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Top 4 Reasons Talented Employees Choose to Stay with a Company or Leave

One major key to a successful business is a steady workforce. It is always a major loss when an organization invests its time and resources on top achievers only to have them leave prematurely. There are employees who quit due to health issues and other unavoidable circumstances. Unfortunately, a large number of them who leave do so as a result of an uncomfortable…


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Closing A Candidate On A Job Offer

You get great news; your candidate is being offered the job! Hooray! Until you speak with the candidate and they are not sure they want to accept the job offer. You wonder how is this possible. They were engaged during the interview process. What went wrong? Many times the reasons why a candidate decides not to accept an offer has little to do with you as a recruiter. What…


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Why a Structured and Streamlined Onboarding Process is a Must

Apart from some truly devastating life events, there are not that many things in a person's life that are more stressful than the first day at a new job.

The feeling of the new colleagues' eyes on you as you walk into your new workplace; a new company; new tasks; a new boss (or a few of them); new…


Added by Nate Vickery on October 27, 2016 at 5:30pm — 2 Comments

Night Work

Yes being a “Headhunter” is all sunshine and ponies, cheeseburgers fries with gravy? With a chocolate milkshake perhaps?

A lot of people we need to be in contact with are busy during the day (duh) so we have to give them a call at night when they can speak freely. Strike up the right relationship with a candidate on the move can be golden.



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Recruiter/Sales/Biz Dev. Tip; How to Effortlessly Capture Business Card Info (While Sitting at the Airport, in a Hotel Room, or in Traffic)

Client facing Professionals have plenty of challenges being out and about- gridlock traffic, delayed flights, uncooperative parking meters, and un-charmable gatekeepers (I have never met one, but have heard the rumors), to name few. One particularly annoying challenge is processing the stack of business cards collected throughout the day, or better yet after an industry…


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Fourth Quarter Hiring and Preparing for Hiring Season

The fourth quarter was traditionally known for having as little hiring activity as the always slow July and August months, but that’s no longer the case. A 2016 study by OfficeTeam of 300 human resources managers at US companies found that 26 percent of respondents typically increase hiring in the fourth quarter. 69 percent of those bring on staff at the end of the year to fill…


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Congratulations! You’ve landed the interview, now it’s time to nail it!

Preparation is vital to creating a lasting impression that positions you to receive a follow-up call. One of the things you want to focus on is ensuring you ask questions that not only extract valuable information, but also show that you are serious about the job.

The right questions…


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WhatsApp Group Chat – Competency Mapping (CM) & Succession Planning (SP)

The Talent Acquisition Industry is constantly evolving and as Talent Acquisitionists we’re come across concepts like Competency Mapping (CM) & Succession Planning (SP) but what does it mean and how can it help at an organisational level? Are common questions that come up and getting a clear perspective when there’s so much information flowing around isn’t easy to resolve.

Well if you’ve been following us @SourcingAdda then your…


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How to Determine if a Candidate is a Cultural Fit

Disregarding the importance of cultural fit is one of the biggest mistakes a hiring manager can make. It’s tempting to choose the candidate with the most impressive credentials, but that isn’t always the…


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Coming up Trumps – finding the right leader

On 8th November 2016 the USA votes for its next president after what has been by far the most controversial, divisive and at times downright bizarre election campaign in the country’s history. The actions and personalities of the two candidates have got the whole world talking about what is required for the most powerful job in the world; neither seems…


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New Job Offer? How to Peacefully Relocate Your Family

It's a known fact that for many people, the moving process can be incredibly stressful. While it may be exciting to accept a new job offer, it may be hard for your family to wade through the transition of saying goodbye to life as they know it. Starting a new chapter is still exciting, even though it is stressful. In order to keep the stress level down, consider…


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When I Am Asked, How To Get Into Social Media Recruiting

In conversations I have had over the last few months, I have been asked by a couple HR VPs and Directors that they wanted to launch into social media recruiting and wanted to know how I would do it.

Going forward, I think my first question I ask is “why do you want to go on social media?” It seems everyone wants to be on social media…it’s cool…it’s what Google or Amazon is doing so I do too…etc. These are the wrong answers! You do not go into social media recruiting…


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Startups fight to Win Over HR Buyers

When we approach most Talent Acquisition and HR people that need to update or fill gaps in the company's computer science and information technology systems, they don't normally look at products and services offered by start-ups. Even after most offer trial runs and beg for beta testers to try out their shiny new software companies will reluctantly just stay with the same old traditional tools they have been using for last 15 years.

As if the software that a team just spent most of…


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10 Ways to Promote Collaboration at Work

Collaboration is a major concern of managers and for good reason. Collaboration in the workplace has a plethora of benefits. Collaboration “allows employees to feel more connected to their jobs and co-workers, reduces stress at the workplace, makes their jobs easier, allows for more work freedom, and in general makes them happier people” says Jacob…


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Recruiting Developers? You'll Want to Know This Before Interviewing Them

One of the first steps in evaluating a developer for an open role is taking a deep dive into their resume. Whether it's a traditional resume, their Developer Story, or even their GitHub profile, one of the first things you'll look into is their education. Did they go a good school? Did they complete a Computer Science program? 

But that's the old way of…


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Are You Waiting for the Great Pumpkin?

Without fail, year in and year out, beloved Peanuts’ character, Linus, sits in a pumpkin patch on Halloween night waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear. Much to his dismay, it fails to turn up. Nevertheless, he remains undefeated and vows to wait again next year. He believes the Great Pumpkin is out there. …


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WhatsApp Group Chat - Need for Functional Guidance for International Recruitment

International Recruitment has always been a part of the Talent Acquisition Industry so I’m sure that most of us will be familiar with the process especially since we’ve gone through it at some point of time. When it comes to US Staffing or UK Staffing we’ve encountered that as well while going up the Career Ladder.  But what are we supposed to do when we’re doing Asian hiring i.e. seeking Talent to fill China position and are looking for Shanghai Talent?

Staying on the topic at hand…


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Talent Void: 4 Industries in Need of Skilled Employees

From 2000 - 2013, a position as a software developer yielded a salary increase over 25 percent. In some industries, like healthcare and IT, are talent shortages. Hiring the correct number of employees with the right skills sets is important, regardless of the industry. Here are four such diverse industries that have more jobs than qualified people.



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Entry-Level Sports Job Recruiting - What You Need to Know

Entry-level sports jobs are the best (and sometimes only) way to get your candidate's foot into the sports industry door. To choose the one that suits your candidate best, you must know where your candidate stand in terms of skills and competencies.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE)…


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8 Key Differences Between Corporate Recruiters and Staffing Agency Recruiters

Enlisting the assistance of corporate recruiters or agency recruiters are two main ways to fill positions. The two are very different, however, both fundamentally and operationally. To understand which best serves your company’s needs, you need to understand how they differ from each other. Here are eight key differences between corporate and agency recruiters!

Corporate Recruiters vs. Agency Recruiters

1. HR vs.…


Added by Steven Duque on October 18, 2016 at 9:30am — 3 Comments

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