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New interactive recruitment salary survey launched


Scott Recruitment's innovative 'Recruitment Salary' site is a free salary comparison resource where Australian recruitment and HR industry professionals share salary data to help them ascertain what people in the local recruitment and HR profession are really earning.

The site works on…


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Interview tips for the summer job search

Ok, it’s officially summer and the 4th of July is coming (my favorite holiday if you were wondering...LFOD baby!). The sun is finally out and vacations are starting actually happen. Alas, the summer is also one of the hardest times of the year to network and get a job. All those things we love about the summer make finding a job slow and painstakingly annoying as things get rescheduled and pushed out to make sure the whole team is around. With that, before I go on my vacation....I give you a… Continue

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Recruiting Awards Need Change...

Every year The Redhead (my wife) watches The Oscars. She loves to see celebrities walk on the red carpet, check out the expensive jewelry or clothing, enjoy the faces of the winners and hear them give the rushed acceptance speeches. We as viewers are always shown the top handful of contenders for each award just before the envelope is ripped apart and the winner's name (or…


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A look into a perfect recruiting world!

You ever wonder what recruiting would look like in a perfect world?  What your recruitment strategy and process would be if you didn't have supply or demand problems in your recruitment funnel?


I have and here is what I think of when I visualize the steps of a perfect recruitment marketing process:


1. Job Opening: First and…


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Partnerships in the Recruiting Industry can creating a winning dynamic or spell certain disaster. Before jumping into any form a business partnership consider the following thoughts:


SHARE THE SAME VISION ~ For any partnership to be successful, everyone  involved must agree on the same strategic direction of the company. If…


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Overcoming Challenges as a New Recruiter

After many years in the world of recruiting, it is easy to forget how tough it was to get started. 

Making that 1st call, negotiating pay rates, people not showing up for interviews, people turning down offers, & of course finally - your 1st placement!  Starting out on the rightpath can help the road be a little less bumpy……

The 1stcall: Making that 1st call can be intimidating.  I’ve seen lots of new…


Added by JoAnn Carlin-Revesz on June 29, 2011 at 2:53pm — 4 Comments

Recently Updated Profiles

It's quite interesting! LinkedIn keeps organizing more data and taking it out of the Deep Web.

Check it out:

Recently Updated Profiles

(Guess who is likely to update their LinkedIn profiles.)

In your results check on the cached pages.



P.S. This is the previous set of data. Want to view all job titles with a…


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Pros & Cons of Non-Exempt & Contract Pay


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Why Do Your Customers Trust You?

If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  - Abraham Lincoln

One of our local business newspapers,… Continue

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Growth, Jobs and Tax Rates

I just happened to be surfing business news on the Washington Post when I spotted a headline about tax rates and job creation in one graph.  That led to two articles: The Myth of the Lower Marginal Tax Rates, and Rich…


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Be a Better Recruiter: Be Altruistic

I believe everything happens for a reason. That being said, my flight left that afternoon, my wife Kaella and I were off to New York (my first time). When the airplane lifted from the runway and Justin Beiber’s Never Say Never started playing, I thought, “…everything… Continue

Added by Erin Wilson on June 29, 2011 at 11:34am — 7 Comments

10 Innovative Ways to Generate Recruiting Blog Posts (without a lot of work)

Candidates and clients are attracted to recruiters who are experts in both the recruiting industry and their niche.  Blogging is an excellent platform for recruiters to generate thought leadership, and demonstrate their expertise .  However, it can be intimidating to come up with a monthly, weekly, or even daily post.


Are you a recruiter who wants to start blogging, but is afraid of running out of ideas?  Don’t be.  Writing blog posts does not have to be a lot of work.  There…


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Hiring Demand over the Past 90 Days is up 68% at Computerworld’s Top Places for IT Workers

In June, Computerworld announced their list of the Top 100 Places to Work in IT for 2011.  We took a look at hiring demand, trends, and new jobs generated for IT and Computer Programming professionals at Computerworld’s top 10 companies over the past 90 days.


Computerworld’s Top 10 Companies to Work in IT in 2011 …


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The Contract Recruiter Landscape in Canada

The other day the Granite team was discussing the recruiting landscape, contractor rates and the ”transparent” relationship that we have with our clients. It dawned on us that we should be sharing these transparencies with our networks to help manage your expectations.

For those of you thinking about become “contractors” and those of you contemplating a “contractor” recruiter in your organization, here’s a quick snapshot of the recruiter landscape.

  • Contract recruiters are…

Added by Granite Consulting on June 29, 2011 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

Automate Recruiting Processes and Stay Ahead of your Competition

Recruiters and hiring managers spend a lot of time to source resumes and extract resumes. Generally when you search for resumes in search engines, you get a lot of results. Along with the resumes, the search results also contain other unwanted information. So, to pick only the resumes from the search results, you need to manually click each result and check whether it is a resume or not, and then segregate the resumes alone from the search results. This is a time-consuming and tiresome…


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10 More Tips for Getting a Staffing Contract with an HR Gatekeeper

Like most sequels, this is not as good as the original, but I hope this is a better sequel than Revenge of the Nerds II Please read #4 first if you are pressed for time.


1. Cold Calls on Voicemail. Keep the pitch short. Find out the delete # in my system and say "Don't hit the 9 key! My friend Julie is a top notch SharePoint developer and asked me contact you about yesterday's posting. I'm Julie Carr with Blobert Blaf Blechnology (or any company that just…


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Mr. Candidate, help me help you.

You want a job.  I want an employee.  Why is it so hard for us to get together?

As an agency recruiter, life was pretty simple.  Develop some strong relationships, get some job orders, go hunting for qualified candidates.  If they were “passive”, make them “active” (heh).  Move them through the process and close the deal.  Wake up the next day and do it again. 

Enter the damn Applicant Tracking System.              

Keep in mind I started recruiting back when there was…


Added by Amy Ala Miller on June 28, 2011 at 8:17pm — 4 Comments

How do you Become The Best….

Six words which form what I think is one of the great un-answered questions of all time. Others have tried, come close or failed to attain the brassiest of brass rings—and that is to discover how one becomes the best!!

Is it a course or an educational module? Is it something found with style, a trendy newspaper, or the tabloids? Is it an expression? or possibly a frame of mind? Could be…any or all of the above plus other thoughts not yet expressed. Or it could be none of the above… Continue

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Dress for Success

Dressing professionally is one step to getting promoted


Getting ahead in the workplace comes down to many different factors. Your skills and values you bring to the job are of the upmost importance. If you can’t deliver in your job it doesn’t matter how nice you are as the company won’t want to keep you on their payroll. There are,…


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SmartSearch® partners with Kineticom on integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

Industry leading recruiting business solution teams up with award-winning technical talent firm on exchange of staffing data to HRIS/Payroll

Oceanside, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2011

Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch®, an industry-leading recruiting business software solution, has partnered with Kineticom to develop a custom integration that facilitates the flow of critical staffing information from SmartSearch into Microsoft Dynamics GP (GreatPlains)… Continue

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