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10 Habits of Highly Incompetent People

We’ve all read of the best habits of highly successful people.  However what bothers me the most is the incompetence that we experience on a day to-day basis.  Many like to blame it on a generation and attribute it to a case of entitlement.  I on the contrary believe otherwise.  In my everyday work I come across several of those regardless of the generation.  Here are the 10 most annoying habits.…


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Advanced Nurses: How to Take Your Healthcare Career to the Next Level

To work as a registered nurse in any state in the United States, you must have a nursing degree and a valid license. This requires taking the NCLEX and passing a criminal background check, which involves going to the police station and submitting your fingerprints for testing. Once you have your license, you can find work in a hospital, private office, community…


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Career Nurses: Why You Should Go from an RN to an MSN

If you are a registered nurse, you might not have thought about going to school for anything else. However, pursuing your Master's degree can be a wise decision. These are a few reasons why this can be a good idea.

Qualify for More Job Opportunities

Finding a job in the nursing field can be easier than with many other fields, but this…


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The Business Of College Recruiting

Earlier the college or university was seen as a platform that assisted students in acquiring education in the chosen filed and get degrees. But most students will not even think about wasting so much time in studies if there was any other simpler way to get a job. The more education and professional skill you acquire, the more will be your chances of bagging a profitable job. So, the campus is no longer seen as a carefree space, where the pupils come to achieve educational feats and have a…


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Re-Setting The Bar

The other day I heard about a friend of a friend who had been out of work. This was a company move and layoff because of the move. No fault of the employee, and by all indications a pretty talented guy.

Regardless of the talent, he’s been looking and hasn’t found anything for about six months. He is an experienced candidate and he interviewed recently for an entry level role. Not the right fit. The company is interested in him and willing to hire him at the entry level or near entry…


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HR Tools: The List of Best HR Software by Type

This ultimate list of best HR software by type offers an overview of various HR software available on the market. It will help you comprehend all the different aspects and solutions HR tools can provide so you can identify the one that best suits your…


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Tools You Need To Know, If You Are An HR

Each hiring specialist of an association has their own particular interesting and unmistakable method for enlisting competitors. Their traps enable the organization to procure the best person, who might enable it to go ahead the best. Be that as it may, the hiring procedure isn't as simple as it would seem that. The spotter needs to experience so much, and it expands…


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7 simple tricks to stay in the zone

Between the funny GIFs and the Facebook notifications that keep popping up, it’s hard to get into the work zone these days. Getting your flow requires that you activate the subconscious part of your brain and concentrate. But for most people, this doesn’t happen easily.

It's said that our concentration levels are…


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Computing Tomorrow: How a Master's in Computer Science Can Help You be an Innovator of Tomorrow

What influences your cell phones to do every one of the things they do? What's going on underneath the screen, and who builds up these inventive thoughts and makes sense of how to get them going so easily for the client? Concocting bright thoughts that have never been done and making sense of how to outfit the unpredictable technology to get them going, are the…


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Prepare for these Information Security Threats in 2018

Hackers are always on the prowl for sensitive business data. Current forecasts of information security threats suggest that data breaches and cybercrime will continue to menace enterprises large and small throughout 2018. Worse still, cybercriminal tactics are evolving in consequential and ingenious ways that …


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How has the introduction of the National Living Wage affected the catering industry?

As of April 1st 2016, UK employers are legally obliged to pay staff who are over the age of 25 a minimum National Living Wage. The hourly rate was set at £7.50 for all employees aged 25 and over, a 30p increase on the previous £7.20 hourly rate. The National Minimum Wage still applies to workers who are aged 24 and under.

However, an increase in minimum wage for staff has and will continue to increase costs for companies across the UK who legally need to pay their employees…


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Sourcing Methodology Part 4 – Enhancement!!

This is part 4 of the Methodology, Enhancement. In part 3 we talked about Scraping, now that we have that done it’s time to Enhance the results.

For the purposes of this methodology Enhancement means finding more info, such as; emails, phone, social sites, etc.

Obviously, there are many methods to enhancement. For example a boolean string “persons name”…


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How Layoffs Affect Glassdoor Reviews

It’s a feeling like no other. After months of meetings, projections, and gut-wrenching stress, the decision has been made: your company needs to lay people off. You sit in with the managers as one by one, employees are given the hard news, watching them try to keep a brave face as their world shatters.

Layoffs suck. Whether the people you’re laying off are in the office next door or across the country, the results are the same: your company’s decision is taking away somebody…


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The Ultimate Writing Guide for Grads: Resume Without Experience

Upon graduation, looking for work is the next step. For many, lack of work experience becomes a blockade as many companies will hire a person with work experience and a degree over a fresh graduate. When an employer seeks to fill a position, they require…


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Career Outlook For Virtual Assistants

by Chuck Breckenridge | January 21, 2018

career outook

Industry career outlook predictions aren’t developed yet for the Virtual Assistance industry.

I’m not sure if that is because it’s a new field or because the tasks done by VA’s are as varied as the VA’s themselves. One has to examine similar…


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Navigate your Start-up's Burn Rate Life Cycle

The most challenging obstacle every new company must face in its life cycle: managing its spending to create a consistent, growing generation of revenue. At each level of a start-up’s life, from growth and development to each Series of VC funding and final maturity, new companies face a unique set of financial and personnel challenges. This balancing act of…


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Association X-Ray 9-Step "Plan of Attack"

Association sites are an excellent source of professional and contact information. Are you familiar with associations in your industry? Finding them is as easy as Googling for <industry name> <location name> association.

How would you research an unfamiliar association site? When I research an association site, I am interested in pages with lists of members and in contact information (that will let me look up additional…


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This Startup Helps You Test Software Candidates for Almost Any Language

Nathan Doctor and Jake Hoffner are the co-founders of Qualified.io a software developer assessment tool. I spoke with them by phone recently on the latest episode of the RecTech Podcast series. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes, Google Play, …


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How working for yourself can actually be less risky than changing jobs.

Since setting up Davidson Gray to invest in and support recruitment business start-ups, I must have had hundreds of conversations with recruiters considering working for themselves. The biggest reason by far most recruiters settle for a new job rather than setting up, is the desire for security.

However is moving jobs really more secure?

Statistically, 4 out of 5 new recruitment business start-ups don’t last beyond 2 years,…


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Robots/AI Will Not Take Over Recruiting

Imagine a Future where Robots own every aspect of the Recruiting/Staffing process, where the Robots drive down the cost of staffing such that no human recruiter exists ever again.  Imagine where Artificial Intelligence in a reality like Sky Net is scratching the surface of ingenuity such that sourcing, screening, recruiting, offers, and closing all are filtered by Machines. …


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