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@SourceCon Part 3: Speed & Quality: How to Win at Both

So this is the 2nd presentation of the conference. Titled “Speed & Quality: How to Win at Both” by John Vlastelica. John begins talking about his 10 keys to delivering speed and quality.…


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"Why's" Interview Secrets (1)

Employers never need to answer why they hire or don't hire someone.  Many times they don't even know why they "pulled the trigger."  They don't owe you a reason for hiring you or saying "no." Your job as an applicant is to make sure they know who they are interviewing and that you actually care about the person(s) you will be working for... that you seek collaboration and synergy in your work day and all the team members will benefit from…


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Recruiters - Where are all the smarties?

The best recruiters I know are smart. Super smart!

I have no doubt that the ‘phone monkey’ recruitment consultants exist, in fact are probably quite common. They say they know your market, promise you the moon and then can’t deliver. Why? Probably because they are inefficient, and are bred from an environment of take any job…


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What to expect after your masters degree depends on the degree area, its purpose, your professional development status during your studies (if you have work experience or continued straight through college), and the overall job market.

Overall, your area-specific skills and knowledge should be cutting-edge. A masters also implies solid set…


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5 Degrees That Can Make You The Ultimate Game Changer for Any Company

In order to succeed at a company, you must make yourself indispensable in a constantly changing business landscape. While some of the degrees that once led to thriving careers are obsolete, new ones have risen to take their place. With one of these five degrees (a few that might surprise you!) you can gain the skills to…


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How to select a new Sherlock Holmes in Sourcing

Believe it or not but Sherlock Holmes is around us. This article should answer the question how to find that very Sourcer who’s going to do his/her job best.

Since recruiters and sourcers do different tasks, their nature is different too.…


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Everything's an Interview

Parents just don’t understand.

This is more than a song by Will Smith, a.k.a. Fresh Prince, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.  This is reality for many people in various walks of life.  Especially if you’re in a relationship, and you meet the other person’s mom and dad for the first time.…


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Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting And Using The Perfect Skin Care Products

Are you looking to find some skin care products? Do you wear makeup regularly? Well, if you have to use makeup on a regular basis then you should know that there are few important things that you will have to go through so you can pick the perfect skin care products for yourself. Most of the time, people find it difficult to get the desired results, and they always end up facing a lot of issues in the long run. If you are looking to find some excellent beauty and skin care products, then you…


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Tips on How to Answer the Top 10 Job Interview Questions

1. Can you tell me about yourself?


This can be one of the most terrifying questions of all time, not to mention the most challenging to answer as well. As a candidate for a specific position, when this question is asked you are quick to wonder what the interviewer wants to know. What could be the point of asking this question? Relax. This as your…


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Job seekers head to their bed to apply for jobs, research reveals

A surprising …


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How to Adapt to IT Recruiting Trends in 2016

“In this market, where engineering supply is severely out of whack with demand, where good people are rarely actively looking for jobs, and where contingency recruiters get at least $25,000 per hire, the biggest problem isn’t filtering through a bunch of engaged job seekers. The problem…


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Hiring T-Shaped Professionals To Build Collaborative teams

Over the past few decades, research depicts the need for knowledge and experience of  young professionals in order to possess a deep knowledge about the industry and the ability to apply knowledge across multiple situations. The most recent emphasis on T-shaped professionals links back to a 1990 study by BCS(British Computer…


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4 Crucial Factors Why You Should Take Purchasing Training Program

Purchasing and supply chain- both are acknowledged as procurement. It may appear to be a hidden function in many organizations nowadays. But one cannot deny the crucial role of purchasing in an organization.

In fact, purchasing department is a highly strategic section, whether the organization is manufacturing or service oriented, in the public or private…


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Did You Know That In 2016 Your Next Hire Must Be a Designer?

In businesses these days, software design is emphasized more than the development of the software itself. Design is in high demand across all industries because of both its technical results and the mentality and process behind it, a form of design-thinking if you will, that breeds innovation, growth, and, ultimately, success.

To give that rather bold statement some context, consider the fact that design has actually been at the forefront of public discussion since 1975,…


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Recruiting the Team: Hiring Efficient, Productive Employees

Your hiring practices could make or break your company in the next few years. Even replacing entry-level employees will most likely cost you thousands of dollars and waste hundreds of hours of your time. This is why it is so important for business owners and their HR teams to make sure they hire productive, efficient, and reliable employees every single…


Added by Anica Oaks on March 29, 2016 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

Gain a Seat at the Table with Analytics

HR and Talent Acquisition leaders have long lamented that their voices are underrepresented in the board room.  Often, you hear leaders in these departments say they lack a seat at the table.  SAP's Workforce 2020 study states that 52% of CEO's believed…


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Hand draw buseness sketches doodle infographic elements, chart g

If you are interested in the IT field, you may find the digital marketing industry particularly hopeful. Recent changes in SEO have forced many businesses to reevaluate their online strategies and as a result, new jobs have been created for those who specialize in in-demand skills such as digital and content marketing.

What is content marketing?

As a content marketer, your job is to specialize in blogging and other…


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Running a Recruitment Agency Like Google

The wrong kind of growth can unravel a business which is why when agencies start swelling their ranks they also open themselves up to risk.

The typical battery farmed culture of a startup allows everyone to understand the different work being undertaken simply by being within spitting distance of each other. But as businesses grow and…


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WhatsApp Group Chat - Current Hiring Trends or Recruitment channels other than job portals

We’ve all aware of the changing scenario in the Talent Acquisition Industry and would like to keep ourselves updated by adding to our knowledge from time to time. Keeping this in mind we decided to challenge ourselves and our knowledge about the Recruitment Industry that all are passionate about with a discussion.

And what better way is there than posing it as a discussion…


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Employee Retention- Exit Interviews!

Last’s week post on employee retention addressed the question of, “Who is responsible for employee retention in an organization?” In a 2013 survey conducted by Harvard Business Review of 210 companies they shared that 70.9% had their HR departments handle the process; 19% had…


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