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Top 25 Jobs – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

Year-over-year increases continue for all but two of the top 25 candidates most in demand. Healthcare jobs continue to be a bright spot along with healthy increases in sales roles, which demonstrates the continued strength of the recovery.

Firms are advised to actively recruit for these roles as 25% or more of the demand will convert into usage of staffing and recruiting firms.




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Resume Software is best tool in resume creation.

Resume software is defined as, if you had moderately done it manually or can't afford to pay a writing service. Now these software packages help us with resume scripting and suppressing.


Everyone must be familiar with the…


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Social Mud Slinging...

If you haven't heard by now, there are a few of us social networkers that have a crazy idea that we can raise $2,000 for wounded veterans by taking part in the "toughest obstacle course in the world." We've signed up for the Tough Mudder event (a 10 mile test of our souls) that's taking place in just under a week. We've trained for months, prepared ourselves mentally and only…

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Recruitment's 5 lost trade tools

The social media ‘tsunami’ has hit the Australian recruitment industry’s shores. Of late, I’ve noticed a significant increase in status updates, wall postings and tweets. Blogs have crept into mainstream recruitment and featured prominently on company websites. Once bland, recruiting websites have now upgraded to an interactive nature with content changing almost daily boosting it’s SEO.

Social media is here to stay just like the advent of email, which changed the way we communicate… Continue

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What Women Want?

It's been 10 years since the Mel Gibson / Helen Hunt, ‘What Women Want” movie was released. Mel Gibson’s character, Nick, a somewhat chauvinistic advertising hot shot may have found the answer when a fluke bathroom accident enables him hear what women think. Taking advantage of this special gift, he manipulates it to his advantage at work.

Having watched this movie recently, I asked myself, “I wonder what the 3 C’s in my corporate life want?” the 3 C’s being my Client, my Candidate… Continue

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How Can I be A Sourcers' Apprentice?

This was a question asked of me earlier in the week. The answer is simple- you can’t. Everyone who has anything to do with sales, with recruiting, with dealing in relationships between staff and customers all have their own way of achieving the end result.  For them to use my moniker, they would have to take a really long walk in my shoes, and see things through my eyes.  I am fortunate to have really good people around me who respect my opinions and are extremely open with theirs. We…


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Empowering your Employees - How to and Does it Work?

Empowerment of employees - does it work and should you do it?  Being part of an integrator gives me a view into the minds of some of the most interesting managers, some great, some just poor.  What makes the difference, empowerment?  Every company has a different calling for the people they empower, from SMEs to HEROs, etc. but they all do the same thing, they are trusted professionals in their field capable of making decisions and ad hoc adjustments for the benefit of their customer base…


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2006 OFCCP Ruling Made Easy!!

2006 OFCCP Ruling Made Easy!!


OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program), and the 2006 ruling on "Internet Applicants" have made things a little harder on everyone who does business with the government and have contract worth $150,000 or more. Below is the bare bones of the new OFCCP regulations.


Definition of an Internet Applicant:

An internet applicant who satisfies the below 4 criteria…


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Federal Government Increases Audits and Fines for the Hiring of Undocumented Workers

The federal government is continuing its crackdown on undocumented workers.  Makes sense with the economy still pretty lousy and with eligible workers in desperate need of jobs.  With unemployment at the mid-nines to ten percent, it would stand to reason that the federal government would like to see eligible workers off the unemployment rolls and back in the workforce.

According to the article in the …


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SMA of Greater Chicago Tackles Military Talent Programs Best Practices

Improving military outreach and hiring is a common thread of discussion amongst talent acquisition professionals, many companies seek more information to effectively reach and hire this extremely talented and disciplined population.

To provide employers with additional insights and resources, the Staffing Management Association of Greater Chicago hosted a “Military Talent Programs: Best Practices Panel Discussion” earlier this month.…


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Personality Tests Make the Hiring Decisions

Recently, someone I know went to a corporate website of a local firm in which they were interested.  The company posted a sales position and he clicked ‘apply’.  As part of the application process, he was forced to go through a 25 page questionnaire.  Inquiring Recruiter?  Yes, I HAD to know the details too.


The questions were all multiple choice and many were repeated in different variations.  Multiple choice questions are basically someone else’s ‘canned’ answers.  Remember…


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Why Small Businesses Like Contracting

When you are looking for new contracting job orders, don't overlook your smaller clients.  

Contracting is not just for large corporations anymore. In fact, according to the American Express Small Business Forum, "Small business owners have dramatically increased their use of contractors," and the money they have spent on contracting over the past nine years has doubled.

Here are some of the main reasons smaller employers hire contractors:

  1. To…

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"Ad Hoc" Hiring Becoming More Common

The surge in contract staffing that we have reported on numerous times over the past year is more than a passing fancy, according to a recent article by The Kansas City Star, which was brought to our attention by recruiter Carlene White, President of White/TemTech, LLC, in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.  In fact, the article describes contract staffing as an "evolution" and has coined the term…


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Combating Potential Worker Shortages with Retiree Re-staffing

Bringing back retirees on a temporary or contract basis is one of the key strategies employers are using to prevent potential future worker shortages, according to a poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and AARP.

The poll surveyed human resource professionals about how they are planning for potential worker…


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Recruiting Season is Heating Up

In case you haven't noticed, the hiring freeze that seemed to overtake the our nation over the last 14 months is thawing, just in time for Spring.

Here are a few of the articles that I've noticed in the past few days that suggest it's time for you to pay attention and get your act together because it's going to be time for you to start RECRUITING instead of…


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Job seekers

I am in the executive recruiting business for the past 40 years, back in the 70's we charged job seekers, but then things changed and our clients pay us fees. Ladders is not free I paid them $75.00 to look at job openings. And receive many other free job openings from other services.

You get what you pay for.

Gene Rogers

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What's up with Recruiting?

Interesting how you can actually learn something meaningful from very trivial conversations!

Now that I think about it-it’s nothing new because Jerry Seinfeld made a fortune from a TV show which was based on the subject of nothing.

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a friend. That brief conversation was about nothing special but it made me reflect on the changes that have taken place in the… Continue

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Google’s CEO change and the 70-20-10 rule for recruiting!

One of the biggest news stories last week was Google’s announcement that CEO Eric Schmidt was stepping down and co-founder Larry Page was stepping in as CEO.  The news follows a few years of criticism of how Google was becoming more bureaucratic and less innovative into new technologies.


With Larry back as CEO, Google is looking to get back to their “Don’t Be Evil” days when employees…


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BE the Shadow! Tips from a Groundhog

Each year, Americans celebrate Groundhog Day on February 2.  That’s right.  For the past 125 years, we’ve had a day celebrating a rodent.  Punxsutawney Phil is a legend.  He has his own … Continue

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