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What Contingent Workers Don’t Want in a Job Aside from Crummy Pay

What Contingent Workers Don’t Want in a Job Aside from Crummy Pay

Pay is an essential motivator in the contingent hiring process, but only up to a certain point. Which is why making compensation decisions isn’t the…


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Employer Branding and the Candidate Experience

Job search is online. Resumes are not only digital, they’re social. And recruiting is looking a lot like marketing.

In the competition for talent, your employer brand is as essential for attracting quality candidates to your career site and into your applicant tracking system (ATS)…


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Why and How Persona Profiles Should Inform Your Recruiting Strategy

Smart recruiters know that candidates are consumers in today’s competitive talent market. To fill job openings with top talent, recruiters need to sell those positions and the…


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Can you guess what holiday item sparked the Christmas invasion into American homes?

Christmas tree decorations in the late 1800s consisted of handmade paper confections or fruit and nuts. After a visit to Europe in the 1880s, F.W. Woolworth began importing holiday ornaments from Lauscha, Germany, the small village where hand-blown glass ornaments originated. As the first U.S. retailer to sell manufactured Christmas tree decorations, response to the…


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A History of the Holiday Bonus – When Did Cash Bonuses Become Big for Business?

Around the turn of the 20th century, the Christmas holiday represented much needed time off for factory workers, who regularly worked six days a week, 11 hours a day. Another perk of the season was the highly anticipated Christmas bonus, the extra wage or gift meant to encourage productivity and, for employers, assure…


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How Your Online Reputation Might Be Hurting Your Job Prospects

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that there is a very fine line between authenticity and just being a jerk. Discerning between the two may be the difference between landing your next big break in the job market or spending another umpteen weeks driving to and from interviews.


The Information Age



A poor…


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Nurture your future leaders, don't just drop them in it!

Added by james nathan on November 21, 2016 at 9:10am — No Comments

Facebook Takes Aim (and Fires) at The Recruitment Sector

Facebook has announced its new jobs feature. To confirm, this isn’t Facebook for Work/Workplace by Facebook –  it’s Facebook formally entering the jobs market.

Facebook is constantly evolving, and while Facebook builds new features and gives people new ways of using the platform, they can’t change the way people choose to use those features. For instance,…


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Infographic - Interview Preparartion - What should you do?

Added by Kerry Clifton on November 18, 2016 at 5:11am — No Comments

What to do prior to an interview

Despite all the technology in the world, you still have to go through the interview process. But what should you do on the run up to the day?

  1. Research the company

    You are most definitely going to be asked what you know about the company. This is a standard interview question for any industry and you need to…


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How playing games can help you land your dream job

Playing games is not a bad thing and can help you build a career – tell this to your parents next time. Scientific studies show that computer games literally enhance your logical, literary and social skills. There is no age limit, children can develop cognitive abilities much faster just by playing the right games. According to the Fall 2014 issue of American Journal of Play, children who like video games demonstrate perception, attention, memory, and decision-making processes more…


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Pros and Cons of Call Center Outsourcing

A number of businesses have at one point or another considered call center outsourcing as an option. This is mostly due to the benefits of saving money. However, there are many pros and cons that must be considered. Regardless of what size business you own, these must be taken into consideration for you to make the best financial decision possible for your business. …


Added by Rachael Murphey on November 17, 2016 at 4:44pm — No Comments

Why Millenials Hate Recruiters and How We Can Solve It

Building Materials Recruiter James Aiken lists and details common complains from college-aged individuals when it comes to dealing with recruiters. Keep in mind, these same complaints often come up in other segments of the workforce - they are sourced from, but not exclusive to college students! 

I recently read through Elana…


Added by James Aiken on November 17, 2016 at 3:11pm — 3 Comments

The Top Five Strongest Interview Questions to Ask and The Importance of Understanding Aspirations

Depending on the hiring manager, recruiter or human resources department - interviewers may not necessarily have as much time to interview as they wish. I've seen interviews that last from thirty minutes to a chain of interviews lasting eight hours. Regardless, interviewers need to make sure to take advantage of the time spent interviewing and more often than not, they ask questions that don't necessarily give a real understanding of the candidate.…


Added by James Aiken on November 17, 2016 at 3:00pm — 3 Comments

6 reasons to NEVER, EVER Hire Older Workers!!!

Rule #1, Never hire an older worker (in case you missed the headline). 

1) History has taught us, there is nothing to be learned from history, especially from those who lived it. 

Companies (especially  Startups ) can only flourish if they repeat the mistakes of the past over and over. 

2) Older workers cannot…


Added by Nick Lagos on November 17, 2016 at 12:26pm — No Comments

How to be a Pro-Active Candidate

The Recruiting and Talent Aquisition Industry has its own unique "language", our vernacular is a jumble of idioms, acronyms, abbreviations, hashtags, and secret codes (well not really). It is no secret, however, that the myriad of Recruiting Firms, Headhunters, Corporate HR, and the multitude of Experts, have sorted the entire spectrum of the workforce, the Talent Tree, if…


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4 Recruiting Trends You Need to Know About

As 2016 ends, experts are trying to predict which recruiting trends from this year will carry into 2017, but there is still some debate. Regardless of which candidate you voted for— and we’re not picking sides here —no one can deny that, with the election of Trump, the dynamics of American practices are anticipated to change. This does pose some issues with the…


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Hiring Headache? 4 Tips For Bringing On Production Workers

Finding a great manufacturing employee to fill a position is becoming increasingly more challenging. Part of this has to do with the skills gap found in younger generations. This does not refer to the gap in skills regarding the actual work that your employees must perform, but more general skills that are useful for any production worker.




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It's no secret that bad hires are costly to organizations. The expenses associated with recruiting, hiring, and training replacement employees are often significant. The expenses aren't only monetary either. Bad hires are also costly in terms of employee morale and productivity. Yet, even the most seasoned hiring managers and HR professionals make bad hires…


Added by Recruiter Raya on November 16, 2016 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Get out of your comfort zone

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