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HGV Apprenticeships Additional Investment

Ministers have agreed to increase the funding limit for Large Goods Vehicles apprenticeships. Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson has confirmed that funding for C+E apprenticeships will increase to £7,000 from 1 July.…


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The Three Industries Experiencing a Technological Revolution

If we asked you to think of an industry that has been revolutionised by technology, you’d probably have no problem answering. In fact, the more difficult question might be naming an industry that hasn’t experienced digital transformation, particularly in the past year.

It’s clear that some industries are more technologically…


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Businesses That Help Boost the Circular Economy

The business world is moving towards sustainability. The benefits are clear: you can help the planet and help your business. In fact, one-third of consumers prefer sustainable brands according to a report by Unilever. In…


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Supporting Your Remote Workforce: Cloud Migration for Your Business in 5 Steps

Many businesses are already utilising the cloud in some way, with 61 per cent moving their workloads into the cloud in 2020. However, many are yet to carry out their full cloud migration.

For some, the migration was sped up by the coronavirus pandemic. The work from home order saw many businesses rushing to implement cloud solutions to allow their staff to work remotely. In fact,…


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Preparing for the Office Return: 5 Ways to Shift Your Habits, Mentality & Vices

From 19 July, the government dropped its formal advice for people to work from home where possible, now leaving it up to employers to decide when their staff should return to the office full-time or, whether they will offer the flexibility to remain working from home.

We made big shifts in our daily lives when the coronavirus pandemic arrived and our behaviours changed too – from sleeping in till 8:55am to…


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3 Ways to Make Graduates Notice Your Company

When the final exams have been graded and the mortarboard has been thrown in celebration, there’s only one thing on most graduate’s minds: what’s next? Entering the workforce after graduating from university can be an overwhelming experience. However, many graduates have a good idea of what they want in a job – even if they don’t know what job…


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How To Quit My Job

At one point or another, most people have wondered "How to quit my job". I would say in order to do things right, a good place to start would be to make sure you leave in good terms at every step of the way.…


Added by Mandy Fard - CPRW, CMRW on August 30, 2021 at 8:00pm — No Comments

Computer Troubles? The Easiest Ways to Solve Them

Irrespective of the sector you operate in, computers are critical to your company's productivity. However, if you use computers in your daily operations activities regularly, you'll ultimately run into some technical issues that require your attention. The situation can be worsened if you don't know how to fix it.…


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How IT Security Can Enhance Your Small Business

Running a small business can be extremely difficult even in the best of times. Today, many small business owners are having to struggle even more than normal. As a result, many may be reluctant to make new investments for their businesses. However, one thing no business owner should overlook is the importance of IT…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!! CodeMentor!!

CodeMentor is the largest community for developer mentorship and an on-demand marketplace for

software developers. CodeMentor is not a well known site and as such few have tried to source in it. Well to do

this without you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool,



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Talent Community - Let Talents Come to You

Recruiting efficient staff invariably comes as a relief to any hiring departments, but it does no harm to keep a back-up plan up your sleeve when crises strike and your company are short of skilled personnel. That’s when the Talent Community enters the picture to save your day to ensure the headcount.…

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7 Ways to Grow Your Online Business

The internet and technology have provided many online business opportunities. People are constantly coming up with innovative ways to make money through digital marketing. Your online business needs to keep growing and attract more clients. These are seven ways you can use to boost your online presence.

1. Be Mobile-Friendly

Millions of internet users access your…


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77% of the UK Experience This Work-Related Syndrome

You may read the phrase “imposter syndrome” and be surprised that there’s a term for something you feel without realising it’s a common thing. Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough for the career you have? Do you doubt yourself and feel like an imposter in the workplace? Do you have a nagging feeling that you’re winging it? You’re not alone.


A huge 77…


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Tips for Pre-Qualifying Remote Candidates

More people than ever are working remotely and they’re finding they like it. If you’re hiring for a remote working position, this is good news. You may have access to job candidates that are searching for a more permanent remote or at-home work position.

Screening candidates for remote positions, however, can be challenging — especially if the interview process will take place remotely as well.…


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Mid-Life Career Change

2021 Career Change

​You may not have been lucky enough to choose the right career from the beginning. You might wonder if there’s…

Added by Mandy Fard - CPRW, CMRW on August 26, 2021 at 1:11am — No Comments

When Will You Need to Adopt an Interview Scheduling Software in Lieu of Traditional Calendar Tools?

On average, it takes 22.9 days in the US for a complete job interview process. The processing speed in the …


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The Best Tips for Starting Your Own Business

You think it's time the rat race had one less rat. You want to be your own boss. You know that it won't feel like work at all when you embrace your own passion. You have a concept for a business that is exactly what consumers need. It's time you delivered. If you're going to make your dream a success, you need to prepare yourself first. Before you take the plunge, follow the best tips for starting your own business.…


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How to Improve Your Business and Increase Efficiency

Stagnation can be a fatal disease for any business, regardless of industry or size. As a business owner, you'll want to make sure that your business processes are continuously improving and that any operational bottlenecks are being resolved along the way. To help you maximize efficiency and, ultimately, profits, here are eight ways to improve your business.

Never Stop Automating…


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Manufacturing and Construction Sectors Are The Least Anxious About Going Into Work

For many businesses, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of workplace wellbeing initiatives. As various sectors have been affected in different ways, it is important for business leaders to understand how the future will look for their businesses and their workforce.

Whilst the physical hazards of working on a construction site are usually…


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Parental Leave Around the World: How Does the UK Compare?

Around the world, different countries and cultures have different attitudes when it comes to parenting. The varied approaches can be seen by looking at maternity and paternity leave. While many countries still stick to traditional gender roles, with mothers being entitled to far more time on leave than fathers, some places are challenging this norm, making us wonder whether parenting roles are evolving.

From the moment parents start trying for a baby, to completing the…


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