be recruiting telecommuters? 

There are many pros and cons to recruiting telecommuters but if done correctly, both telecommuters and businesses can benefit greatly.




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Wrap Yourself Around Better Job Opportunities

Manually posting job openings to job board websites takes a lot of time and resources, which is why many recruiters are turning to job wrapping.

The convenience of job wrapping is not only changing the job board landscape, but the recruitment process as well.

Here are a handful of ways job wrapping can improve your job board and the online job-hunting…


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Are You Educated on Recruiting the Best Teachers?

Taking into consideration how things have changed in the recruitment of teachers (tougher background checks, salary and health benefit issues, etc.), how can recruiters best find and place quality teachers? What does it take to recruit the best teachers in today's world?

Here are at least some qualities and techniques that are needed.

Be a…


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Recruiting the Best IT Help in 2015 and Beyond

Looking to expand your IT team?

The latest evolutions in workplace technology, including cloud-based platforms, mean that IT isn't what it used to be. This also means that the process of recruiting the best IT professionals now and in the future has changed.

Check out these tips for successfully building your IT team:

Build a Team with Mixed…


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Is Your Resume Going to Stand Out?

No matter what the pundits say about the shrinking unemployment rate, it seems like it's harder than ever to find a good job.

Unfortunately, the new standard method of uploading your resume online doesn't make it any easier to get your resume noticed among the hundreds of competing documents that recruiters and employers go through regularly. Is your resume…


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Market Your Recruiting Skills

With millions of Americans still looking to get a leg-up in the American workforce, it should not come as a surprise that many recruiters have a vested interest in filling many positions nationwide.

Part of being a good recruiter is having skills in the marketing department. Sure, your main goal is to fill jobs, that is filling jobs with qualified candidates…


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Online Resumes Should Stand Out to Recruiters

Recruiters sift through tons of resumes looking for that perfect candidate.

It's hard with the prolific amount of online resumes, and if you want a recruiter to take notice of you, you've got to have your online resume have that special something that makes it stand out. Usually recruiters take about six seconds to scan a resume; you want yours to pass the…


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Does Your Job Board Need a Membership Package?

There are differing viewpoints on the wisdom of charging fees for membership packages on job boards.

Job board owners are constantly on the lookout for more streams of revenue, including charging per ad or charging for membership packages. But starting a membership package system on your job board could mean the death of it.

How can you tell if a…


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Is a Career Change in the Cards?

Changing careers can be an exciting but scary prospect.

If you have been feeling burned out at your current occupation, it may be time for a change to give you that excitement for your career. However, you may not want to start all over back at entry-level in your new career either for pay or for responsibility.

The key is to consider industries that hire…


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Recruiting the Best IT Help in Today's Technological World

Recruiting for IT assistance is hardest when you're first building your IT team and you don't yet have any experienced IT professionals on staff.

The challenges are myriad, but they can be overcome by progressing along your recruitment journey in an organized, savvy way.

Here are the steps to recruiting for top IT talent using your existing recruiting…


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Why Should Someone Work for Your Company?

When it's time to hire someone new for your company, you'll need to turn your attention to writing a job description.

An effective job description is a key part of attracting the right candidate for your job. A well-written description provides a short introduction to both the role and your company, letting candidates know what they can expect if they apply, and what…


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