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The “Trump Trade”, Public & Mid-Market Staffing Company Valuations And Preparing A Staffing Company For An Exit In 2017

TargetRecruit’s Executive Vice President Bill Inman has an insightful discussion with Jim Janesky, Managing Director at Corporate Fuel, discuss current staffing industry trends (Q2 2017), public staffing company valuations and valuation in the staffing mid-market in this interview (13 minutes total discussion).

Mr. Janesky leads the Business Services practice…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! BrandYourself

BrandYourself is the only free do-it-yourself product that empowers you to control what people find when they Google you. . BrandYourself  is not well known in the staffing world. And not a lot of recruiters try to source there . The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and…


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Is Your Top Interviewee Really The Best Person For The Job?

In today’s job market, most candidates for any given position in a salesforce are highly qualified. Many also have extensive resumes and experience. Some may even demonstrate exceptional interviewing skills, but it is very difficult to tell within the span of a few conversations how this person will perform on the job. In the world of sales, it’s the nuances that tend to make or break the productivity of a taskforce, and in the…


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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Recruitment

Is your opposition getting all the top ability? Find the main 10 things best organizations think about selecting and how it can help you.

Make a genuine and purposeful representative strategic offer.

Imagine a scenario where you could get your representatives to help you better characterize and convey your organization's worker esteem…


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Time for spring cleaning! 4 easy steps to de-cluttering your hiring process.

It’s officially recruiting season and if your company hasn’t removed the clutter from its hiring process, then it may be time for some overdue spring cleaning.

Streamlining the hiring process is important to attracting and bringing in new talent. Job candidates who are unimpressed by the way they’re being evaluated may go elsewhere to find work, and word about long and confusing recruitment procedures can spread quickly.

Ultimately, streamlining the…


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Misconceptions About Millennials In The Workplace

There is so much talk about Generation Y (those born between the mid-80s and late 90s) in our society, and at least some of the talk around this generation is inaccurate.  As I’ve said before I love a good conspiracy, so today I’m going to debunk some of the misconceptions about millennials in the…


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5 strategic HR measures and incentives for businesses to help reduce workplace stress

Employees who experience no stress associated with performing their profession at work are in the minority. The Stress in the Workplace international survey conducted in 11 European countries with a sample of 58,508 employees and conducted by the international Paylab.com portal…


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Chicago Companies Face 3 Challenges in Hiring Tech Talent

Chicago is home to its share of startups, satellite tech campuses, Fortune 500s, and innovators across verticals. Yet the Second City’s tech climate differs from that of Silicon Valley and NYC. CBRE’s Annual “Scoring Tech Talent” report placed Chicago among the top 15 metro…


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Working with a Staffing Firm? Here's What Contingent Really Means

What does the word contingent mean to you? Is it a synonym for “free?” Does it represent an effective way to find the best talent available? Is it meaningless? The staffing world is a unique industry filled with hiring models and terms that are often misunderstood. In my 20+ years working in this arena, I’ve never seen the misunderstanding of a…


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The History of Recruitment

Like everything, recruitment has changed over time, and today I’ll be giving you a brief history of these changes – I did A-Level History so I’m fully qualified to do this, trust me.


Recruitment has actually existed since the time of the Romans/Egyptians, and began in the UK in the Middle Ages, where candidates were…


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Sourcecon Spring 2017!! Day 2 Purple Squirrel Track Sessions


The Purple Squirrel track session of day 2 consisted of 2 presentations, They were Sourcing Utensils by David Nicola, and Source Like a Boss by Beth Theodore.


First up Source like a Boss by Beth Theodore.  The gist of this was using job boards, and employer branding.  Between Indeed, Monster and Careerbuilder there are over 358…


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Get Out In Front of Back Door Hires

Having come from working a desk, we know the frustration of discovering a client has reconnected with a candidate you originally brought to them. This frustration is compounded when you confront the client, only to have them say they don’t feel they owe you a fee. If you’ve had any real experience as a recruiter, then the reality of back door hires is nothing new to…


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#DidYouKnow: Minor League Baseball players earn less than minimum wage

Battling for the Field of Dreams

Less than 10% of minor league baseball players who sign contracts each year get the chance to play a single game in the major league. Most young baseball players would work for free if given a chance to play for a Major League Baseball (MLB) team. Players with a pro contract don’t dwell on…


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13 Tips: How To Get Started In Recruiting

“You don’t have any experience. You know what you need to do? Come work here so you can get your nose bloodied a few times.”

I don’t remember how I responded. I think I said “okay.” The subject changed and a few minutes later his time was up. The interview ended, and they walked me out of the office. As I walked down the hall, I was still sweating, exhausted,…


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The Rise of Flat Fee Recruitment

So flat fee recruitment is quite a new concept, especially in comparison to more traditional recruitment agencies.  There are many reasons for the rise of this type of company, and its establishment within the recruitment world, but there are still a lot of questions around it.  Therefore, in this post I’m going to give you an idea of…


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The Best Talent Is Just A Gesture Away: Recruitment Apps That Have Redefined Hiring

The recruitment industry has come a long way from being the very traditional, process-oriented and simple sourcing and hiring era to the digital recruitment powered by social media, application tracking systems, candidates’ digital profiles and recruitment apps. At an estimate, 99% of job aspirants search the Internet for career opportunities in various ways, be it job boards, social networking sites like LinkedIn or mobile apps. Resource and talent management have become more challenging as…


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Remember that your candidates are also influencers & referrers

I always find it interesting to have conversations with recruiters about candidates and their role in their business. Now of course, they are extremely important as without candidates you don’t have a business.

But one thing that is evident in my personal experiences is that what recruiters are saying and what they are doing are two different things.

One thing that you need to remember is that your candidate is also an influencer AND a potential referrer. I wrote recently about…


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You're a good recruitment agency. Right?

A recent perusal of the internet’s famed “front page” lead me to a conversation regarding things we don’t want to do but feel we have to do. It wasn’t very far down the page before someone mentioned having a LinkedIn account. It took all but two replies to that statement to set people off on how much they dislike recruiters. “Recruiters are like used car salesman but…


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Low Cost Recruitment Methods

So you’ve got a vacancy to fill but you’re on a tight budget? Look no further! We have compiled this handy little guide to help you discover the cheapest recruitment solution for you.


Your Options:

There are three main options when it comes to low cost…


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Sourcecon Spring 2017!! Day 2 George Boole Track Sessions

The George Boole session of day 2 consisted of 3 presentations, however there was only one downloadable, so we will cover it. That was Winter is coming/HERE – Time for Competitive Intelligence by Jess Roberts.


So this starts with what is competitive Intel. He defines that as – “Competitive Intelligence is primarily concerned with anything…


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