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Counters Offers? How Your Candidates Should Deal With Them

A few years back I wrote an instruction sheet for candidates on how to look at a counter offer when they are presented with one at the resignation stage.

The content is fairly old school and you have probably seen it and said it to your candidates before, but for those of you that need a refresher or are new to the industry feel free to use and distribute it.

This always helped me with some counter offer situations but alas not all of them. Hope it works for…


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What do you want for Recruiting this Holiday Season?

If your organization is like many, the weeks around Christmas and New Years make your office look like a ghost town.  With most of your colleagues (rightly) taking time off during the Holiday season, there’s little that can be done in the office and you need something to do instead outside of your Holiday parties.

So here’s what I propose: make a Christmas wish list!  No, not a list of things you should get for your family & relatives (you should have already shopped for those)…


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Mulitple Job Openings in almost every Technology Across India

Hi Friends,

If you know of anyone who are looking for change, please have them

forward their resumes to Please find below

the list of opportunities I can refer candidates to. Interviews would

be immediate but the only catch here is that the candidates need to

join before 15th of February.

Let's try helping each other...




For more details visit:…


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How to Successfully Close the Interview

The interview is over and you either discovered the next star for your company or a disaster to avoid. How do you close the interview? It depends.



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If You Love Them, Let Them Leave

Last week Major League Baseball was rocked by an incredible story that screamed "Blog About Me!".  Cliff Lee, an 8 year veteran pitcher who's had the chance to play in Cleveland, Philadelphia, Seattle and Texas, was the most sought after free agent of the off-season.  The Rangers, who had his services for a mere 15 starts (plus the post-season) were so enamored with him that they attempted to "break the bank" to keep him in Texas.…


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Leading the right way!!!


What is the primary job of a leader in the staffing and HR world? The primary job of a leader is to: give their direct reports, everything they need to succeed. This includes; equipment, time, supplies, nurturing them, helping them learn and grow, and teaching their reports how to be successful now and in the next level up and more. The idea here is simple, if the…


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Pre-hire assesment is mostly wack-a-doo: I knew it all along- finally some science !


For years I've been pointing out the obvious; if you assess individuals by themselves, and you assess them before they join your organization, you are not assessing the actual people who will be working for you. 


The reasons are simple enough; most high-value work is done in groups, and once a person joins your organization, they're altered by the experience, and they alter the people already working there.  I have reiterated these thoughts dozens of times, and it's…


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Corporate Year 2011: The Year of the Bunny

Let's get things started on a better note than last year.  The Chinese Zodiac lists 2011 as the Year of the Rabbit…


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The Customer Is Always Right?

The Customer Is Always Right?

Did I really put a question mark on this phrase? We’re taught from our first job bagging groceries and ripping up movie stubs that the phrase ‘The Customer is Always Right’ will end in either an exclamation point or period. It’s a subject that has finally got me motivated to begin my blog…


I have a client who is a tremendously successful businessman, salesman, and entrepreneur who currently owns a business that…


Added by Keith Ferretti on December 21, 2010 at 11:12am — 7 Comments

How do job boards help people?

What was job hunting like before job boards? Well….

1) You obsessively pored through each line of the newspaper classifieds, looking for something that might match your skills. (You might even do this with multiple newspapers, depending on where you lived.)

2) You walked from office to office, filled out application forms – either for actual jobs, or so that you were ‘on file’.

3) You had special ‘resume paper’ and matching envelopes to send out –… Continue

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Blogging for new position here in the Washington, DC area

Okay, so it's a tough economy for some industries and for others things are starting to pick up a bit. Don't get me wrong; it will take till 2014 till we can recover some of the jobs that we lost (at least here in the Capital area) during the 2008 and 2009 time frame. I listened to a presentation about a month ago given by Dr. Stephen S. Fuller which substantiates this in…


Added by Jay Perreault {DCTechRecruiter} on December 20, 2010 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Terminations in the USA: Part 1 - Red, White and Grey?

A note of thanks to Julie Keeter, PHR for her guest blog entry on Terminations in the USA: Part 1 & 2 – Red, White and Grey?


Terminations in the USA: Part 1 – Red, White, and Grey?

By: Julie Keeter, PHR


I wish I could say that employment standards in the United States are far less…


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Corporate Play-Dates

On a flight home last Friday a raven-haired girl, whose adorable face a cherub would envy, provided an ongoing commentary on the wondrous sights she beheld outside her window:

“Mommy, look at how fast we’re going.”

“Wow, is that the ocean? It’s so bigggggg!”

“Whoaaaa…look at how puffy the clouds are. That’s cool.”

This organic behavior of children reminds us to reconnect with things we take for granted, and we can apply this to our work to gain a fresh…


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HR Bloggers to Receive HRCI Credit

For the more than 108,000 certified human resource professionals, maintaining their Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) certification may have gotten a little easier.  Earlier today, HRCI announced that the organization has updated their recertification policy allowing HR professionals the opportunity to receive up to 2 credits…


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GE Healthcare - Commercial Leadership Program

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Networking Needs Compassion

2010 is a year of many trend setting activities not to differentiate from previous years. If we didn’t show signs of change then we would not have so many end of the year periodicals, lists, blogs and opinions about the year that was. In a world overshadowed by economic turmoil, housing collapses, unemployment levels reaching record highs and tension mounting, one of the trends that has come out of this pile of uncertainty is the need for strong efforts in networking.


What is…


Added by Mark A. Leon on December 19, 2010 at 10:52am — 1 Comment

“We’ll take a Pass….too much turnover"

“We’ll take a pass, too much turnover.” If I had a $100 for every time I hear that I would probably be retired or at least self-employed by now. Of course that is a double entendre joke – I do work for myself and $100 is an adjusted rate due to inflation. I apologize for immediately digressing. My point is that it is up to us as recruiters to educate our clients what is an acceptable or average amount of turnover.


From this point forward, any statistic I quote will be taken…


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Seven Tips for a Successful Interview

I've given several presentations on behavioral interviewing and I'm passionate about this topic. As a recruiter, I've seen firsthand the success and failure of interviewing. Here are 7 tips for conducting an interview that showcases your company and friendly corporate culture.

1. Show appreciation. Treating a candidate poorly by not greeting then…


Added by Julie Deane on December 17, 2010 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 12.11.10 to 12.17.10

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing. This week we’ll be talking about a new category in recruiting technology, ways to prevent bad hires in 2011, workforce flexibility, 2011 hiring predictions, treating employees well, 20 useful Twitter blog posts and why social media is now a mass medium.


Here are the articles our that interested us this…


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R. U. LinkedIn pt 2

Yesterday I commented on the basics of LinkedIn from the position of how best to create your profile. Later in the afternoon, I found an article that struck on many of the same issues I tried to express. Please read called How To: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile from written by Erica Swallow.

Now back to the blog. It took me a good couple of days trying to match my information sensibly with the…


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