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Not your typical Gen Y "what's in it for me?" candidate.....

I'm introducing a candidate to my client this morning. (Yes - I do have clients. In fact it was 2 days ago my phone rang with my client on the other line. We hadn't spoken in a while but he keeps my number in his cell phone and doesn't call anybody else. But that's not the topic today......

We often hear from our clients the need for "character, motivation and taking ownership" among many other somewhat vague qualifications. Typically it's hard to nail those qualities down with your… Continue

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How to Get a Counteroffer

OK. So you’ve decided you’re underpaid. A few of your team mates are making considerably more than you.

You know you’re as good (if not better) than them, so what gives?

You really do like your job. The company Christmas party is off the hook! The drive is less than 5 minutes and your best buddies work there too…….but you keep seeing jobs all over the internet paying more than what you're making and it's starting to weigh on your…


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Agency Recruiters: Before you go home today ask yourself these simple questions. The answers should determine whether you should feel good about peeling out of the office this afternoon. Do you have…

Agency Recruiters: Before you go home today ask yourself these simple questions. The answers should determine whether you should feel good about peeling out of the office this afternoon.

Do you have a new candidate for your client today? Not a resume that looks good or the phone number of someone you heard “might” be looking. I’m talking about a qualified candidate…


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A word on SPLIT placements

A good percentage of my business involves split placements. I thought it would be good to take a minute and make a note of some of the principals those of us who do splits should think about. Here are a

few of mine:

In order for me to continue providing the level of service my clients have come to expect from me I must have a strong network of trusted partners. I will do my very best to make

sure our relationship is financially…


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A Friday Quickie

Attention Agency Recruiters: You are NOT in Human Resources. You are NOT in PR. You are not in

Employment Branding, Social Work, Social Media, Job Hunting Tips, or Candidate Experience


You. Are. In. Sales. Get it?

If you are not making presentations all day, every day, you are going to…


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My Littlest Placement

My Littlest Placement

I have been given a gift. Well – not given, necessarily. It was earned. Those are the best anyway,aren’t they?

We’ve been recruiting for a junior level IT role with a client for the past 3 weeks or so. Not much in the way of qualifications – college degree, some sort of “paid” IT experience combined with a nice personality and…


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What makes you think you deserve a "premium" fee?

Fee negotiations. Fun stuff, eh?

You finally connect with a manager that seems to need your help. You think you've done a good job "not" sounding like an idiot. Though the position was a little outside of your comfort zone you held on nicely. Your questions seemed to spark quite a dialogue: What projects will this person work on? How big is the team? Tell me about your company.........why do you LOVE working there? What are the types of companies that seem to have the best candidates?… Continue

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Are you in a race today?

“It’s kinda like a race – but without cars and stuff.”

This is how my soon-to-be 9 year old son summed up what my day looks like today. I was grabbing my first cup of coffee (trying the Hawaiian Kona from Sam’s Club – first bag – it’s kind of mild…..) and he asked me what was happening.

He’s seen me in action enough to understand what I do. (He’s either going to follow in my footsteps or be an astronaut.)

When he… Continue

Added by Jerry Albright on January 7, 2010 at 8:02am — 2 Comments

Recruiting Forms Library - Please help

I just LOVE Recruitingblogs. Such a great group of recruiters from around the world - helping each other!

I've started a project that might be helpful for each of us at one time or another - a forms library for all to share. Would you mind helping? If you would please take just a few minutes and send me a few of your "go-to" forms we would all appreciate it. Please follow this link:

Recruiting… Continue

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Recruiters - How are you going to finish the year?

I posted this yesterday on my personal blog and then realized something. Recruitingblogs gets thousands of hits a day. MY SITE doesn't even get half that! SO here it is. If it inspires even one person then I'm glad I dragged it over here too!

Few things refresh the spirit like a handful of sendouts. It’s pretty easy to relax a bit when you’ve got some activity on your desk. As I sit here with 4 sendouts on the books –… Continue

Added by Jerry Albright on October 6, 2009 at 8:00am — 3 Comments

Where is El Dave Bobblehead?

Attention: All Recruitfest09 Attendees: I need your help!

