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Hitting The Target: Using Professional Associations To Create A Staffing Competitive Advantage: Part II

Hitting the Target with Professional Associations in Recruiting/Staffing is a way that Talent Acquisition can create a Competitive Advantage in Sourcing and Talent Attraction.  In this series I study this marketplace and how it is going to have an impact in the future and how to effectively engage, build value and employer brand with these organizations.  The next Topic in…


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TLS Continuum Part 67: Question for the day - Transactional or Transformational

If we look back in time, we find that whether you call it HR or personnel it has always it seems been our job to put out fires. It has always been our job to be the go to person when a problem needs to be resolved. That means that we respond to a given issue, at a given time, in a given space. This means that we are transactional in nature. defines transactional as the process of carrying on or conducting (business, negotiations, activities etc.) to a conclusion or settlement.…


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How to Choose the Right Student Nurse Scheduling Software

A hospital has a huge amount of demands on its time and resources. One of the biggest issues all hospitals face is having the right number and quality of staff available to ensure the best possible care is offered to every patient. In fact, this can be extremely difficult to achieve successfully. Hospitals generally have extremely limited budgets, which have to be used to get the best possible staff; the focus of this is surgeons, consultants and experienced, qualified doctors. While nurses…


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Why HR & Recruitment Will Always Be One

A few years ago, when I first started writing here at Recruiting Blogs I must admit one of my very first posts, was all about how HR and Staffing/Recruitment were completely connected.  It was in 2008.  A lot has changed since that time, as continued technologies have evolved our staffing roles, and recruiting focus points.  Believe me, nothing pleases me more than a…


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A Guide to Recruiting KPIs

Don’t recruit blind when you can use data to make informed decisions and optimize your recruiting strategy. The benefits of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) for recruiting go beyond allowing hiring managers and recruiters to make more better decisions, however. “KPIs set expectations and improve…


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Things you need to know about the career that you choose

There are many life changing decisions that you will have to make and if you make a right decision, you will not go wrong in life. Before making any decision, you should have an idea about who you really are and you have to know your interests and passions. When have a proper idea about the previously stated factors, making decisions that are the best for you will not be a problem.

Know your interest

You are that person who knows yourself the best and it is always important…


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I Became A Better Recruiter When I Started Running With My Husband

My husband and business partner has been in the staffing and recruiting industry for over 20 years. He’s worked in corporate recruitment and at agencies, he’s been a contract recruiter and now owns his own executive search firm. I was an educator. I taught from first grade up to college…


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Creating Profits: 4 Reasons Businesses Are Hiring Humanities Majors

When you think of potential corporate hires, you probably don't immediately think of people with degrees in the humanities. Surprisingly, though, more businesses are turning towards individuals who have degrees that aren't in traditional business fields. These individuals give businesses a chance to innovate, embrace new points of view and take advantage of years of…


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Global Recruitment: European Labor Market

Compensation Data Facts - What's What in Compensation…


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Recruiting Metrics to Improve ROI

All too often historically, recruiting has been carried out without any sort of rigorous analysis. Even when metrics are applied to recruiting, traditional recruiting metrics miss the mark when it comes to measuring what really matters to impact return on investment…


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Global Workforce: Resume vs. CV

Compensation Data Facts - What's What in Compensation…


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Firms urged to offer construction placements to pupils

Every year hundreds and thousands of students are left deliberating and considering different options after they receive their A-Level and GCSE results. Advice and support which schools and industries provide at this time is vital to the future of these young people as they embark on a career path that could shape their lives.

This year the…


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want to make money do i have to lie

Dear Recruiting Raya: I want to make money. It's the only reason I'm looking for a job. Do I have to lie and say something else when they ask me?

As I always say, “never lie.” The short answer to your question is “no.”

I would argue, though, that you might want to change your perspective before you hit your next interview. Employers already know that you…


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#TASCON16 - Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge

The previously held #SourcingContest had its grand finale at #TASCON15 with the conduction of the Mega Sourcing Contest. Similarly the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge was the grand finale to the two Sourcing Premier League Challenges (#SPL1 & #SPL2) that were conducted prior to #TASCON16.

Sourcing ADDA (@SourcingAdda) as a  Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Community have been proud hosts of…


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10 Reasons Why Now is Still A Great Time To Be A Recruiter

There may be times where one looks at the big picture and wonders, what is coming?  In our day and age in Staffing/Recruitment we are the pilot of our own destiny. A Pilot must train hard, and keep their skills sharp, in order to successfully fly.  As I went to the March Field Aviation Museum recently nothing was more readily apparent.  But now is still a GREAT time…


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The 15 Most Awesome Recruiting Videos

One of the hottest trends in recruiting, and for good reason, is recruiting videos. “While a picture may speak a thousand words, a video has the potential to reach millions” …


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Credentialing, as discussed in the first blog of this series, is the process of gathering and verifying professional information about a prospective healthcare provider. This includes…


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Excellent Apps and Time-savers for busy Recruiters!

The world of recruitment is fast paced, action packed and if you aren't organised, the day can run beyond you!

I am an advocate on apps and utilising software that assists me with my busy desk - the following are 10 various different apps, chrome extensions, and downloads that I use every day. Some of these have also been highlighted by the likes of Ed Hunter, Greg Savage, Roy Ripper and Shane McCusker. I habve found them all to be vital in achieving my daily…


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Hitting The Target: Using Professional Associations To Create A Staffing Competitive Advantage: A Blog Series


Throughout the Centuries - Archers have pulled back their bows in an effort to hit the target.  Their approach evolved with time in how they saw the target, honed in on it, and set the tone for their approach to perfectly hitting the center.  Recruiting I am afraid is much like archery.  Hitting the target in staffing is a bigger picture affair,…


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James Ruesch - Doing Business in Asia

Due to labor hike and increasing worker fees in USA, Europe, and neighboring countries, most businessmen now are trying opportunities in Asian countries. Here are the top countries where you can borrow services or expand your company.

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