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Competency Based Interviews: Your Toolkit for Success

Competency-based interviews can be uncomfortable experiences for many candidates. Questions which begin ‘Tell me about a time when…’ can instil fear in the most experienced and self-assured of applicants. 

These types of questions are pretty common these days, particularly within the financial sector. But a little preparation and…


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Seven Everlasting Rules of Business

Carmine Gallo, the author who documented the success of Apple and Steve Jobs over 3 books, developed seven key business tips which contributed to Apple’s achievements.  

1. Passion

“Do what you love.” Passion is vital in committing to any goal, and especially within a…


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LinkedIn Profile Extreme Makeover

Your LinkedIn profile is a quick and essential way to let recruiters know you’re available for new opportunities. 

Here are 10 ways to give your LinkedIn profile a makeover and boost your chances of finding your dream job:

1. Name and contact

Make sure your LinkedIn information, including your name,…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Womens Techmakers!

Womens Techmakers is a great site dedicated to Women in Technology. It is a Google-run site and organization that can provide a lot of stuff. Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and…


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Don't Hire the Town Crier! (Recruit With a Private Eye)

When it comes to recruiters... don't hire the…

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Enthusiasm: The Most Powerful Tool of Leadership

In 2009, The Academy of Management Journal published a study of “entrepreneur passion” and the effects it has on the funding decisions of venture capitalists.  The inherent challenge of entrepreneurial endeavors is the reliance on “selling” the vision. However, out of the multitude of factors considered, the most persuasive…


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Job offers, counter offers and competing offers

Receiving a job offer can be an exciting event in your career. But in order to make the right decision it's important to take a calm and measured approach.

This is especially true if the initial offer results in a counter bid from your existing employer, or you’re involved in an additional process with a second organisation.

First of all,…


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Screening resumes and finding the best among them is considered one of the most tedious tasks in the recruitment process. It has been a manual process for decades. Now AI has challenged this traditional approach and automate the process with much higher accuracy. With AI it is possible to screen thousands of sales professionals and other pros in a few seconds.

AI for Resume Screening

As per the …


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How to Find a Strong Developer Using StackOverflow and Kaggle

Finding a strong developer is not an easy task. As a rule, professionals of such caliber are in high demand, and it makes no sense for them to post their resumes on job boards. That’s why the process of searching for an ideal candidate may take much time and require additional knowledge and skills.


StackOverflow is an online platform for IT professionals from all over the world (it currently has about 20 million users). The creators of this platform claim that…


Added by Anastasia Antonova on January 23, 2019 at 6:00am — 1 Comment

Are Headhunters Necessary? Why Recruiters Are So Valuable

The Executive Search Industry, worldwide, is a $200 Billion per year phenomenon, still very much growing and in demand. Companies, even those with the world’s most advanced search capabilities, such as Google, still pay enormous fees for finding candidates. For example, Google paid the world’s highest search fee ($100,000,000+) to Heidrick and Struggles, for finding Eric Schmidt to be their new CEO, back in…


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Anatomy of a Successful CV

Writing your first CV or updating an old one probably feels like a daunting task that will take hours or even days to complete.

There is a massive amount of advice you can find about writing CVs, whether it’s how to make your CV stand out or five different …


Added by Richard England on January 18, 2019 at 4:33am — 1 Comment

What Job Seekers Should Expect in 2019?

Do you know that 25% of Americans plan to look for a new job in 2019?

Job searching will be seeing new rules this year. Though it is a candidate-driven market, the employers can still control the job searching process.

Here are top 5 tips for the candidates which they can use while looking for a job.

  • A One-Page…

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The Best Recruiters Have High Emotional Intelligence


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9 ready-to-use sourcing hacks for IT recruiters

Find any GitHub commit of the developer you are interested in. Click the commit name to open the commit page. Add .PATCH to the end of the page address in the address bar. Search (Ctrl+F) “@”. Get the developer’s email.…

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8 HR Books You Need To Read In 2019

HR Books 2019

As a HR professional learning for you never really stops. Gaining knowledge allows you to grow in your profession and keep up with the ever evolving recruitment landscape .

With 1,000s of books to choose from we have put together a list of  our top 8 books to consider adding to your reading list for 2019:

Must Read HR Books 2019



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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Developers.google/experts!!

How to source on the lesser known sites!!


Developers.google/expert isGoogle's site for software development…


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Millennials and Gen Z - HR Trends and Demands in 2019

The world of business is changing rapidly. It’s changing so quickly that just as we’re starting to figure out that ping-pong tables and free food isn’t really what millennials wanted (or have we not figured that out yet?), Gen Z is entering the workplace with a different set of requests. Unfortunately, many investments were made in the…


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Tools Recruiters Need To Succeed In 2019

Technology will continue to transform and disrupt the way professional recruiters work in 2019. Job Boards have made candidate sourcing a lot easier but at the same time, competition between recruiters has also increased dramatically. Using the right tools to manage candidates has become more important today than ever before.

Recruitment tools can be classified into two types: Tools that help with…


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Hiring Managers: Don't Confuse The Search With The Research

Knowing what you want is the necessary first step…


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Top 25 Questions You Should Ask in Your Exit Interviews and Surveys

The importance of asking the right exit interview or survey questions

Unfortunately, most employer neglect exit interviews and surveys. In the current candidate driven job market, it is understandable that most employer rush into recruiting to find a suitable…


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