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Airline Pilot Recruitment and Interviews

Airline Pilot Interviews

By Jason Robinson

Globally, airline pilot recruitment this year is expected to be tight with large numbers of qualified pilots competing for the limited positions.

In the past pilot candidates with the highest qualifications were best placed for the job offer. This is no longer the case. With the introduction of behavioral based interviews, younger better prepared pilots are filling the right seat.

Behavioral interviewing is based on the…


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Spark of the Recruiter Civil War: The Pricing Paradox of Huge Fees

A New Recruiting Paradigm Emerges | | @techstardust | innovation leader, recruiting veteran, and advisor | Transforming Talent Acquisition | #recruitingwars

Spark of the Recruiter Civil War: Fooling, Fees, & Paradox Pricing

In the world of recruiting and…


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The New Face of Veteran Community!!!

This blog was written with Marvin Smith the “godfather of Talent communities” and my coworker at Lockheed Martin. I am honored to work with, know and count Marvin as one of my friends.

 At Lockheed Martin, we’re driven by a sense of purpose and a passion for innovation to solve some of the world’s most difficult challenges. This post on our…


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Hello-Goodbye: Cutting An Interview Short

This post was originally published on the CareerPlug Blog

Tomorrow one of the busiest hiring seasons begins.  January – the time of new beginnings and that means new job seekers and…


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A Recruiter’s Guide to Social Media Monitoring

The field of recruiting is a diver’s profession; recruiters are needed in every aspect of the company, no matter which field, be it a System Admin, Sales and Marketing Executive etc. All of these job profiles require individuals of calibre and that too having varying skills – sets specific to the job profile.

With everything going online, recruiters need to…


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7 Sourcing Tools from 7 Sourcing Pros

As the year winds down, it’s typically a time of reflection. You spend the months of November and December looking at performance for the past year, spreadsheets and sitting in budget meetings that never end but even with all that planning, it’s hard to feel like you’re doing something new or better to make the next year’s performance better than the last. There’s only so…


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How These 3 Fictional Bosses Use Team Alignment Tools

Believe it or not, writing about psychometric testing can get pretty heavy. In the interest of keeping things light around here, let’s talk about big screen (and TV) bosses (and psychometric testing)! The idea is that any leader, in any industry, of any size can use employee assessment tools to recruit better, lead better and build better teams. Here’s how that would happen in a magazine HQ, a TV land paper company and private investigator…


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4 Recruiting Trends to Watch in the New Year

The race to recruit top talent is more difficult than ever. Competition is fierce, budgets are small, and qualified candidates are hard to find.

But staying on top of industry trends can help you beat out the competition.

Here are the top recruiting trends that will continue to impact hiring in 2015.…


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Reputation Management on the Job Boards

Finding the right job board is just as important as finding the right job, which is why reputable job boards are so important for recruiters and potential employees.

Whether it's finding a job board with dependable listings or one where employers can seek out ideal candidates, reputation management can help.

Here are just a few ways reputation management is…


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How Can You Build Your Career As A Reseller In Retail Digital Signage?

Are you still in a dilemma regarding your career? While some of your friends have decided to opt for graphic design and some of them are learning web development, are you looking for a different career? If yes, then you can build your career as a reseller in the retail signage sector. Nowadays, all the retailers are switching from the print media to the digital in-store experiences. Profit can be huge for your organization if you sell the digital products…


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5 Keys for Building Effective Talent Pools

Are you tired of encountering inadequate and irrelevant candidates? Fed up of the goose chase? Wondering where to find those had to get applicants, well you just described the story of most recruiters.   

For a recruiter sourcing candidates is a cumbersome task even with the latest developments in popular Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…


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The Stardust Equation™: When the illusion of talent becomes reality

A New Recruiting Paradigm Emerges | | @techstardust | innovation leader, recruiting veteran, and advisor | Transforming Talent Acquisition

The Stardust Equation: When illusion becomes reality

Value (V) is realized (R) and popularized in a person or thing when we manifest it and apply it in a…


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Reflecting on Your Hiring in 2014

With 2015 only a few days away, many of us are partaking in the traditions of reflection and resolution.  Personally we may reflect upon the major events in our life over the past 12 months – a big move, a new job, an amazing vacation.  But we also inevitably reflect on what we’d like to change and turn that into our resolutions – to…


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The New, Essential Quality To Look For While Hiring

The Vineyard Vines owners are  quintessential dorky white guys, and they own it. Credit: Vineyard Vines

How can Vineyard Vines get away with charging $38 for a shirt with a whale on it, when there’s something on …


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The Year to Come

Given that how we invest our attention, time, and energy each day is a choice, I offer the following Wintripisms as suggestions for the coming year:

  • Those who pay the least demand the most. So, when choosing customers in 2015 pick the best so you can leave the rest.
  • Avoid implementing permanent solutions to temporary problems. It’s a great way to avoid regrets later.
  • If you want…

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More than Money: Simple Perks Can Make Great Employers Stand Out

It can be tempting to dismiss the glowing praise of those who work at great employers in technology and other fields flush with cash. After all, what’s not to like about free smoothie stations, unlimited time off, Cadillac health plans and the other accoutrements of organizations that seem to spare no expense in attracting talent? But dig deeper, and you’ll find that some of the…


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How to Improve your Business Visibility?

If you thought that boosting the visibility of a business is different, you are partially right. Principles that aid professional visibility can also be applied here but with a few tweaks. Doesn’t this make the task easier? Well let’s see if it does.

So if you’re wondering whether the Business visibility that is fostered on social media like LinkedIn is similar to one’s LinkedIn profile ranking then read on. The answers to questions like how is one’s LinkedIn profile ranking or…


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Social Recruiting Wrap Up 2014

I’m not a big fan of the holidays or lists for that matter, but I had a bit of a Grinch heart growing moment this morning looking back on some of the best social recruiting posts on RecruitingDaily and RecruitingBlogs in 2014 - articles that I missed, and I’m sure some you overlooked too.

So, rather than keeping all of this to myself, I pulled some of my favorites…


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How to use Blogs for Recruiting?

Recruiters haven’t used Blogs as extensively as Social media like ‘LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for scouting talented individuals. This is because they are either not aware or sure of its effectiveness as a tool for recruiting, even though Blogging has been around for quite a while. So let’s address its effectiveness through this discussion.

In order to get the…


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A Recruiter's Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and somewhere online

A recruiter was puzzling over which webpage to mine

With visions of revenues and managers content

This recruiter was no ordinary Clark Kent

Dark horn-rimmed glasses covered his eyes

He was better than any of the CIA’s spies

His fingers were dancing on his silent keyboard

Looking for…


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