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Functional vs. Cultural Fit: Hiring Beyond the Interview

Hiring for cultural fit is a popular term amongst HR professionals and recruiters. While the latest trends tell us to hire for personality, hiring decision makers can’t ignore a lack of skill…


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Inspecting Your Entry Level Road Bike: What You Need To Do?

While getting you first and best starter road bike you need to have sharp inspection techniques whether you are going to buy a new one or even a used one since you are investing in your bike and would not like to make the wrong choice. Here are some things you need to observe to make a decision that whether this bike will go home with you or not;

Cheap-Road-Bikes-For-Daily-Needs.jpg (668×744)

The seat post:

A good carbon…


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What Makes Up A Virtual Private Server?

Whether you are an online business owner, a blogger or anyone who maintains a website, one of the important things you rely on to keep your website up and running is the service of a good web hosting provider. This is why it is critical that when choosing a web hosting provider to get the one that can keep the website up and running all the time and minimize the downtime.

virtualServer.png (480×350)

ChangeIP is one of these providers that could provide such type of service. This web hosting…


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UK recruitment sector growth hits all time high

In 2014, 4,083 new recruitment agencies were launched in the UK – an increase of 7 percent compared to last year, according to research from leading contract finance provider, Sonovate.

This means that more recruitment agencies were launched in 2014 than at any other point since 1990. The news coincides with research from the…


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The Best Solution For Drug Addiction And Wilderness Treatment

There are millions of young adults, teens and young kids around the world who are either taking drugs or undergoing behavioral change due to certain reason. These reasons could be anything- familial, educational, emotional, social, diagnostic or any other reason. whatever the reason, it is a very serious issue for the child. But it is not the child who suffers the most, it is parents for whom, one pity the most. It is such a painful sight for them to see their child tearing himself apart.…


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4 Great Expert-Recommended Tips to Launch a Career in the Green Energy Industry

Energy companies have it in their plans to adapt to energy needs constantly. The biggest shift in global energy needs that has happened in recent times is the need to adopt green energy from efficient sources.

This has necessitated the need for green energy professionals not only with these large companies but also in smaller companies that try to bring green energy to the grassroots.

For example, as a professional in the green energy industry, you can help solve…


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Advantages Of Payday Loan Calculator

Payday Loan

Payday Loan is also known as “deferred deposits” or “cash advances”. It is where a debtor issued a check to a creditor in interchange for a short-term loan and it is also commonly deliberated as a short-term contract or arrangement between a borrower and a lender which is subject to a high interest rate.

business-loan.jpg (600×401)

Various countries and states offered Payday Loan in different loan processing.It can be differ from secured loan and doesn’t necessitate…


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New recruiting sites: the startups just keep coming

I admit - even after doing these roundups of new and unusual recruiting-related sites for many years - it's a bit overwhelming. Last time out, I pointed out 8 sites that I thought were pretty interesting. Well, it's barely 3 months later and I have…


Added by Jeff Dickey-Chasins on February 24, 2015 at 8:30am — 4 Comments

How to Cast a Vision for Your Company in 2015

After a few months into the new year, it’s easy to turn your back on your New Year’s resolutions. However, in order for your business to accomplish its goals this year, you must persevere. In order to make a real and lasting change, you have to understand where the weaknesses are in your company so you can actively plan how to change them…


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Where To Find The Highest Quality Of Industrial Operating Components

If you are running an industrial business, there is always a need of operating and control components in order to operate running industrial machines. It cannot be denied that sometimes an operating machine shuts down and needs repair and, much worse, parts replacement. In order to continue your production, it would be ideal to choose a supplier that provides the highest quality of operating components like you can find in their official…


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SEO recruitment for dummies

In 2015, any business not using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a tool in its sales and marketing arsenal is lagging dangerously behind. The recruitment industry is no exception: SEO provides a powerful and highly effective way to attract candidates and stay ahead of the curve. With 67% of jobseekers starting their job hunt on search engines, even a simple SEO strategy…


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IT Staffing & Recruitment Business: From a Balanced-Score Card Perspective

IT staffing industry & recruiting, like any other industry, has…


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What can the company do for you?

Fresh graduates, listen up. How many times have you applied blindly to any job post that comes your way, even the ones that are not remotely related to your dream career? How many times have you considered taking any job available, even when the employer in question doesn’t offer anything to interest you? This needs to stop.

Even in the current economy, it is crucial for recruiters to select the right candidates. It is even more crucial for you to choose the right employer to work…


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Twitter’s new features - Group Chat via Direct Message & Video Tweets

Twitter is definitely one of the popular social media channels used by most individuals and it has no intention of relinquishing its title either. As a result it has upgraded its features to improve the experience of its growing user base. Twitter’s two new features i.e. Group Chat via Direct Message and Video Tweets. The Group Chat via Direct Message enables users to…


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How to Destroy Your Career Without Trying

I am not creative enough to make this stuff up.

Here's the scenario:

Sarah is currently making $68,000 and not in a management position. She started interviewing because she wants management, opportunity, and a different company culture.   Her company is large and structured in a way that limits her opportunities at the local level. She doesn't see herself going corporate, but currently reports to corporate, and is not happy with the reporting structure. 



Added by Barbara Goldman on February 23, 2015 at 3:58pm — 5 Comments

5 Lessons In Attracting, Onboarding and Developing Top Talent From The World’s Biggest Improv Theater

We've talked about looking to marketing and data scientists to improve recruiting, but what about people outside of your organization like actors? Yes, I said actors. Don't make a pun about actors and jobs - there's something to it.

That's why we've talked to Second City Improv Theatre about how they have been attracting & developing top talent in their field.…


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Job Hopping Is NOT On The Rise (And That’s A Bad Thing)

This idea that millennials are job hoppers is completely inaccurate (and that might be a bad thing). Credit: Reebs, Wikipedia Commons

If you do …


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The Digital Revolution: Is our workforce at risk of full automation?

For the UK to be a true digital leader there’s one thing that’s for certain – We need to address the skills gap. According to Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future, a recent report from the House of Lords, digital and technology competency should be considered…


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Recruitment Messaging: Targeting the Right Candidate Pool

It’s not enough to ask recruits “Do you want to work here?” 

Candidates need motivation to work with your organization. That motivation comes from the recruitment message. Your recruitment message attracts the right candidate pool the first time.

Social media posts, employer branding and job advertisements all play a vital role in the brand messages candidates receive.…


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Small Business Finances: Big Dreams to Start Small

Contrary to popular notion, small businesses require every bit of the immaculate planning and efficient management skills that are the backbone of corporate bigwigs. Small business is a huge step towards financial independence and then, of course, is the huge upside that you get to be your own boss.

hf_135698_1_article.jpg (450×270)

Small businesses require very careful treading on the marshes of the highly changeable aspects of the economy. When times get tough, it is very easy for a novice…


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