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TLS Continuum Part 85: Are you in real time or in a bubble?

In Part 84, I posed the question as to whether your organization viewed the global workplace from looking in the mirror or looking out the window.  I suggested that the view from the mirror is what you think you do and the view from the window is what your clients tell you what you do or they need.

The difference between the two views creates what we call a gap analysis.…


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Employee Education is Your Most Valuable Investment

Start-ups begin in many different ways. While many of them launch with an intention to turn into a huge, profitable corporation, other companies come about out of necessity. For example, a freelance programmer could gain so many projects he’d need a part-time employee to help out with his clients. More and more coding work and adapting to client needs allows…


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Understanding, Accepting and Embracing a Multinational Workplace (Part 1: The Pitfalls)

The likelihood of working in a multinational environment continues to increase as globalization extends its reach across numerous industries.  Whether working for a small business or large corporation, it’s not uncommon these days in America to be exposed to more than one culture.  Diverse international backgrounds and experiences can create a unique, even effective…


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4 Advantages to Getting Your Degree Online

Many students who want to pursue higher education have been forced to look for alternatives online. The primary contributing factor for this is the challenges that are faced by traditional universities and colleges. These challenges include reduced budget funding, course shortages and high tuition fees. Online education is fast becoming a favorite alternative for millions of students around the world.…


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4 jobs that people with little education can do with ease


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Applicant Screening Tools You Really Need To Know About


Screening for Eligibility: In front of the hiring supervisor will review applications they check that a lot of applicants satisfy with the eligibility requirements. Screening for eligibility determines who is eligible to proceed forward in the work competition. All applicants want to satisfy the basic eligibility criteria and additionally the occupation requirements found in the job profile.



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5 Creative Ways to Get your Company Supercharged


Starting a business requires hard work and commitment. However, as you embark on this journey of running your own business, you should be aware that your business will go through different stages. The first phase is the introduction stage. This stage is where you make an impression on potential customers. The introduction stage is believed to be the most critical stage. It can make or break your business. Then there is the growth…


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What SEO Isn’t: Pitfalls of Recruiter Website SEO

If search engine optimization is a process you are considering or have already attempted, odds are you have consulted more than a few resources that are ready to educate you on what exactly SEO is. As consultants for SEO specifically within the recruiting and staffing industry, we constantly engage with clients who are eager to improve their rankings and increase…


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Bullhorn Acquires Peoplenet to Accelerate Delivery of Workforce & Revenue Cloud Solutions

Company also Announces Official Closing of Insight Venture Partners Acquisition to Power Next Phase of Growth 

BOSTON – NOVEMBER 29, 2017 – Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced…


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4 Businesses Strategies That Help Recruit Customers And Keep Em

5 Ways to Attract and Retain Customers

Customers are hard to find, and after you have found them, it is even harder to retain them. As a business owner, your primary concern should be to keep all the customers that you have managed to attract to your business. This is important because of the cost that is involved in drawing…


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Contract vs. Employee: Things to Consider When Hiring IT Professionals

If you’re a hiring manager looking to hire IT professionals in your team, you’re no stranger to the ever-advancing, ever-evolving nature of the tech world. Apart from actual software or application innovations, the demands of IT jobs don’t necessarily require you to fit the old paradigm of employment process when it comes to hiring professionals. The online marketplace for IT talent is growing bigger and bigger, at the same…


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Your Job Yes, But Not Your Opportunity

Robots are going to take your job, but not your opportunity.

For decades we have heard talk of robots taking our jobs, but we are getting a lot closer now.  By all accounts, AI is making big strides and everything from manufacturing to brain surgery is going to be handled by robots at some point.  Some say that by 2060 we are all out of a job.

This is, of course, extremely short sighted.  We’ve lost jobs to robots and automation little by little over time.  The manufacturing…


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Top Tips for Effective Onboarding!

Of course, most companies out there will have well-established and successful onboarding practices, but here at ISL, we are always looking to improve and have found some extra tips and recommendations that you might want to consider adding into the mix!

Let’s start with how to keep in contact with your new starter in the lead up to their first…


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Global Staffing Trends- 2017

This is one among the findings out of LinkedIn’s recently released 2017 Global Staffing developments report.

Highlights of the survey included within 2,000 manager-level and above, search and staffing recruitment professionals in 35 countries — include: The good news is the fact that 68% of staffing firms assume their firms to develop compared to 2016, also say they plan to hire greater…


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Workforce Analytics- The Future of Businesses

With fluctuations in the global financial system magnifying with time workforce analytics is the sole light of trust that pioneers of the day visit is just a plan which may catapult their victory irrespective of the plight of the economy. Even a wise business plan will optimize the workforce by expending minimum costs for maximum performance. This is especially important since the proportion of elderly labour in the US relative to younger employees is increasing by leaps and bounds, with the…


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The importance of recruitment agencies

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as of August 2017 there were approximately 1.44 million people in the UK who were unemployed but actively seeking or available to work. This figure was 52,000 fewer than figures up to May 2017 and over 215,000 fewer than the year previous.

There were also 8.81 million people who were unemployed and not actively seeking or available for work. However, the UK is working hard to improve its employment rate across the country – so…


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Real-life Employer Branding Ideas That Work

Employer Branding ideas are essential for building a strong and attractive employer brand. Many firms have started investing more in their employer branding strategy so I decided write about some real-life employer branding ideas and strategies. HubSpot and Facebook have mastered their employer branding and…


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5 Steps to an Effective Candidate-Recruiter Relationship

Want to get the most out of your relationship with your recruiter? Check out these 5 top tips!

If you are looking to venture onto the next step in your career and are considering working with a recruiter, we believe that there are a few fundamental characteristics of all strong candidate-recruiter relationships that can help get you the best offer possible…


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Top 10 Fatal Mistakes in CV Writing

It's important that you get your CV right as it is your one shot at impressing potential employers. Your CV should really impress your potential employer, it’s what determines whether you’ll be shortlisted for an interview or not! However, most people tend to make mistakes in their CVs that end up costing them the…


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Contractor vs Direct Hire - Things to consider when making a decision

Decisions, decisions.  You need to hire a new employee and you’ve already started doing some phone screens, but you can’t decide if you want to hire someone direct or have them start as a contractor.  This week’s discussion will hopefully give you a few things to consider when making a decision between hiring a contractor versus direct hire placement.  …


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