I am (or was?) the owner of the world's only Dave Mendoza Bobblehead. Now just why in the world would I have such a thing? And how did I get it? That's a long story so I'll not bore you with the details. This post is more important than that.


His trip started out as most everyone else heading to Toronto. In a van. Heading down Highway 402.…


Added by Jerry Albright on September 25, 2009 at 6:00pm — 7 Comments

Top 10 Twitter Users That Are Also Members of My Church in Avilla, Indiana

I’m not quite sure where to begin. Sure – I’ve always dreamed of making one of these lists. Haven't we all? But I thought it would only come after a few more years of putting my time in. So I am shocked to say the least. Thank you everyone!

A recent poll was conducted at my church to see how many Twitter users we have in our congregation. This was not a completely scientific study (we all know that church and science don’t mix well anyway) but a rather informal conversation in the… Continue

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Quit your complaining - It's time to get serious!!!!!

For the most part I decided to take the last part of 2008 off. I hung out on RBC…….learned to Twitter…… built my Linkedin network to a sizeable number (Thanks Dave!)…..and for the most part – watched our profession gradually curl up into a little ball – wondering if/when it will be OK to come out. I would venture to say I’ve seen more “Is our profession dead? ” posts than “Hey – guess what? I’m winning!” posts. I'm not just talking about RBC - I get around to them all - ERE, Fordyce, etc. So… Continue

Added by Jerry Albright on February 4, 2009 at 8:30am — 7 Comments

Obamicon - you need one!

As we put this recession behind us and load our food pantries with hope, love, good thoughts and a "yes we can!" attitude - it's only fitting we all have our own Obamicon. You can make yours here:

Special thanks to for his tweet on this just a few minutes ago. Now go get… Continue

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What Makes Me an Average Recruiter

1. Saying the very same thing the last recruiter said to the same potential clients and expecting to be the one who gets the order.

2. Having the same candidate my competitor has that we both grab off Monster each morning and expecting to be the one who gets the send-out.

3. Agreeing to discount my fees because the potential client has "multiple openings and I should be happy they are letting me in".

4. Arriving at the office after 8, milling around for 1/2 hr… Continue

Added by Jerry Albright on January 7, 2009 at 6:00pm — 17 Comments

What makes me a Smart Recruiter

Fun topic! I'll list the top reasons for my own personal success. Whether I am actually a "smart" recruiter is debatable!

1. Emotions:

I can take a $50K punch in the stomache and get right back up! In this business you MUST be able to "rise above" the daily ups and downs. No other profession has so much at stake with each day. I work in both direct and contract staffing. One day my spirit might be soaring high with a few new placements ready to start - and the very next… Continue

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Parents, cell phones, real life, etc. etc. etc.

I am blessed to be an active part of the lives of my children. One of my rewards is being a basketball coach for my son, Reed-o and his team of 4 and 5 year olds.

So there I was last night. 6:45 pm at the YMCA. We head in there, take off our coats and get right to it. We start with free throws and then move on to dribbling around the cones, bounce passing and eventually wrap up with some scrimmage activity. Nothing too exciting - but the kids love it!

Half way through our… Continue

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Dear Employer, Thanks for the offer - but I don't want to be your "first"......

Dear Employer,

Thank you for the consideration you have given me. I can only imagine the amount of effort you have put into saving yourself for someone special in my field. I know there are many recruiters who have come along giving you more than a few reasons to not trust any of us. So again - thank you for seeing something in my and giving me the opportunity to be your "first" recruiter.

Unfortunately I can not accept that responsibility. Over the years I have had…


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Open invitation for you fellow Skype users - join a new group!

We have the technology to get to know each other much better so I've started a new group - Skype Club!

If you have video equipment and would be intersted in getting to know others face to face please join us!

Skype Club

my account is jerry.albright so add me as a contact.

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Dear LinkedIn - Please lern how to spel

I realize one of the keys to life is to ignore the small stuff.....especially the stuff that has absolutely NOTHING to do with you......but I simply can not overlook this!

The sign in page on LinkedIn has the word "address" spelled incorrectly. They've left off the second "s".

There - so now you know.

Added by Jerry Albright on October 15, 2008 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments


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