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The Right Way to do Recruiting Website Photos

The title of this post may be a little misleading as it implies there is a singular right way to do recruiting website photos. The photography that’s right for your staffing agency may not be what works best for another. With a variety of industries, niches and demographics, the right photos can differ greatly from agency to agency.…


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Great results come from doing good work consistently over a long period of time.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that a heroic effort will generate a quantum leap to greater success.

In recruiting or any other business it takes a build up to break through to generate truly great results and a sustainable high level of success.



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If You Can’t Say Something Nice, At Least Let the Candidate Know They Didn’t Get the Job


Yes, hiring for a position is a lot of work and can get stressful. But don’t forget there’s a person behind each resume that floods into your inbox. At the end of the day, there is a real person on the other side of this process hoping and praying to hear from you. Let your candidates know, even…


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4 Ways to Compare Your IT Salary

In most instances, job seekers who are capable of framing their technical experience and interpersonal skills as a high value service receive the most job offers. And like any premium service, it deserves fair compensation. Rather than over or underbidding, job seekers need to know how to compare IT salaries to recognize offers that align with their…


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10 Things You Should Never Do at an Interview

Getting a job is now more difficult than ever, starting with the application process and ending with the interviews. Once you have submitted the resume you have worked so hard on, it is time to move on with the next step and get ready for the interview. If you got the call you were hoping to get, it is time to get prepared to impress the interviewer and make them choose you from all the candidates.…


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No Time Like The Present

As in right now.  If you know you want to hire the candidate, make the offer.  If this may be the right candidate, set the interview.  Immediately.  If you know you are going to need to fill a certain role, start the search.  Right away.

Too many times a good hire doesn’t happen because someone drags their feet.  Sometimes it’s a very short delay, but that’s all it takes.  Desired candidates, those that fit important roles, are in high demand.  If you don’t move then someone else…


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What Are Recruitment Agencies?

If you’re looking for the right recruitment solution for you and you’re not sure exactly what recruitment agencies do, you are in luck as we have compiled all of the information you need to know. 

 Recruitment Agencies are arguably the most traditional form of recruitment.  Recruitment Consultants will often specialise in one specific industry,…


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5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Project Manager

If you hire a good project manager, you will relax in the knowledge that your job is being taken care of in a productive, professional, and profitable manner. It saves you time and reduces your worries and stress levels. However, if you happen to hire the wrong professional, there will be time and money wastage and increased stress levels. Therefore, make use of the tips…


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The recent trend with NBA stars is to try and team up with other stars to create Superteams.  The Golden State Warriors who recently won the NBA title certainly qualify and other teams and players are trying to find ways to catch them.  Today Chris Paul was traded to the Houston Rockets giving them two superstar point guards.  That’s a unique approach and a very serious attempt to create a Superteam that can compete with the Warriors and others.

Having a Superteam is great.  In sales,…


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5 Qualities All Great Recruiters Share

Image source: Pexels.com

The foundation of every business is the quality to recruit candidates who will successfully perform their duties. On the face of it, the process of recruitment seems simple; in fact,…


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Future Candidates

My son just graduated from high school and will be entering college this Fall as a freshman.  Since the prestigious university that he is attending is close to home he decided to take a class this summer to get a head start.  The other day I dropped him off for class and was surprised to see so many other students clearly heading to and from classes on campus.

These are our future candidates (and hiring managers) and there are a lot of them spending their summer getting ahead.  There…


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Give HR The Permanent Paper Vacation They Deserve

Take a shortcut to electronic employee files this summer!

With the summer here, it's time to start thinking about a little rest and relaxation. You deserve a break! With all the paper coming through the HR department, the whole team could probably use a vacation. In fact, why don't we make that a permanent vacation from…


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Changes that Confirm the Unfortunate State of Employer Health Plans in the Country

The Republican GOP bill that seeks to repeal and replace various important parts of the Affordable Care Act poses a real threat to the healthcare plans provided by the employers. About 154 million Americans who are younger than 65 years of age receive coverage through their work or a family member's employer. However, the number the people receiving health…


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Are these job description mistakes impacting your application completion rate?

A well-written job description can be your ultimate weapon in your recruiting toolbox. It’s the first time a candidate interacts with your employer brand and can influence their perception of your company as a whole.

However, if you’ve made any mistakes within the job description, it can impact everything from your application completion rate to candidate experience. Take an extra few minutes to review your post, checking for the mistakes below. It could mean the…


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How to do Content Marketing for Talent Attraction - #tahack

Hey! Iain Hamilton here for another edition of TA Hack.

I hope you like the new intro music that we’ve got in the video. Today, we’re here to talk about why we create content for talent attraction and why we score people on how they interact with that content; two really, really interesting topics.

Bored reading? Then watch the …


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In part 1 of our blog collaboration with Maeve Ahern O’Neill from The Branding of Me we discuss how you can market your personal brand through a digital CV  

Rezoomo’s newly launched Digital CV gives you the chance to tell your story, showcase your skills and in turn get you noticed by hiring managers.

In this blog we give you an overview of how you can use your …


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The recruitment battle on two fronts - for candidate & client

The modern technology can greatly facilitate the work of the recruiter. Due to the applicant tracking system and technologies it has become easier to perform many advanced search operations.  But the really effective results can be obtained only through the hard work and achievements of an experienced and competent recruiter. The best recruiter knows how to make effective calls, to develop centers of influence, to build…


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5 Transportation Careers With Surprisingly High Earnings

Job seekers who love to travel, rejoice! Transportation jobs can provide a steady paycheck while fulfilling the nomadic sense of wanderlust. What’s more, some transportation careers come with surprisingly high salaries. 

Captains, Mates and Pilots of Water Vessels

These transportation professionals ensure the smooth…


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Strategic Staffing Can Cure Summer Hiring Woes

When it comes to summer hiring, candidates can be difficult to find, especially for entry-level or temporary positions. So how can you create a strategy for hiring over the summer months that won’t leave you short on talent?

While most people look forward to summer, it can be a nightmare for staffing firms with positions to fill. Vacations, time off…


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Linkedin User agreement and what you missed!!

So a lot has been posted and shared about the updated user agreement for Linkedin (LI). Mainly about the use of tools, extensions etc. Reactions have varied from oh well who cares I am going to do what I do. To Oh, know I am not using any tools, or extension (ext) on any place anymore. This post is not about this but I will address it a little. Long story…


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