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3 Ways to Make Graduates Notice Your Company

When the final exams have been graded and the mortarboard has been thrown in celebration, there’s only one thing on most graduate’s minds: what’s next? Entering the workforce after graduating from university can be an overwhelming experience. However, many graduates have a good idea of what they want in a job – even if they don’t know what job…


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3 Ways to Make Graduates Notice Your Company

When the final exams have been graded and the mortarboard hat has been thrown in celebration, there’s only one thing on most graduate’s minds: what’s next? Entering the workforce after graduating from university can be an overwhelming experience. However, many graduates have a good idea of what they want in a job – even if they don’t know what…


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4 Avenues Recruiters Should Investigate When Scouting

Filling a new position, even for a reputable company, often isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. If you’re a job recruiter, then you’ve experienced this problem first hand. Sometimes, it seems you have to scour the Earth just to find a few decent candidates. With the right strategy, however, you can discover the types of talent you’re looking for. The key is…


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What to do with a lower second class degree?

Getting a first or 2:1 degree classification is often seen as the “golden ticket” to the best graduate programmes and jobs. Last year the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), reported that 70% of graduates obtained either a first or 2:1 degree, putting…


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Graduates: Benefits of Using a Recruitment Consultancy

Securing a job after graduation is a daunting task. The opportunities seem endless, but how do you find the career of your dreams? Job hunting is difficult to begin with, but with no experience and limited advice, the task can seem impossible. 

It may be difficult, but it’s easier than you think.

With the help of a…


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How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre

If you’ve just been invited to attend your first assessment centre, you may not know what to expect. The thought of being assessed for an entire day or more can feel daunting.

This article helps you understand what an assessment centre involves and how you can succeed.

What is an assessment centre?

An assessment centre is a stage…


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What Career Options are Open to You with a High School Diploma?

There are many things a person should do to get a head start in life. One of these things is obtaining a high school diploma. A high school diploma can open many doors to a young person for a future career in a plethora of different fields. A college degree isn’t necessary to succeed in America. There are plenty of opportunities for those with only a high…


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Getting the best out of generation Y and Z at work!

The workplace is getting younger – you can’t move for articles about the millennial generation and how the professional world is going to change as more members of Generations Y and Z flood businesses as replacements for retiring employees. Businesses might be understandably – but unjustifiably – worried about the impact that an influx of young people might have on…


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Pointers for Placing Recent Graduates in the Ideal Job

For most recent graduates, the prospect of looking for a job is daunting. Recruiters can help provide great guidance when it comes to determining which career path a graduate will set out on.

Here, we provide some pointers on placing recent graduates in a job they will see as ideal.

An entry-level sales position will teach a candidate a world of knowledge, and looks great on a resume as a first job.

First thing's first - have an intake…


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HORSES FOR COURSES: The Realities of the World of Work

Image Credit: City CV

When applying for work, many inexperienced jobseekers make the mistake of thinking that the employer cares about which candidate is “better”, which candidate is the most "bubbly" or which…


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Jobseekers – Get yourself noticed

Times are tough and if you are a job-seeker you need to get yourself noticed. Almost everywhere you look now there is a graduate with high hopes and quite unrealistic expectations of finding that ideal well paid job when they are fresh out of university in what is a tough economic climate. Although the current market place for jobs for graduates is tough, it is not impossible to succeed in securing that first role, below are some of my tips on how to stand out from the…

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I am A Nurse Practitioner, For Gosh Sakes! Hire Me…Please!

Talk about a catch-22! Let’s use Sally, the average Nurse Practitioner (although there’s nothing average about NPs), as an example. She has been a nurse for many years and has been working on her MSN for quite a while. The happy day arives when she has earned her MSN. She then sits for her national certification and passes. She is so thrilled now because she is officially a certified Family Nurse Practitioner!

Sally’s job search now begins. She applies for every Family Nurse…


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MBA Resume Books Available Now: Columbia, Haas, Kellogg, Stanford and More

Thirteen new resume books have released over the past two weeks. Each Resume Book is an extensive database of profiles and resumes submitted by top MBA talent at one of our member schools. Select a school below and search this resume database by experience, certification, keywords, and more.

Available Now:…


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Need a Job? Top 20 Best Online Job websites


The premier global online employment solution for people seeking jobs

Yahoo Hot Jobs: Leader in the online recruiting industry:

Indeed: is…


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Hot Resume Tip…

Times have changed, after all, as Grant Cooper, president of Strategic Resumes Strategic, notes in the Resume Critique Writer software that he authored. “Brief resumes are simply no longer effective in today’s increasingly competitive job market,” he said. “The advice that ‘They only want to see one-page resumes,’ is perhaps the single most outdated and incorrect statement job-seekers hear today.”…


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What to do about writing a Resume with No Content to Include

Writing your first resume can be very daunting, especially if you have little to no work experience to speak of. This is a common problem for students, and a lot of them go about addressing this problem the wrong way – they either apply for jobs that do not require a resume, or they turn in a resume with little to no content.


Every person, including you, has skills and…


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Why HR Pros Should Pursue a MBA

Originally a guest post on

We all come from an interesting place

As a whole, those of us within the profession come from many backgrounds. From what I have read and the data I have seen, very few of us within Human Resources come from a background of finance, accounting, operations or business administration. While not a fairytale, it is rare to see. This is… Continue

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Ever have one of those days?


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Listing Hobbies & Interests on Your Resume – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

I frequently come across resumes that include a section for “hobbies and interests” or something similar. Many people think it’s necessary to include something like this, however I can assure you that it’s probably best to avoid doing so. There is a limited amount of space for content on your resume and just a small amount of time for the reader to look over your information. That being said, you should use it strictly to highlight your professional qualifications and achievements, not your…


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Top 20 Best Summer Jobs

Ideally the best thing you can do is try to find an internship which is related to your degree or passion. One of my favourite rockers, Ozzy Osbourne worked in a slaughterhouse before rising to fame with Black Sabbath! This is the best way to gain real life experience as well as having something terrific to put on your resume. For example, if…


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