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Vendor Performance Metrics Part 2 of 2

I wrote a blog and thought “before I post this, let’s change the title to include Part 1.” Reason being is that I had more to say, and couldn’t organize and execute my thoughts as effectively as I would like.

Now for Part…


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Vendor Performance Metrics - Part 1

I’ve been reading articles and other blogs geared towards vendor management comparing the consequences of regulating vendor performance.

The general consensus:…


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Is Vendor/Supplier Compliance getting the attention it deserves?

In Canada it is safe to assume that more than half of organizations do not carry measures to assess compliance with their Suppliers. Much of the time to manage documents is via filing cabinets; excel spreadsheets, or in-house databases. Lack of confidence in reporting tools is a good sign that their systems, or lack there of is not dependable.…


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My definition:

Audit – A word that brings fear to every person and organization.

For a…


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I just realized that MS Word does not recognize the word “blog” in the English dictionary. I believe the word blog is as common as other new entries including “double double” and road rage. For any new social media website to come to market will include a blog site for example: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.…


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Compensation Or Opportunity?

In order to be a successful Recruiter, what are the largest motivating factors? Compensation or Opportunity?

Before I continue, I want to clarify that opportunity to make more money is not what I mean as its definition.…


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HR Partnership with Strategic Management

Just a thought:

The HR industry has grown exponentially in the last 10 years as issues with Employees and Contingent labour has changed in the legal scene.…


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Social Media and the Work Place

Flow of information within social media is at its ultimate high at this time. It’s no doubt that web sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn still capitalize the social media market.…


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Importance of Training

While undergoing new system changes, the training component is often underrated, and as such, miscalculated in budgets. Upgrades and enhancements to any organization, large and small, involve change management practices while introducing such changes to these organizations. The natural reaction to these changes are taken negatively as…


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Increased Taxation - how will this affect Recruitment Agencies and their Contractors?

The announcement of enforcing HST to property, services, and goods will be effective July 1st, 2010 and now the question is how this will affect Recruiting Agencies in Ontario. More specifically, Contractors in Ontario.…


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The Boss

Why do employees change jobs? The most popular reason thought of is due to insecurity and instability in one’s position.

Although, how many people today can say they respect their…


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Managed Service Providers

Why is opting for a Managed Service Provider solution the most practical and cost saving solution for managing contingent workforce?

From the Client-side…


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What is our attachment to Paper?

It is no secret that technology is moving industries to a paperless system. I still remember writing papers with a pen and paper as opposed to creating a Word Document and using spell check as my spelling guru. At this time, you couldn’t even find lined paper at my desk let alone a pen to write with. Everything is on my hard drive, or back up disk drive, USB, and shared drives.…


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Losing Top Talent?

While sitting in front of your current/future Boss and they ask that infamous question; what salary/rate are you currently considering - do they even mean it?

While Compensation Specialists create salary grades and point systems…


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How do you manage your workload?

In business, there are many functions handling different responsibilities in order to produce a particular product/service. We have operations, finance, support, and administration…etc to name a few. All of which are critical functions to make a business work.…


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Minimum Wage Requirements at a whopping $10.25/hour

The minimum wage recently increased to $10.25/hour as of March 31st, 2010 in order to aid low income families within rising costs to Canadian living.

Looking in the past 15 years,…


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Jump Ship: Everyone is doing it

In 2008, Employees and Contractors held their seats for dear life to avoid being laid off and out of work.

In 2009, we saw economic recovery, however more…


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Where does the Onus Rest? Agency, VMS, Client, or Contractor?

While undergoing a VMS implementation, the question of payment is of great importance. Should the VMS tool be responsible for being the intermediary between Clients and Agencies for payment, where does the onus rest to ensure payment is made?…


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Should Contractor’s be involved in VMS?

While we look towards the Stakeholders involved in utilizing the VMS tool including the Client and the Agency, should the Contractor have any involvement? For example, if I were a candidate represented by an Agency to a Client that includes setting a “candidate profile” via a VMS tool, should I the Contractor have any involvement? Although the Agency is doing their job in…


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Recruiting Versus Politics

I decided to write a blog that is more personal and hopefully will provide relevance to my current practice. I’ve had the largest mental block lately trying to question certain areas within our industry for Recruiting Blogs. The fact of the matter is that sometimes we find parallels of what we do in comparison to other industries. And with that, wonder, where will this take us?

I completed my undergraduate degree in political science focussing on the development between people,…


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