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Weed Out the Bad Resumes

When it comes to recruiting the best workers out there, are you truly taking the time to get the top talent?

While the answer to that question is yes for many employers, others will not always spend the needed time and resources to find the brightest workers. In those cases, it is not uncommon for the employer and/or recruiter to have to once again place an ad for…


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Is Your Job Board a Good Recruiting Vehicle?

Running an online job board can be very rewarding, but only if you have a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Unfortunately, data aggregators and social media are expanding the job recruiting market, which is a growing threat for many online job boards.

If you're job board is feeling the pinch, here's what you can do to offer the best online recruiting vehicle…


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Key-in on Getting the Best Recruits

In the game that is known as recruiting, putting yourself out there so that countless job applicants want you as their main go-to recruiter can be both an effort and time-consuming. Then again, isn’t that part of the deal that goes with being a recruiter?

To be the best recruiter possible (whether you work for a recruiting company or run your own), you need to spread…


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Don't Waste Time with Silly Interview Questions

An interview is the meat of the job hunt process.

It's the chance to get to know the person, not just read the resume. It's a chance to see if he or she will be a good fit with the company and mix well with coworkers.

An interview can be the catalyst for more interviews and potentially a job offer or it can be the end before it ever began. Sometimes you can…


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How Much Follow Up Should Recruiters and Applicants Do?

Being a recruiter means dealing with myriad of personalities.

Whether you have worked in the recruiting business for years or decades or you’re just getting your feet wet these days, you undoubtedly will find that some applicants are easy to work with, others on the other hand, not so easy.

With that in mind, keep in mind that most applicants truly just want to…


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Recruiting Red Flags to Avoid

Do you wonder what happens on the other end of your applying process when your CV is in the hands of the recruiter? Would you like to know the secrets of what makes recruiters place certain CVs in the "call for interview" stack and others in the "rejected" pile?

Here's your insider's guide on things that recruiters red flag, and how to replace them with items that…


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How Can You Be the Best and Recruit the Best?

As a recruiter, you assume that you are in charge.

You have all the power, right? You hold the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. You have the client, you have access to the world of candidates, and only you can join the two. In a sense, you're a matchmaker.

But a lot can happen to prevent the perfect match.

As the following article shows, if you are…


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Staying in Touch on the Recruiting Trail

When it comes to the job hunt, text messaging is making life a little easier for recruiters and applicants alike. That's right; texting is quickly becoming the communication method of choice in the competitive job market world.

Here are just a few ways job seekers and hiring managers are taking advantage of text messaging during the recruiting…


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Recruit with a Social Media Edge

A couple of years ago, Facebook partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor and eventually unveiled its own job board.

Trend watching recruiters took notice and companies like Work4Labs, BranchOut and others now actively use and promote the…


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Do You Recruit the Right Individuals the First Time Around?

From a recruiter's perspective, knowing the right way to handle interview individuals after the interview can be tricky.

Some interviewees are needier than others and some can be downright presumptive, assuming they've got the job when in actuality your client may already have chosen someone else. Some of these problems may be avoided by recruiting the right…


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Using SMS to be One of Your Recruiting Tools

Now your company can recruit faster and more efficiently thanks to SMS.

In the past, recruiters had to be part time headhunters, part time spies, sneaking around in pubs and water closets, hoping for just a few moments of privacy with job candidates. So how is SMS changing the playing field? 

Here's why SMS is spot on as a recruitment…


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Find the Right App for the Recruiting Process

Recruiting the right talent is certainly not an exact science.

In many cases, you will hit the nail on the head, delivering the right guy or gal for the position. Other times, however, you will go back and review the process to see where things might have gone wrong.

For many recruiters, any tools that can help make this process more defined and less…


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Recruiting the Healthiest of Employees

As a recruiter, what do you look for in each and every individual that you try and recruit?

For some recruiters, the goal is to get the best educated/most experienced individuals. Others, meantime, look for the ones who not only offer experience and know-how, but also prove to be great communicators. Still others may be searching for those applicants who show the most…


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Why Big Data Can Be Recruitment's Best Friend

Big data, which is commonly measured in terms of volume, velocity and variety, is enticing to many but useful to smaller numbers.

The reason is that the sheer volume of data needs to be tamed and organized in order to deliver tangible and usable information. I

Is your organization focused on big data's bottom line deliverables? Or is your organization seduced…


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Recruit the Best with the Best Benefit Packages

Sometimes the position isn't the only thing that attracts the brightest and most talented recruits.

That's right, your business's benefits package might just be the difference between filling a job opening fast or trudging through the hiring process.

When it comes to new hires, here are just a few reasons why your business should put its employee benefits in…


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Reputation Management on the Job Boards

Finding the right job board is just as important as finding the right job, which is why reputable job boards are so important for recruiters and potential employees.

Whether it's finding a job board with dependable listings or one where employers can seek out ideal candidates, reputation management can help.

Here are just a few ways reputation management is…


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Are Job Boards Worthwhile?

Job boards proclaim the promise of making it easy for both employers and employees to find each other.

When built correctly and maintained, job board websites hold true to that pledge. However, not all job boards are worthwhile the time and effort it takes to post or apply for, a job.

As the following article shows, here are the criteria that will help you…


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Recruiting Those Mastering Social Media

In a world that is influenced increasingly by social media, it should come as little surprise that knowing the ins and outs of social media can pay off handsomely for job seekers.

As it turns out, the benefits are numerous, starting with the help that social media savvy can provide in finding a job, whether the position itself requires any social media skills or…


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Salary or Benefits Which is More Popular?

When it comes to recruiting and keeping employees, employers may wonder about which is more important salary or benefits? Which is more popular, and which is more likely to inspire employee loyalty?

The truth is, when it comes to getting and retaining an employee, salary may play a bigger part, at least in the short term. When it comes to keeping an employee, however,…


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The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

  If you're about to embark on the job-hunting process, it's important to be as upfront and honest as possible with recruiters.

Whether you were let go from your previous job for unsatisfactory performance or you have social media skeletons in the closet, starting a new job with a clean slate is the best way to get the ball rolling.

Here are 5 things you should…


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