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Video Interviewing and Your Recruiting Strategy

Let's be honest, if we took a look at the technology you're using to interview even 5 years ago, I bet it would look almost the same as it does today. Maybe a new platform or two but essentially the same sh*t, different year, despite the blogging community and a ton of startups who have spent plenty of time trying to convince you to try this, that and the other thing to…


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Trace Your Debtors With Frontline Collections

One of the other services provided by Frontline Collections is tracing or tracking bad debtors who are trying to escape their debts without paying it. This kind of service is a supporting service being provided by Tracesure for Frontline CollectionsDebt Collectors.

318.jpg (684×395)


Tracesure’sunique goal is called “no trace – no fee” service which means that as long as the debtor is not yet traced or located then you are not obliged to pay for the fee.…


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The Significance Of Increased Traffic At A Blog

Blogging is not a new phenomenon and has been around for quite a while. Many people including artists, celebrities, politicians, and many significant others have experimented with running blogs and many have been successful in their venture. However, there is a huge amount of people who have failed in running a blog as they did not have anyone to read and share the posts. Why does this happen?…


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Back on British soil: The impact of a stronger UK economy on recruitment in the pharmaceutical industry

At the height of the economic downturn, confidence in the UK’s economy dropped. In a bid to reduce manufacturing costs and stabilise investments, many pharmaceutical companies took these processes abroad. As a consequence, some of our highly skilled, domestic labour force went with it and project availability in the UK changed. Today, Britain’s economy is…


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Critical Thinking

I attended an excellent webinar on Critical Thinking today.  The speaker sighted some interesting statistics about how much need there is for training in Critical Thinking.  Executives view Critical Thinking as one of the most important needs for employees and there is a huge skills gap.  Higher education is not teaching / training people in critical thinking skills and college graduates are assessed by upper management as very lacking in that area.  Critical Thinking is one of the most…


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Beyond the suit: What makes a great candidate experience when dealing with recruiters?

Hiring new personnel can be a time consuming, challenging and stressful process for all parties. Candidates place their skills and career progression into the hands of recruiting staff whilst employers invest considerable finances into the sourcing their ideal applicant. As everyone involved wants results, it is vital to make the experience a positive…


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#FirstInHr: How to Recruit and Hire Like a Pro

You’re new to hiring. Because, well, you’re not a hiring professional really. The small business owner you work for spends 35-45% of business hours handling employee-related paperwork, recruitment, hiring, and onboarding… in other words,…


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Tom Petty, Blogging Copycats, and YOU

Recently, Sam Smith, a young UK crooner had to pay royalties from his hit “Stay with Me” to Tom Petty, due to similarities in the chorus to “Won’t Back Down”. This isn’t the first instance where Tom Petty, his lawyers or his fans have insisted that the rock legend was being copied by a younger musician or band. And while when listening to the songs in question, you can’t…

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Tips For Finding The Best Heating And Cooling Services

The need for heating and cooling companies is clear from the fact that appliances demand the professional maintenance and regulatory services with regular intervals. For assuring the long time effective functioning of both commercial as well as residential heating and cooling systems, these professional services are essential. One can find a many online and offline heating and cooling service provider companies, but not each and every company is capable enough for delivering the desirable…


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What To Name Your Exotic Pet

Any person who has an exotic pet or two is pretty much aware that typical and cute names like Buddy or Fluffy don’t seem right for them. So where do you begin when you’re trying to find a perfect name for your not so conventional pet?

file (600×400)

Even Naming Your Exotic Pets Has a Criteria

In finding the perfect name, most exotic pet owners begin by classifying the type or breed of their exotic pets. Origins of these pets are usually the strongest bases…


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A Radical Reductionist Analysis of the "Purple Squirrel" Idiom

Really?  "Purple Squirrel"?

Is that the best you can come up with to describe an 'unfindable' candidate?

I remember seeing red squirrels for the first time in 1976, in the Vienna Graveyard, while I made my pilgrimage to the tombs of Beethoven, Schoenberg, the Strausses, Schubert, and other great Viennese super-composers.  "Rock-stars", if you will, to reinvent another overused phrase.

I had never seen red squirrels, before, so I was pretty amazed with them, as there were…


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Battles Worth Fighting

I shared two very different articles on Facebook this week. One was about a female engineer at…


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Weed and Greenhouse: what's growing in online recruiting

Well, another 30 days has come and gone - and not surprisingly, things have happened in the job board and online recruiting industry. Has anything…


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Employer Branding: The Never Ending Story

Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.” – Sir Richard…


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Hey Business Owners, You're Doing Social Media All Wrong

By Eric Foutch

Even with all the information out there in support of social media for businesses, many are still convinced it isn’t worth their time or energy. They’re wrong, and if you’re not participating in social media, then so are you! Here are some major social media mistakes you’re making:


We are in…


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Web Development and Customer Service. Who Knew?

If you’re into working on your own, don’t think that choosing web development means you get to hole up in your office and work for hours on end by yourself.

The guys at DevelopIntelligence helped provide some insight on how we connect web development to customer service.

WorkCloud.png (1200×544)

Web developers have more to do than just write code. They have to help customers determine what they want and then deliver a website that is…


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Silicon-Valley superstar/rockstar/billionaire Vinod Khosla (his brother is a professor at Stanford, I believe) has provided an infusion of Venture Capital to an interesting and very different career-oriented website called Pymetrics; which actually provides some very interesting interactive tests to evaluate skills, traits, talents, etc.

I learned that I have a high degree of skepticism, am very undeterred by my own mistakes,…


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Key-in on Getting the Best Recruits

In the game that is known as recruiting, putting yourself out there so that countless job applicants want you as their main go-to recruiter can be both an effort and time-consuming. Then again, isn’t that part of the deal that goes with being a recruiter?

To be the best recruiter possible (whether you work for a recruiting company or run your own), you need to spread…


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Effort is the Enemy

Hiring managers typically need that empty seat filled yesterday, yet they often wait until tomorrow or a series of tomorrow’s before that happens. It is this very gap between yesterday and tomorrow that holds one of the greatest opportunities for staffing and recruiting firms.

The staffing industry can quickly elevate its reputation by more consistently providing talent on demand, right when it is needed. This not only delivers tremendous value; it is how firms can be rewarded with a…


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Who is NOT suitable for us? What candidate pre-selection really means

Pre-selection is an efficient and cost-effective early step of the recruiting process, with the goal to filter out candidates that do NOT match the job profile. It’s called negative selection: the ability to identify and deselect the people that will not perform well in the job.

Then there is the classical positive selection: which of the suitable candidates are best suited to the job requirements and the team? Logically, a successful hire (meaning…


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