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A Goode Journey...A Terrific "Career Change" Tale!

Wikipedia is many things to many people. For the intellectual elite, it is the diet version of actual information, for students it is the first port of call when researching a subject with which they are unfamiliar. For journalists and the casually interested it is an invaluable source of facts and figures that gives a broad, if sometimes inaccurate, overview of a popular topic de jour.

In the business world, Sustainability has been at the forefront of thinking for…


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New Ways To Get New Clients to Rebecca

The old ways do not work.

What do you do to get new clients?

I was just curious?

I tried writing Rebecca on this and could not.

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your reply. You sound kind and upbeat.

What kind of people do you place?

I am not sure what you mean by your words.

Do you mean they promote you to their colleagues or colleges?

Set up a personal introduction?- Sorry I do not understand.

I can get people on… Continue

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Recruiters Beware - Are exclusive agreements really exclusive?

Oh the wonderful land of agreements between clients and recruiters...I am not sure the yellow brick road is paved in gold on this journey. To respect the identity of those involved no names will be used, but this story I am sure is more common then we recruiters like. The “fingers crossed behind the back” handshake on exclusive recruitment contracts – oh joy of joy!…


Added by Lisa Switzer on September 30, 2010 at 2:19pm — 3 Comments

A Specialist Recruiter - Why?

It will really depend on who is reading this on whether or not you agree. When a company has a vacancy it tends to go through HR who use a select list of suppliers for all of their recruitment matters. Which is obviously great for them when they need to manage a certain amount of contracts, agreements, constant phone calls and emails from recruiters - but sometimes not so good for a hiring manager looking for a technical person with niche skills!

The agencies on preferred… Continue

Added by Matthew Stedman on September 30, 2010 at 4:48am — 12 Comments

International Hiring

As the world's economy emerges from the Great Recession it is fairly clear, at least to me, that HR in large to medium-sized companies will have to emphasize international recruitment much more than they did before the crisis.

Most of the world's MNCs have their headquarters in the US, Europe or Japan but the world's economy is highly unbalanced right now, with much of the growth and consequential career opportunities happening in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India & China).… Continue

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A Hiring Tale...Is It Time For a Change?

Recently a company that I know well went through an interesting hiring adventure. Their story is typical and companies of all types experience these same particulars every day. You’d think that the pain of having to endure wasted time, poor decisions, and missed opportunities would change the way we go about hiring, but we’ve been doing it this way for decades and change is hard. The interesting thing is that for quite some time we have had at our disposal the systems that can change the…


Added by K.C. on September 29, 2010 at 11:16pm — 12 Comments

Why use golf to recruit leaders

The connection between golf and leadership

There’s a surprising similarity between playing the game of golf and leadership. Once the analogies are made clear to you, you’ll wonder perhaps why you didn’t see it before. By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know the major connections and feel compelled to find out more.

35% of registered golfers in the UK are senior managers, professionals or… Continue

Added by Dr. John Kenworthy on September 29, 2010 at 8:00pm — 4 Comments

$100 Billion In Stock Potential: Facebook’s Staffing Solution

If only every staffing solution were so easy.

Not a day goes by where I am not amazed by a new software solution that our team helps develop. From on-demand versions of our product to web-based staffing software, each bit and byte of data we work with is dedicated to helping staffing companies fill their client’s needs.

If only I knew it was as simple as offering 1% of a $100 billion stock.

This article from…


Added by Tim Giehll on September 29, 2010 at 5:30pm — 3 Comments

Creating a Candidate Referral Engine

I recently finished reading John Jantsch’s best seller The Referral Engine –

Teaching Your Business to Market Itself
. As you may know from reading my blog postings, I am an…


Added by Nick Tubach on September 29, 2010 at 1:56pm — 1 Comment

ATS Hunting

Does anyone know of an ATS that would meet the following requirements:

l. Sharepoint platform

2. Hosted

3. Interface wtih Outlook

4. Custom Forms

This is for a consulting firm, not a brick & mortar which is job driven, but one that is candidate/skill driven.

Any input is welcome and appreciated- well, Almost any input:-)

thanks all.


Added by Carole on September 29, 2010 at 1:51pm — 1 Comment

Recruiting Globally

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your recruitment message could remain the same when sourcing passive candidates from around the world? Life would be much easier…

I say this because I’m currently in the process of researching best practices for sourcing passive candidates. And, in all of my findings it seems that what works for one group of people, may not necessarily work for another. Solution: targeted messaging. I am sure you have heard…


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Market Demand Update

Every week, StaffingU analyzes market demand and shares this information with the industry.

In this update, we feature 20 job types that have shown a hiring increase during the past 60 days. This growth in demand will translate into companies having a more difficult time finding these types of individuals. As a result, staffing and recruiting firms are advised to actively market these types of candidates to their prospects…

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Jobseeking in 3D

I often stumble across innovative approaches that jobseekers take to woo employers.

Here are a couple of recent examples that caught my attention:

Graeme Anthony's video CV / resume - with embedded annotations / links: campaign /…


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Turning the tables - showcasing Facebook fans

All too often brands, celebrities and employers use the social web to pump out content, and race to grow fan numbers, with little regard to the true needs of their target audiences. This week my client Deloitte New Zealand launched a new initiative, Fan Showcase, on their award-winning Facebook page. This builds upon other elements of the firm's social recruiting strategy, like…


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Help me see the light with job clubs…please

I’ll start this off by admitting that I am not an authority on job clubs. For some of you, this might be a good time to stop reading this blog because I just don’t get them. For those of you that are a part of job clubs, can you kindly (or not) explain to me:

- What value do you get from belonging to the group?

- What advantage have you achieved?

- How much time have you given?

- What has the group done for you lately?

- Is it just a big rah rah…


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Top 5 Blog Posts about Motivation

At the suggestion of Kristen Doyle, our Director of Strategic Marketing, I'm going to begin occasionally sharing some Top 5 Lists of great blog posts that I have read around certain areas of Recruiting and…


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Security Clearance search strings!!

Security Clearance search strings!!…


Added by Dean Da Costa on September 28, 2010 at 3:43pm — 2 Comments

GravityPeople’s Jeff Winter Invited to be a Panelist at Dice Holding’s Investor Day 2010

Jeff Winter, GravityPeople’s CEO has been invited to be a customer panelist at the annual Dice Holdings Investor Summit to be hosted in New York on September 30th. As a customer panelist, Jeff will participate in valuable roundtable discussions that will explore trends in recruitment advertising, new stand-out job distribution services, advertisement spend patterns and the state… Continue

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