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Want to make searching for a job as easy as pie?!

We are hugely excited to announce our new sitewww.jobezy.com.au!


We have been watching the “Smart Phone” market carefully and are pleased to announce that you can now choose between abridged SMS job alerts or mobile email!


We all know that the humble mobile phone, like our car keys and wallet/purse is simply something we now all carry! And with the popularity of the new Smart Phones (iPhones and Android phones), we truly…


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Job seekers - how much $$$ do you really want?

This blog, the second of a two part series, focuses on candidate salary requirements and how job seekers should handle salary issues before and after an employer makes an offer.

Last week we blogged about candidate salary requirements, and things employers need to consider before extending an offer. We gave an example of a highly qualified candidate who provided her salary requirements to the recruiter…


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Happy Earth Day!

In 2008, MBA Focus and its partner schools decided to no longer offer printed resume books to recruiters in an effort to conserve paper and save trees. Based on the number of resume books ordered each year, the company can save at least 75 trees per year. Although a relatively small contribution, when you combine it with the resources we save on shipping, we are taking a step toward helping the environment.

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5 Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 4.23.11 to 4.29.11

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing, social recruiting and anything else in the recruiting space. This week we’ll be talking about best companies to work for best practices, social recruiting, why being a recruiter rocks, how to do negative recruiting correctly and an influx in college recruiting.


Here are the articles our that interested…


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Less Accountants, More Developers

There’s a growing disconnect between our educational system and the real world. TechCrunch recently ran a piece detailing how Peter Thiel, the Facebook investor, thinks we’re in a “bubble” of higher education. I think that for the most part, Thiel is right: the “funnel” of higher education is broken, and it’s producing a major distortion in our job market.

I have…


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Candidate interview Preparation

Let me start by saying that I think interviews are a two-way process where its as much for the Interviewer (company) to sell themselves as it is the interviewee (candidate)


However all too often its apparent that candidates don't:

  • Do enough research about the company where they are applying for a job
  • Consider why they want the job, or
  • Have any questions prepared to ask at the interview.


This all seems like basic stuff but…


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No Passion, No Community!

The first perquisite for building a talent community is passion; and that desire is a core factor on which a community is established.  If there is not an affinity for your community within your organization, do not attempt to build a talent community.  The lesson of the past 5 years is that most communities will fail if there is not the energy or the motivation to keep the conversation going. …


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Domains for Sale

Let me know if any… Continue

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Great recruiters have the: EYES, EARS, NOSE, MIND, HEART and APPETITE for the HUNT.

Good recruiters get the job done. 


Even better recruiters get the job done with quality results.


The very best recruiters get the job done with quality results and...?





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In-house and Agency recruiters. No Dear John or Dear Katie letters but a different approach - maybe?

Funny how the debate about a blog post by Katie McNab has found its way overseas with some quite different points of view UK vs. US.


Of course there is no right or wrong but as I have worked in many areas of recruitment (TPR, In-house, tech vendor, media buyer, website designer, job poster etc) I thought I'd share how I'd run an In-house team.


My approach would be of architect - builder - contract labour. 




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Part 3 of the ever expanding staffing function!!!

Part 3 of the ever expanding staffing function!!!


So this is part 3 of the series or in reality it is the 4th installation but we are talking about the 3rd model. Here we are going to focus on the trifunction model also called sourcer(Also can use titles of researcher)/caller(also can be called screener or interviewer)/account manager(also can be called)client manager. (for acronyms see first post in this series)

In the…


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Blame and Credit

“If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.” – Bear Bryant

In  January, we blogged Take the Blame to Make a Name  in which we explore the idea of taking blame and giving credit as a way to advance your career.

This week I spotted an…


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The Secret to Ensuring a Great Cultural Fit

Why do some candidates look so great on paper but bomb when they are actually placed in a position? Many times it comes down to that elusive buzz phrase: "cultural fit."

Cultural fit means different things to different companies, but it is generally the shared values and principles that form the organization's identity and push it in a certain direction. While cultural fit is an intangible, not to mention hard to define, attribute, it is one of the most important. In…


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2009 Changes to I-9 Finalized by USCIS

It looks like the I-9 form may be staying the same for at least a little while. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced that no changes will be made to the current form as it issues a final rule adopting the…


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6 Questions to Ask to Get Contract Job Orders

Recruiters who want to get into contracting often ask us how they can get contracting job orders. Some recruiters we work with say the best way to start is to simply ask current direct-hire clients if they need contractors. They may be surprised to learn that you offer contractors, and you may be surprised how many contracting job orders you get as a result!

Here are five other questions that can help you get more contracting job…


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Plenty of H-1B Visas Still Available for FY 2012

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began accepting petitions for H-1B visas on April 1 for fiscal year 2012, but there has not been the usual flood of petitions.

According to the Workforce Management article,"Demand for H-1B Visas Off to Slower Start,"…


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What type of Agency Recruiter are you?

This is a topic that I am writing about that has been on my mind recently beacuase of a letter....Dear John and the response letter titled....Dear Katie.   I am sure you all have read it.  If not, please read them both.  It is a great conversation and I think it really makes you think about what type of recruiter that you want to be.  


I am going to start with 2 types of Agency or 3rd Party Recruiters.   Not sure what to call them, so I am going to call them Recruiter A and…


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Not all Candidates are created equal!

On this blog, I’ve been talking a lot about candidate drop-off rates and how you can minimize them during your recruiting process.  But I wanted to take a step back and examine who is actually dropping off during the recruiting process and why having a candidate drop off can actually be a good thing.


When you are looking at the…


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Mobile Career Sites: Part 1 – A simple quest for facts…

Like everyone else in our industry, we are hard at work transforming our applicant tracking system into a mobile enabled tool. And like everyone else, we are doing it because all of the experts and consultants are claiming that the mobile device is the next big thing. I even read an email today that claimed that in 3 years, the mobile application will replace the desktop.

As much talk as there is about the mobile devices, there is very little… Continue

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Shakespeare Returns to HR

 Today is another addition to those “literary posts” that I have already shared with you. This day is a day we take some additional advice from the greatest playwright of our time and apply it to the business world and your recruiting department, because what Shakespeare taught us about love and war, he can also teach us about business. These lessons are most applicable to your Internal Recruiting Staff.  Today’s topic: Othello.

If you are unfamiliar with the…


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