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Tragic Actions

Last week my city of St. Petersburg, Florida experienced the shocking loss of Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz and Sgt. Thomas Baitinger in the line of duty. As I passed through the miles-long funeral procession route on Friday, I witnessed hundreds of citizens of all ages, some proudly waving American flags, lining the roads to pay their respects. I could not help but feel a combination of deep sadness for the circumstances and inspired joy at the support shown through the actions of the men, women,… Continue

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Creating Your Own “A” Players by Giving an “A”

Everybody wants them. Every business leader, talent manager and HR executive tries to recruit and hire them. They are the “A” players, the best of the best, the folks who make your company, your department, your division successful and profitable. They are the reason that your shareholders love you. They can save your job.


But what is an “A” player? Most would answer that an “A” player is the best of the best, the cream of the crop, at the top of their game, pretty much an…


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Juicy Job Postings!

Answer me this folks, would you respond to the following personal ad?


“I’m a person. I am looking for a person. This person should be a person and fun. I am fun.”


If you answered yes, then I feel bad for you. There is nothing either informative or enticing about this. The only people who would respond to it are desperate or just as lame. Well,…


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Will the phone ever ring?

I must say I get more phone calls from professional IT staff looking for new opportunities this year than we did last.  I was asked by one why we do not call every single person that applies back.  I thought about it a moment and actually believe that it would be a huge difference between us and other companies if we simply called each and every applicant.  But the time involved with the amount of applicants would pull key staff away from tasks that are essential to the operations.  I looked…


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Having long been an advocate for clear, concise communication, i cringe every time i read or hear anything filled with high sounding, nonsensical bizspeak, jargon and cliches. Throw in acronyms for good measure.  Google the word Jargon and you will find several current and well written articles calling for a cease and desist of the current business jargon.  In fact it has become so boring that there is now jargon for jargon, "A Gong Show".  If you are not old enough to remember the Gong…


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Contracting Helps Companies Find Right "Workforce Mix"

The recession forced many companies to cut their workforces and learn how to get the job done with fewer employees.  According to a January 7 article by the Society for Human Resource Management, titled "2011:Time to Find the Right Workplace Mix," companies now need to examine how they may need to supplement their downsized workforce to meet future needs.

The article recommends that, rather than just hiring blindly, that employers spend some time determining the right "workforce mix"…


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Recession Forces Career Changes

The Great Recession forced many workers to make some hard decisions the past couple of years.  Some had to relocate. Others gave up the job hunt for awhile and returned to school.  

And according to the Human Resources Executive Online article "Job Seekers Change Course," a large number of workers chose to try different career…


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Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 1.22.11 to 1.28.11

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing. This week we’ll be talking about being a rebel or a leader, how to handle rejection, creating your own social recruiting case study, beefing up your job interviews and LinkedIn going public.

Here are the articles our that interested us this week (in no particular order), enjoy!:



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‘Managing Forward’ Series Part II: Advice on Managing Young Professionals

The second part of our ‘Managing Forward’ Series includes Chip’s energetic thoughts of how an organization can flourish by offering internship programs that can focus on adding value for everyone. His advice in our interview will give managers perspective on how a company can increase their benefits through “people development,” and how this helps build a phenomenal reputation.


Our interview with Chip is content heavy, hitting many pointers any manager should…


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15 career-cringing blunders

We’ve blogged about how the IT job market is changing, and hiring managers are becoming very cautious and highly selective with job offers – even for those positions that require high-demand skills. This wasn’t always the case. Back in the 90’s, companies were in short supply of qualified talent, and IT professionals had the luxury of… Continue

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Healthcare Job Growth Skyrockets

Standard economic wisdom says that the real estate industry leads the way out of recession. This time, though, I think the healthcare sector might be taking real estate’s place.

Based on recent numbers, staffing analysts are saying that demand for nurses and other health professionals has increased by almost 50 percent over the previous…


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The Age Old Debate

So we’ve all heard the generational gripes when it comes to finding a job. Each side of the fence thinks that they have it so rough.

Young: “Yo, I don’t have enough experience 2 b considered for a job position, man. I’m so gonna’ be unemployed forever! Not cool! LOL”

Old: “All the experience in the world won’t change…

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Recruiting Animal Ads - Worth $2

PLAY AD - Maureen Sharib - 11 01 26

There's been a big hubub in the news recently about Chinese mothers. They call them Tiger Moms and claim they're too tough on their kids.  But if you're a recruiter, sometimes you need a tiger in your…


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The champion without the championship mindset

Last night I was watching Australian open, the match between my favorite player and arguably the best tennis player of all times Roger Federer taking on the Serbian Novak Djokovic who doesn’t even have half the number of trophies Roger has.


The game started on equal grounds but a few games into the first set Novak started to dominate with his aggressive game. You could tell this guy is not going to give in and roll over just because he is playing the champion and it was this…


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LinkedIn Announces IPO - Interesting LinkedIn Facts!

Today, LinkedIn file their initial intent to for a LinkedIn IPO.


Here are some interesting facts about that came out in the IPO filing:

* LinkedIn will be the first US based Social Networking site to go public.



Added by Jonathan Duarte on January 27, 2011 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

Job boards vs. LinkedIn?

The trend du jour for companies seeking talent appears to move to everything social media.   The social media evangelists are preaching to job seekers and hiring managers that if you’re not using all things social media, job seekers will lose out on their dream jobs and companies will not find top-rate talent. 


Recent articles have spread across the blogosphere stating that companies and job seekers should lean towards LinkedIn and ditch the job boards.  I’m not…


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Make Use of your Talent Network as a new recruiting channel!

First things first!  Let’s define what a Talent Network is.  Here’s my definition:

A Talent Network is the concept of building a collection of candidates that fit job positions that you are consistently hiring for.  These candidates can be housed in a database or Recruiting CRM and will act as a new recruiting channel for you to utilize as new job requisitions open…


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Sometimes I feel like a fireman...

Ahhhhh…..recruiting.  What a life!  Some days I wake up and have so many things to do it’s hard to know where to start first….other days I might watch a movie before starting the day.  My work comes and goes.


Today I kind of feel like a fireman.  You know – always prepared but usually just cleaning equipment.   Making sure everything is in order for when the fire breaks out.  That kind of feeling.


I guess the difference is – I’m not waiting for the call to…


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The Science of Role Models - Jerry Albright Version

If Jerry builds it you will come 

What would Jerry Albright do

if he was here right now?…


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Top 5 Lessons Learned in Career Transition


This is the 3rd recession I have seen as a Recruiter and this by far is the toughest because just when we think things are turning around, jobs still remain elusive. recession job market Given this drawn out recession, there are still some lessons that hold true that I have heard from many successful professionals through periods of unexpected unemployment, career search and career move.

1. Don’t wait until you need people to reach out.  In my view,…


Added by Saundra Lee on January 27, 2011 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

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