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HR, Redefined: The Role of Human Resources Today

What exactly is the role of HR today? The job description of the modern HR professional involves so much more than administrative tasks such as payroll and benefits (although still important — more on that later).

Today’s most impactful HR teams partner with the C-suite to deliver value on both a strategic and operational level. And with the advent of coronavirus and the rapid transformation of the workforce in its wake, this new HR capability has been in high…


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How 2020 Has Rewarded Key Workers

The past year has been difficult for many of us, and is one we don’t want to repeat. This is especially true for key workers across the UK who have led the fight against the coronavirus. According to the ONS, around 33 per cent of the UK workforce were in key worker occupations and industries in 2020.


NHS staff, educational…


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Top 3 Trends in Human Resources Management

We all can agree that 2020 was a year full of challenges for all of us.Covid-19 has created a deep impact on how to work, live, and behave with each other. No one has anticipated the quick changes happening around us.…


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Schedule Job Interview - The Must-Read Guide for Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators

According to Rakuna’s internal research, 67% of respondents confirmed that they often spent from 30 minutes to 2 hours on scheduling interviews. If recruiters or recruiting coordinators have too many interviews every day, this task will certainly consume a lot of their time and energy. Therefore, it is important to find the best way to optimize the interview scheduling process to improve recruiters’ productivity. Let’s dig in to learn the best tips to schedule interviews more…


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20 Must Read Articles for HR Tech Nerds from October 2020

At SelectSoftware Reviews, we strive to stay up-to-date on the newest HR tech vendors, practices and news stories. Oftentimes, that information comes from practitioners in the trenches that share valuable insights through blog posts and articles across the web. 

Once again, we are shining the spotlight onto those thought leaders, content creators, and analysts that created our favorite October reads. With the HR tech landscape constantly shifting and changing, we…


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Intrigued By the Medical Field? 4 Careers You Should Consider

Being in the medical field can be enjoyable. Every day you have a chance to save someone’s life. Sometimes you impact society in extraordinary ways, such as finding a cure for a disease or educating them on healthy living. Whatever your interest is, there is a place for you in the medical field. Here are some careers to consider.




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Why Trade Roles Need More Diversity in 2021

Evidence shows that the view on gender has dramatically shifted in the past 35 years. In 1984, 42 per cent of people said that men are expected to be a family’s breadwinner, further agreeing that women should be the main homemaker in a household. In 2019, only eight per cent of people shared these views.

Gender is only one aspect of diversity and equality that workplaces…


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The Importance of Executive Education For Career Growth

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind the blockages in your career?  

I've seen various people excelling in academics but not yet able to grow in their career despite having exemplary domain-knowledge and extensive work experience. Are you someone facing a similar situation?  

Lack of leadership and cross-functional skills or problem-solving abilities can be some of the reasons behind the hindrances in your…


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5 Ways Employee Handbook Software Are Proving To Be Useful In This Pandemic

The pandemic has made the world realise that workspaces were not made to work with rigorous and non-flexible policies. From remote working and flexible hours to digital communication and new work-life balance,…


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Top 4 Virtual Event Platforms for Your Next Virtual Career Fair

For the event industry, especially career events, 2020 has not been a kind year. Instead of a catastrophic regression, however, the industry has found a new way to thrive. Through the help of virtual event platforms!

Do you know that out of 935 business events professionals, 84% want to learn or develop “designing digital event experiences” to…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!! Lifograph!!

Lifograph is The Wiki of People. Connect with the people and companies you need. Promote your business and skills. As seen in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and Profit TV. Lifograph is not very well known to us in staffing, but can be a good resource for candidates. Well to do this you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old…


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Highs and Lows of HR Tech, October Round-Up

October was an eventful month for HR tech. As more big tech names roll out permanent work-from-home options, HR tech companies are innovating, acquiring and integrating to meet the demands of an increasingly permanent remote workforce. 

Not everything has been smooth sailing, however. Check out our list of highlighted stories from this month to see what pandemic pitfalls have occurred to contrast success stories.  …


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How to Manage Screen-Time When Working from Home

Whether it be increased Microsoft Teams’ meeting, a spike in family Zoom quizzes, or simply just more time spent glued to our mobile phone screens out of boredom, there is no denying that the collective screen time of the nation has grown drastically over the course of the past year.

From the moment we wake up to the second we go to bed we are looking at a screen. Although it’s something we are reluctant to admit, screens for the majority of us are the only constant in our everyday…


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Top Tips for Success in 2021

Making your bed might seem silly — you might think that nobody will see it, it’s a waste of time, or you’ll only be sleeping in it again anyway. But that is a negative outlook, others looking to improve their life might say “absolutely”.

Consider this: do you think that Bill Gates, Alan Sugar, and Mark Zuckerberg wake every morning, don their favorite and most powerful suit, and leave their bedroom with an unmade,…


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How Technology Has Helped The Low-Touch Economy

Many industries have had to quickly adapt to new operational guidelines due to the coronavirus outbreak completely changing the economy and the way we live our lives. Many professions that the public took for granted were prevented from operating under their normal circumstances. 

However, innovation is at the forefront of our economy and technological and operational advancements have allowed for these goals to continue and strengthen the base of their sector. The low-touch economy…


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Different Types of Pre-Employment Tests to Boost Remote Hiring

Job interviews have gone completely virtual because of the pandemic. As a result, it’s become difficult to see how well a candidate fits with your company.

While video interviewing software has stepped up its game to make the hiring process easier for both hiring managers and talent, you might still miss a few key predictors about…


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CRM: What a Modern Recruiter Must Know to Win Over Candidates

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our economy, unemployment in the U.S. has shot up to 8.4% as of August 2020. Recruiters are put in a tricky dilemma, as they have to be extra picky. When many people are unemployed, the number of job…

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4 Active Job Options That Give You a Chance to Help People Every Day

For some people, sitting behind a desk is a boring and dull way to make a living. If you crave a more active job that also allows you to take pride from helping others, there are several career paths that may be a good fit for you. Here are four of the top job options that will…


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5 Body Language Tips for Better Customer Care

Your customers matter to you and one way a customer will get an impression of your business is through your customer service. In brick and mortar stores, body language and verbal communications are two of the most important tools your employees have. But did you know that body language may have bigger influence over…


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Eliminate Your Bad Quarantine Habits Before Returning to the Office

Countless months of lonesome coffees and daily commutes which require rolling out of bed, slipping into our comfiest attire, and opening our laptop lid. Lockdown has forced us to become accustomed to a new way of life recently. Some of us adapted quickly, whereas others found it more of a struggle. 


Although we hoped 2021 would be different, so far, the…


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