June 2016 Blog Posts (105)

Our Independence Day!!

The 4th of July is a huge date in the history of our country. It is the day we became a free, new nation, it is the date we adopted the “Declaration of Independence”. IT is a date that we as Americans should hold sacred, because it is the date when we actually became Americans. While we celebrate this huge event and date lets also remember those that…


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HireClix Launches Strategic Consulting Services

So, first off: let me say that working at HireClix is like working with a bunch of people you love, all of whom just want to make recruitment marketing better.

Wait: it's not like that. It is that.

Recruitment marketing thunder-buddies for life.

Thing is, we decided it was time to start talking more publicly about the…


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How To Recruit On LinkedIn

How To Recruit On LinkedIn, Fast, Without Breaking The Bank

Recently I discussed the slowdown in tech hiring, which is already reflected in today’s…


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Talent42 2016!!!! Day 1 “The Afternoon”

This is my account of Day 1 “The Afternoon” of Talent 42 2016.

Right after lunch we were back at it with a QA moderated by John V. and with Lisa Nakashohi of Oculus, Annie Rihn of Zillow and Jennifer Boulanger of Booking.com.

Some good stuff came out of it mostly how each company handles recruiting. It was great to hear the different…


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Attracting Millennials & Gen Z with Mobile Recruiting

Over the last decade, smartphones have become an ever more important part of people’s lives. According to Pew's research in 2015, 68% of Americans owned a smartphone, with that number rising to 86% among those ages 18 - 29. And digital-savvy Millennials & Gen Z now seek the convenience of completing most tasks on their mobile devices that more than a few would feel naked without one. 



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Hiring @Hotjar—How constant optimizations result in a genius hiring process

Back in 2014, David Darmanin was frustrated with a lack of an all-in-one, affordable CRO (conversion rate optimization) solution. So he brought a team together to build that dream tool. The result is Hotjar. By now, Hotjar has gained worldwide traction and “staked its claim on the future of CRO,” …


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So you want to address the gender thing

It starts at the top!

This is a tough subject for me to wrap my head around because, while I understand that there is a wage gap, and gender diversity is an issue in some companies (especially in the executive ranks and corporate board seats) I have only encountered it once in my career.  I do, however, regularly…


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Why You Need to Stop Hiring with Cookie Cutter Competencies

This post is inspired by a chance meeting with a fellow HR practitioner and the conversation that followed.

 It was a few Tuesdays ago, 10.30am. I was sitting in my favourite coffee shop, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi and their not free, but delicious nonetheless, coffee.

 I glanced up from my lap top to see ‘X’, whom I hadn’t seen for a…


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The redesigned LIR (LinkedIn Recruiter) breaks Boolean search syntax - and you need to know how

If you use LinkedIn Recruiter (LIR) and have upgraded to the long-awaited new User Interface and Search - have you noticed that previously working searches no longer produce the expected results? The idea behind the redesign was to provide suggestions - for example, for job titles. It's a good idea and should be of help, but...

Let me outline what has happened around the…


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4 Secrets to Attracting the Best Talent for Your Startup

When starting a new company, you may have limited resources to attract talent. However, this doesn't mean that you can't get good people to work for you. What can you do to get top talent to join your organization even if you can't necessarily pay them top dollar?

Offer Stock

Offering shares of stock today or stock options that can be exercised in the…


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On the Hunt - Become the Perfect Candidate for Any Job

In today’s job market, it’s important to make sure that you stand out from the pack. The competition for most jobs is fierce, but there are a few items you can control to make sure that you’re the right candidate for any job.

Get Your Resume Right

It’s likely that your resume will be the first impression that you give to prospective employers. Tiny…


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Any Recruiters want to do a split on 6 python jobs?

I am looking to do a split for 6 python jobs in NYC

Sr. SW Engineer (to 150k)

SW Engieer (to 125k)

18% fee. Located in NYC. No H-1's 



- Solid high-level (you gotta love python!) experience with Python

- They love tornado but if you have Django, its ok too!!! :)

- You’ve architected, designed and built durable, distributed systems

- Deep…


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DIY Shoestring Resume Archive with Full Boolean Search

There are a lot of small companies and small recruiting firms out there trying to recruit talent, but don’t have the resources or money for expensive applications.  I know that often the challenge is to get by with very little.

However, one of the most valuable assets for a recruiting function is the resumes we have on file (our resume archive).  These resumes might be from applicants to specific jobs or just people who have been sourced by the recruiter. …


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The Missing Ingredient in Passive Candidate Recruiting

While every recruiter has their own take on the “recipe for success” when it comes to recruiting passive candidates, the basic ingredients remain the same:

  • clever email subject line
  • personalization
  • concise, informative content
  • persistent follow-ups
  • identifying common connections
  • building value and highlighting benefits

All of the above are great…


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WhatsApp Group Chat - How HRs can influence business decision making and your experience

We’ve talked about a lot of things but never once on whether HRs can influence business decision making.  If I was being completely honest not once has this topic struck me until now, all thanks to our members who make these discussions interesting thus ensuring that we remain updated with the current trends in the Talent Acquisition Industry that we’re all passionate about. 

I’m sure that your too are just as excited to learn what we uncovered during our weekly…


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New Tools To Accommodate Millennials- Part 1

Among all the other generations, Millennials are the most researched generation till now. According to the 2015 U.S. Census report, there are 83.1 million millennials in the United States alone and represent more than one quarter of the nation’s population.…


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Long Term Benefits Of Implementing Corporate Training Program

Corporate training program for working professionals has assumed paramount importance in today’s corporate world. The training process improves the proficiency of employees and ultimately helps the company zip ahead on the corporate path. With the growing popularity of this training program now maximum employers are looking for…


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5 Ways The Medical Industry Can Improve Job Satisfaction

Morale in the medical industry is currently at an all time low. The malaise isn’t solely confined to the ranks of the junior doctors and nursing staff either. Once revered by society, physicians…


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Are There Side-Effects In The Garcinia Cambodia Supplements For Weight Loss?

This is indeed an excellent question. We all know that, losing weight can be quite difficult and using a weight loss supplement is a common solution. Now, the garcinia Cambodia is considered to be one of the most notorious supplements out there. That means that, if you're trying to lose weight and you are thinking about using a weight loss supplement that you are most likely going to go through the garcinia gamble you.

Every supplement could have…


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TLS Continuum Part 53: What m I supposed to do?

You are a member of management of your organization and you have an employee who Is not performing to the level that the organization requires, so what do you do? If you re like many managers your immediate response is to talk to the employee about how to change their work habits in order to achieve your goal.

I recently attended a meeting of the local SHRM chapter in which the presenter made the point that management coaching is not what we think it is. It was an interesting…


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