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What’s New From Avankia Apps at Dreamforce’16

Avankia the makers of TargetRecruit, a leading Workforce Management System and DBSync an Integration Platform for Salesforce, Financial, Healthcare and BI applications is gearing up for the biggest Cloud event on the planet, Dreamforce 2016. We are showcasing all that is new and happening and you are most welcome to take a sneak preview into what has kept us in…


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Credentialing, as discussed in the first blog of this series, is the process of gathering and verifying professional information about a prospective healthcare provider. This includes…


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Credentialing and its importance in Healthcare Staffing

What are Credentials and why is it so crucial in Healthcare Staffing. Let us take a look at Credentialing. What it means, what the process entails and the significant and crucial role Credentialing plays in Healthcare management.

In today’s litigious society, even the smallest medical misstep can cost hundreds of thousands in legal and medical costs. Hospitals,…


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Mapping out Solutions: Integrated Geolocation

For a few years, sites like Mapquest were at the forefront of online mapping tools, but as Google became larger and more capable of maintaining Google Maps and Google Earth, it was clear that this style of technology and this level of…


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Real Time Collaboration: Why Being Social At Work is Paying Off

“Live chatting” still has an aura of “playtime” associated with it, even today when so many social platforms have been introduced.  But did you know that “chatting” in the workplace has a new term and is considered great for business?

Yes, it’s now called ”real time collaboration”. Working Social is paying off in very big ways in many staffing…


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What's in Your ATS? (And how's it workin' for you?)

So, what’s in your Applicant Tracking System?  We’ve listed 5 “must-haves” when it comes to being equipped with the highest quality, most comprehensive Applicant Tracking System Technology.


  1. 1.       Advanced candidate search functions:

In a day and an age where searching (and easily…


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Employee Referral Programme- The pros and the cons

Talent retention and acquisition is increasingly becoming popular in organizations. Companies to ensure that the best talent acquisition happens insist on using employee referral programme to poach the best talent available. However many internal employees are of just one perception, does it always really work.

However the trend happening in companies is that employee…


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How Applicant Tracking System is Simplifying Staffing Firms’ Recruitment Process

Now-a-days organizations working in different vertical, especially technology and startups, are bearing the brunt of economic fluctuation! This has forced the production teams of these firms to redefine their workflows, re-design their IT solutions and constantly assess these IT solutions for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

All these needs have engineered the automation…


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Successfully Courting Top Passive Candidates: 5 Important Tips

Your next new hire could easily be sitting at their desk at this very moment, completely ignorant of your existence, or at least of your need for them. Recruiting passive talent has been part of staffing – especially for crucial upper-level positions – for as long as recruitment itself has been an organized effort. Some may cast aspersions on the practice, claiming that it reflects negatively on the image of the organization. If passive recruitment is practiced in a disrespectful or…


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How Customized Staffing Solution is becoming a Game Changer

Uniqueness is what we all crave for! Every individual has its own set of preferences, choices, and tastes, so are businesses! Every business has a different set of rules, services, products, way of functioning, guidelines and unique development phases and even their objectives. Have you ever considered some unique software that can be completely customized to meet your recruitment and staffing needs? Probably not! But now this is possible! Amazed, how? Simple, by…


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Recruitment Challenges Staffing Firms faces and Opportunities that Automated ATS Brings

With the dynamism that each industry is turning to and the paradigm shift in customer demand and needs, it becomes imperative to automate the applicant tracking system. Every recruitment agency has its own set of unique business needs that a customized ATS can fulfill.

Albeit, the ultimate objective remains same – Increase in productivity by automating workflows, business processing and…


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Make Things Easier for Small Scale Recruiting Agencies-Intuitive Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system is not only the backbone of large recruiting firms but it can also become an intuitive and smart tool reducing their recruiting system manifolds. Large-scale recruiting firms are already yielding the widely known benefits of applicant tracking system (ATS) and have been handling a huge influx of applicants, monitoring recruiters’ interaction with applicants, and maintaining a magnificent and robust pool of qualified…


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How eSignature Revolutionizes The Recruitment Process & Staffing Industry

The Employment Services industry is one of the top ten fastest growing industries in the world. Now more than ever, companies are relying on staffing agencies to source temporary and full-time, direct hire workers. In 2012 alone, Staffing Industry Analysts estimated the global staffing market to be worth approximately $406 billion with a 9% growth over the previous year.…


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Top 5 Recruiting Challenges to Overcome in 2016

Whether you need to fill a position by a certain deadline, are not attracting the right type of candidates for specific positions or experience difficulty in moving candidates through the pre-hiring process, you will discover the many benefits of implementing an end-to-end platform solution. These types of issues require recruiters and HR professionals in every type of industry to implement new solutions and strategies to improve the entire process––from sourcing to placing, and even beyond…


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Modernize the Complex Recruitment Process for Healthcare Staffing

Today, healthcare recruiters are racing to source and place the right amount of highly-qualified staff in hospitals and other medical practices. Modernize the world’s most complex recruiting processes in your healthcare staffing firm by adopting to five key features in the cloud.

So what are those key features and how will they streamline difficult healthcare staffing processes faster, and more efficiently?To gain valuable insight on why adapting to today’s digital modern technology…


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Roadmap to Social Recruiting

Social media is the most prominent platform that has become the future of recruiting. Although it’s already passed through its nascent phase, still undergoing some growing pains. There are several companies struggling with the right way to approach recruiting on social platforms. Here is the right roadmap to social recruiting.

Understand Social…


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What You Publish Online Matters To Employers

Social trends are building each year, particularly around the most common platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

In its first quarter 2015 earnings announcement in April, Facebook revealed that it now has more than 1.44 billion monthly active users (up 13 percent year-over-year). Of those, 1.25 billion were mobile users, an increase of 24 percent year over year.

With more than 350 million…


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is your Outdated Application process hurting your business?

As an industry, HR is experiencing a paradigm shift. Instead of focusing mostly on payroll, the department now weighs in on a range of strategic priorities.

To make time, HR professionals are trading their antiquated legacy software for new, shiny platforms that automate monotonous administrative work.

But this…


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5 ways to Reduce Risk with your background screening process

Over the past few years, litigation has tripled in employment background screening, due to increased regulations and scrutiny of the background screening process by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and other industry-specific auditing agencies. Recently, employee/candidates have filed a significant number of class-action…


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How Great Content Ideas Can Fuel Social Recruiting

Using social media as a recruiting platform has become a leading practice in sourcing and placing for many businesses today. Though not every post guarantees placements, coming up with a consistent, social recruiting strategy will ensure your messages are targeting the right candidates.

Outlined below are various types of recruiting content that can trigger…


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