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Social recruiting? It's just a passing fad (unless you're a household name company of course)

Microsoft. Apple. Google. Coca Cola. Virgin. The BBC. What do they have in common? Each of them could advertise on the back of a cigarette packet, put a card in a shop window or float a message in a bottle out to sea and they would still get a good response to their recruitment campaigns. Indeed all of them receive hundreds of unsolicited applications each and every year.



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This week I received some interesting comments regarding “Professionalism”  One of my groups pointed out that my profile picture didn’t express the intention which I was trying to achieve.  I took a look at it from a neutral perspective, and I agreed.

This brings me to todays topic: Professionalism and the Workplace.  With every project I have strived to present myself as a commodity or a brand, who just happens to be on loan to my employers as a sub-contracted asset.  This meant that…


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by Traci K. and BrightMove Recruiting Software and Staffing Software

With job cuts leveling off, corporations find themselves trying to make sense of those left after the dust has settled.  Job descriptions have evolved and been altered to absorb the responsibilities of the employees that were part of any reductions in force.  More with less has been the theme of many an organization over the past few years. …


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by Tracy K and BrightMove Staffing Software and Recruiting Software


Large businesses have an easier time branding themselves as there are more opportunities for their name to get “out there”.  Businesses of small to medium size have a harder time and it’s extremely important to utilize every possible chance to let your organization be known.  This is especially true if you are trying to attract new…


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by Traci K and BrightMove Staffing Software and Recruiting Software


In December, Monster.com came out with their Top 11 HR & Recruitment Blogs for 2011.  Having some spare time to take a look at a few of their top picks, I came to one that had many interesting posts, however one in particular intrigued me. …


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The Mixed Bag of Using Social Media Background Checks

On one of the human resources and recruiting sites there is an ongoing discussion about Social Media as a Background Check and how it may apply to the hiring process.    There are also concerns for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance and other issues that are being addressed.

As the social media background check is one search as one writer puts it "where the genie is out of the bag." True.  If anything, more employers will be using the social media employment screening search…


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Ants Marching - The Sourcing Life - And Dale Carnegie's "Living In Day Tight Compartments"

Ahh, this song by Dave Matthews band, it is perhaps a description of February for me.  I quote:


"He wakes up in the morning

Does his teeth bite to eat and he's rolling

Never changes a thing

The week ends the week begins"

So that is a perfect description of how I start my day and how 1 day rolls to the next, and then this as Dave…


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The Glue to being a successful recruiter!!

The Glue to being a successful recruiter!!


Organization and Planning are the glue!!- You must know how to organize and plan your time effectively. As an example one of the biggest problem recruiters have is finding time to source. This is most true of corporate recruiters who get sucked into all sorts of things. Well simply put sourcing time on your calendar for everyday. This guarantees you time to source. However, do not just stop there.…


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"But for My Efforts" Topic

In the popular thread from yesterday regarding candidate ownership Barbara Goldman brought up an important topic.  "But for My Efforts" has always been what us old school recruiters have used as the standard by which we feel our fee is earned.  It's always been that way for me.

Over the years though, many agencies have been drafting agreements with their clients that state specific terms of "ownership" for candidates introduced.  Usually these are 1 year or 6…


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Don’t Hide your Company Culture, Flaunt It!

Yesterday, I was able to be part of something pretty cool.  I was invited to SkyZone in Dedham to play some really fun trampoline dodgeball.  But that wasn’t the really cool part (well not all of it).  What was really cool was it was a company wide outing of a friend of mine that I was able to finagle my way into.  The do competitive fun events like this every month or so (it was F1 racing before that) and every employee gets involved.  Not only are these great team building exercises but…


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Would you all please consider doing our community a favor?

I'll make this short and sweet.  Recruiters need all kinds of forms:  split agreements, job order forms, fee statements - you name it - we've all looked for something specific at one time or another.


A while back I started a Recruiting Library.  I asked all my friends to send me a form or agreement they use so that others might be able to find it if they need it.


Several times each month I'll get a…


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Job board networks: the idea that’s never gone away

In the beginning, there was the job board, and the candidates rejoiced. So many jobs! So many locations! So much easier than paper.

The employers liked it, too.

But after a while, candidates realized that general boards were, well….general. They discovered that many (er, most) jobs were inapplicable to their interests. So they asked the job boards to make things easier. “Help us find just the jobs we want!”

Job board operators responded in a variety of…


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Re-optimizing your HR Foundation

By Karen Bucks, iCIMS Blogger


I know we are only a month into the year, but I must say there seems to be a common theme: optimization.  Whether it’s improving your career site or reducing your time-to-fill, it is all for the same reason…to optimize your HR…


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‘Managing Forward’ Series Part III: Advice for Interns

The final video of Chip’s interview focuses on what managers look for in today’s young professionals.

It is important for every intern going into a new role to learn and discover what they need to bring to the table to…


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Investigo takes to the Clouds

Specialist professional recruiter Investigo, today announced its signing with cloud-based recruitment software leader, Bullhorn. The recruiter is implementing Bullhorn throughout its network of offices in London, Guildford, Reading, St Albans and Milton Keynes in support of aggressive future expansion…


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Using Remote Staff - Employees

I could use some input/advice from the field.  We are considering hiring off site recruiters and have not previously done this.  Does anyone have any experience [good or not good] with using off site personnel.  For example, how do you pay them? Draw against commission, straight commission, other? Same of expenses. I could use any help, including how to properly supervise their work and deliverables. Thanks.

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Keep On Truckin’

When people find out that I am the CEO of a managed recruiting services firm they typically ask if there are any jobs out there; if companies are hiring; why can’t they seem to find a job (for those who are looking); when is the economy going to turn around. I usually respond by saying that there are jobs out there; that companies are hiring; what is their job search…


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5 Ways Staffing Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve observed what was once ‘channels for the young’ become channels for any number of purposes including business. It’s my firm belief that the staffing industry too will quickly need to hop on the social train or be left in the station.


I noted in a …


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Radical Accountability

Like the neglectful parent who turns a blind eye to the potentially harmful actions of a child, many leaders engage in at least periodic neglect of staff. Inconsistent accountability, lack of metrics and goals, and regular shifting of strategies (also known as the flavor of the month) are just a few ways managers perpetrate employee neglect.

Some of you who read this will immediately believe that “many leaders” does not include you. Yet, you’re probably at least an occasional and,… Continue

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How to avoid Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination in the workplace is one of those issues everyone knows about, few every admit, and no one speaks about.  Why all the hush hush?  It is against the law however much harder to prove then say racial and sex discrimination as the factors are vague that surround the reasoning.  The whispers in the corner, the discussions in the boardroom, and the smoking breaks all contribute in their separate ways towards the practice.  The executives are thinking cost, the "old timers" taking…


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