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Great blog on Cheezhead.....

This is today's blog post on

While it is the end of the year and it is natural for us to look at the calendar year ahead, I believe a few things are important in the recruitment process. First are my comments that are directly related to the blog post.

The big take away for me is the fact that recruiting must be a collaborative conversation… Continue

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Back in the recruiting game....

I must say it is great to be back doing what I love and am great at. After a short almost 4 month hiatus, I am back making a difference in peoples lives again.

What is amazing is the number of phone calls I received in just the first week of employment from agencies looking to fill my positions. Isn't that why I was hired? Some agencies have particular expertise and I get the need. For others, I am less convinced.

After working the past 2+ years in the job board space, I… Continue

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The recruiter becomes the recruited.....

It is true, tough times are out there and it appears that corporate recruiters should feel as though things are unstable.

I was released by my most recent employer a few weeks ago due to the economic slow down......have you heard about it?

Seriously, it is a tough market out there for us right now. Corporate Recruiters are not doing a bunch of recruiting right now which is kind of silly. With the immense amount of talented people on the market you would think many… Continue

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So what are we as recruiting doing.......

the reason i ask this question is because we hear so much about the downturn in the economy....the loss of are experiencing a downturn.....the housing crisis.....the gas crisis. if all is so bad, what are recruiters doing during this time?

my guess is the same as we always do, find great people for the opportunities we are recruiting for or am i missing something. i hear from recruiters all the time, oh my company is not recruiting or i am not recruiting right now.… Continue

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How is the oil/gas situation affecting your ability to recruit?

just curious because, if you watch the news, you are hearing how this is affecting people in their daily lives. there is nothing more daily the getting in your car, turning on the radio (hopefully satellite radio) and driving to work. with gas nearing (or over) $4.00 per gallon, this has to affect the way we recruit. i have seen a drop off in my recruitment with respect to how long people are willing to commut to work. it's not so much a time factor, rather its how much is it going to cost me… Continue

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recruiting is like breathing........

so, i was talking to a co-worker today regarding recruiting not being a spectator sport and i remembered something from the ere event last october in washington, d.c. coach jim larranaga of george mason university was talking about the importance of recruiting and… Continue

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what a proud papa i am today

a few wonderful things have happened recently in my private life that i feel i must blog about....

1. march 25, 2008 the birth of my second child, daughter hayley sarah

2. may 9, 2008 baby naming of hayley sarah in front of our congregation

3. may 10, 2008 my son benjamin woke up in the morning, came to my bedroom wearing nothing but a yankees hat he put on and said "go yankees daddy!"

being a devout yankees fan i have to say i feel compelled to move that item up… Continue

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economy and it's effects on recruitment

so the economy has taken a slight downturn......or haven't you noticed? seriously though, the economy does effect our business. just not necessarily in the way some people believe.

typically, hr and recruiting are areas that are slashed during economic downturns. i believe this is because we have not made a strong enough case to the decision makers about the value we add to the organization. In times like these, we need to be more vigilant in finding the right people for our… Continue

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recruiting video's

great article from the new york post regarding recruitment video's. for full disclosure, i work for which is places a huge focus on recruitment video's.

before i joined jobing, i was a client that utilized the video. i believed it wasa great way to deliver more content to my candidates (passive/active) than just through a job posting or email blast. it was a way to engaged them and tease… Continue

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job fair attendees.....

i went to a job fair /career expo (full disclosure: i work for and i am always interested how recruiters plan for their attendance at job fairs. i know that i prepare extensively for our job fairs from 10-12 days out from the event.

i use resume search heavily before the event and utilize our job postings/videos/company website information to excite candidates about the opportunities available with our organization. i am extremely… Continue

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cheezhead bowing to monster pressure???

earlier today cheezhead had a blog posting regarding a internal training regarding vision and values for the coming year at the giant recruiting site. after reading the memo (which had me rolling on the floor) the posting was curiously removed from the site. i wonder if cheezhead has bowed to the pressure from either his contact or from monster directly.

for those who know joel you know he typically stands up against that sort of… Continue

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Active vs. Passive Candidates

I was reading a blog earlier this morning on that got me fired up. The writer, Sam Medalie, hits the nail right on the head. The point is, as Recruiters, we have to seek out the right candidates (passive, active, whatever want to call them) regardless what their current work status might be. It means we have to be vigilant in the resources we are using and, more… Continue

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social networking at its finest.....

i am fascinated how ibm always seems to find a way to re-invent themselves over the years. many people do not even know that they are not manufacturing machines anymore (for the most part). the company is primarily a consulting company thanks to louis gerstner who transformed the company through a very trying period in the 90s.

while watching the masters this weekend,… Continue

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stop demotivating before your start motivating......

take the time to read this blog........

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employee engagement......

anyone that knows me knows that i am in love with wikipedia. if you watch the office, michael scott says that wikipedia is the best thing ever. now, while i do not share his viewpoint, i do agree that it is a great resource.

in having a conversation with a coworker regarding employee engagement, i went to google and did a search for "… Continue

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productivity at work......

listening to a certain satellite radio program this morning, one of the key players, who notoriosly sleeps through shows, fell asleep today. the show personalities made particular fun of him today and it was quite, my blog is not about the show, but it does bring up a great question, What to do with employees who clearly show up for work physically but not mentally?

I would rather see a manager send a person home who has not made the committment to be at work… Continue

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back after two weeks and.....

i returned to the office after being out for two weeks due to the birth of my child and i must say times have changed. when my son was born, i didn't have access to email while out of the office. it seemed as though i spent at least a day and a half answering email and voicemails. technology has certainly made things easier for situations like this. i took only a few moments each day while out of the office to answer/forward/delete emails and voicemails. as a result, yesterday was a breeze and… Continue

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To Manage or Not to Manage....That is the Question?

My friend, colleague and blogger (she is also a Web 2.0 Nerd!) Nikki Gordon brings up a great point in her blog entry yesterday. She talks about a friend of hers who is talented at what he does. Talks about his strengths and the things he loves about his job. The interesting part of the conversation is he never talks about his managerial/leadership skills. He… Continue

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candidates who apply but don't call back

i find it increasingly interesting that candidates will apply to a position and then never call the recruiter back. it seems to be happening more and more as the internet is now the majority of our recruitment efforts. i think it is because candidates can apply to so many jobs at once they don't know what jobs they are applying to. then, they get a call from the recruiter and think they are being recruited for a position that they don't want.

one of the ways i have dealt with this… Continue

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personal comments.....

i feel during an interview it is extremly important for the candidate to get to know the interviewer to allow them to relax throughout the process. letting them to get to know you allows you to get to know more about them in the process. the interview is not just about what is on their resumes as far as experience and education. you should get to know the person. sometimes, in some jobs, it is just as important. you get to know their personality and interests. when people speak about what they… Continue

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