March 2022 Blog Posts (25)

How The Electric Car Industry Is Helping Commuters Save Money

 Thinking of buying an electric car? Great choice. Electric cars are environmentally friendly, provide an improved driving experience, and have lower running costs. It’s fair to say that they are the future of our mobility.

But how much does it actually cost to buy and run an EV, and how does that compare to petrol and diesel fuelled cars?

Here is a breakdown of the most common electric car expenses and how to minimise them.

Buying price

It’s a well-known fact…


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The perfect interview outfit — a graduate guide

It’s super stressful when you’re an upcoming graduate. Juggling late nights at the library for revision, spending hours meeting that 10,000-word target for your dissertation, and trying to find a job to walk into after graduation can get a bit too much. Not to mention that part-time job and trying to have some sort of a social life. When you eventually get invited to an interview, they are often with short notice and come around quickly — leaving you with little time to decide what…


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Wellbeing Balance: How Managers Can Look After Their Own Mental Health

Focus on employees’ wellbeing is often at the forefront of forward-thinking, caring businesses. In fact, as company owners or managers, you have a duty to ensure that your team is comfortable. Not only is this vital for their own physical and mental health, but it can also help uplift the productivity and efficiency of the business too.

However, it is common for people in a higher position of responsibility to forget or neglect their own wellbeing. This shouldn’t happen, as it is…


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The Challenges of Solo Shifts: How to Limit Loneliness at Work

Setting up a new business and embarking on a solo adventure can be truly exciting. You are fully independent and can often manage your working day in a personalised way that best suits your tasks and needs. But, as the saying goes, “not all that glitters is gold”.

In the long term, spending continuous hours working by yourself can become rather challenging. Even if you work for a company, but your role requires you to carry out your duties alone, the situation can be difficult to…


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Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Use HR Software in Your Business

Small and medium businesses tend to think they don't need to invest in technology and integrate digital systems. Yet, companies, regardless of how big they are, require all available help to speed up their processes and get the best results.

If you want to update yourself with trends, accelerate your hiring, and improve efficiency, that’s already a reason to use HR software. Its tools will make paperwork a matter…


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15+ Diversity and Inclusion Statistics To Transform Your Diversity Recruitment Strategy

Is your company investing enough in diversity? Well, with the new recruiting season quickly approaching, every company should know best practices of diversity recruiting to attract top talent.

Diversity is one trend that companies need to embrace in 2020. The evidence of the positive impact…


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The big T word, the Transition from Military to Civilian!!!

For those transitioning out of the military into the civilian world, it may be very stressful and downright scary. How do you take all you learned and accomplished, done and transfer it to a civilian occupation. It is tough and very daunting, but it can be done. I am ex-military and I did…


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Top Practitioners Solve For Diversity in Campus Recruiting

At this point we’d like to think that the value of diversity is a given. Not only is creating a diverse workforce in your company the right thing to do, it’s also a proven benefit to business overall. Making diverse hires is both socially valuable and profitable - a more diverse workforce means a more adaptable company, a more diverse marketing department means you can get your message into a vast array of communities much easier, and…


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Women Get Things Done: The Rapid Rise of Female Tradespeople

There is no hiding that, until not too long ago, a faulty sink or a toilet that wouldn’t flush would have led to three certain steps: assess the situation, phone a plumber, and welcome an experienced man with wrenches and hydraulic probes.

Hands-on trades have historically been dominated by male workers. However, as the years go by, this once-unsurmountable gender gap is slowly narrowing and softening. With an increasing demand for skilled workers in the industry and an array of…


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Jobs Of The Future: How TikTokers Are Turning Their Talents into Full-Time Jobs

TikTok is the social media platform that has taken the world by storm. Its growth is seriously impressive when compared to other social giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In 2021, TikTok was the most popular app in the world, with 656 million people downloading the music, dance, and video platform on their devices.


While some people love…


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Accelerate Time to Hire: 4 Solutions for Vetting Technical Talent

Your company is expected to move more quickly than ever before in order to remain ahead of your competitors. With countless priorities to juggle, allocating time to source, onboard, build and scale an engineering team that will get you where you need to go can feel like a daunting project. Add in the fact that the current market is extremely volatile and your challenges have increased by a quantum factor. 

The state of the hiring market, especially when it comes to recruiting software…


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The Black Hole, that is the Hiring Manager(HM)!!

The Black Hole, that is the Hiring Manager(HM)!!

We have all been through it. Sending resume upon resume, screen upon screen, over to the HM, only to have them disappear, never to be heard from again. Seemingly lost in some black hole. The question is what to…


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Best Practices For The Next Tech-Driven Graduate Student Recruitment: Where Should New-Age Recruiters Focus On First?

How is big data changing your campus recruiting strategy?

Tech-driven big data approach is revolutionizing how we do business and analyze data. It is a major theme in nearly every industry today. New-age recruiters who know how to harness the limitless possibilities and the best practices of big data can take out the…


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Woman Power in the Workplace: How to Support Your Fellow Female Employees

There is no denying that, in the world of work, women are often brushed aside in favour of their male colleagues. In fact, it is fair to say that female workers can find it difficult to climb the ladder and fill top-level positions due to no fault of their own. Ultimately, companies are missing out on strong assets and on valuable qualities that would truly let the business grow.

As a woman in a senior role, you can play your part in reversing this negative trend and assisting your…


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06 ROI Metrics for Evaluating Recruiting Performances

One of the most important questions to ask when embarking on any recruiting initiative is, “How do we measure our return on investment?” If you’re going to make your recruitment program the best it can be, you need concrete, measureable goals and solid data that shows whether you’re meeting them. Whether a recruiting drive ultimately exceeds expectations or has a lackluster result, the resulting information can make future recruitment efforts far more effective.

Now how do you measure…


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Little words that can change the way we communicate!!!

There have been numerous books written on the subject of communication. One of the best is "Conscious Business" by Fred Kofman. I am reading this book now, but have read numerous others on the subject. The one thing that sticks in my mind has been how the littlest words, can have the biggest impact on…


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The Best Ways to keep employees motivated at work 2022

Employee retention is a primary goal for almost any company, and it's easy to see why: losing people means losing important assets and institutional knowledge, as well as reduced productivity and morale among remaining team members.

  • Almost 70 percent of firms believe that the attrition rate has a detrimental effect because of the costs of recruiting, employing, and training a new employee, as well as the overtime work required of current employees until the company can fill the…

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Modernizing Campus Recruiting - Insights From Top TA Leaders

To recruit millennials, you must lean heavily on early adoption of technology. Not only will new technologies make recruiting departments more efficient, but company representatives need to understand the technologies used by the generation/s they are trying to recruit. What does this mean for how we hire from universities? What practices should universities eliminate? What practices should employers adopt? How can campus…


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Sustainable Jobs: The Environment Takes Priority.

2020 was a disaster for businesses across the UK, however we are seeing signs of recovery. With this in mind, public and private sector organisations are looking towards the challenges of the future with pragmatism.


The reliance on our outdoor public spaces during lockdown has emphasised the need for a strong environment. Organisations are looking to improve society and nature with ethical and sustainable practices. In fact, the UN predicts that…


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HR careers: What is next for HR professionals?

Human resource management (HRM) encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including, but not limited to, hiring, coaching, managing, and ensuring employee growth. The department is focused on achieving the organizational goals through employing the right individuals who meet the company's culture, values, criteria, and vision. They also try to provide a safe, healthy, stress-free, challenging, and credible work environment for their employees, as well as to assist them in achieving their…


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