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Fall Sourcecon 2016 Day 2-Breakout Sessions 2

So day 2 Breakout session 2, included “Apocalypse Now:Linkedin Down” by Chris Horon and Holly Mallowes,  “Fight Spam” by Allison Kruse and Glen Cathey, and “Sourcing Data is Impact Data” by Scott Sherman.


First up “Apocalypse Now:Linkedin Down” by Chris Horon and Holly Mallowes. It starts out going through were you are finding candidates,…


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Marketing Your Most Critical Business Positions

Companies can utilize creative recruitment methods to fill critical business positions. Traditional recruitment methods have changed in recent years. Hiring managers use advertising, social media, and community events to find valuable employees. Discover these four tips to learn how you can attract qualified candidates for important business roles.



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Reports of the death of the recruiter are greatly exaggerated

I have been a recruiter for almost 20 years, the bulk of which has been on the external agency side. I have worked for agencies of all shapes and sizes. The big firm churn and burn, let's bring in 20 new recruiters and hopefully 2 will make it at least 6 months, style. The small 5 person shop run by the big producer who assumed he would, of course, be a strong manager and yet his firm has 100% turnover every year because he isn't, in fact, a good manager. I'm sure most of…


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How to prepare for your first interview in a new market

A career change at any stage in life can be an intimidating prospect. Interviewing in a new market requires more effort and thought than moving on to a new role in the same sector. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to start with a blank slate – with some careful preparation you’ll find you have plenty to offer, even if you don’t have direct industry experience.

Identify and focus on transferrable skills 

So many skills are transferrable from one industry…


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Looking for a new job can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The very thought of landing a new opportunity breeds optimism; most job seekers look forward to the fresh start a new role brings. But what if the job search doesn't go as planned? What if days of job seeking quickly turn into weeks with no offers? What if weeks then lead to months of fruitless searching? For many job seekers, this is an all too common scenario that often leads to a sense of…


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WhatsApp Group Chat – Is Counselling Candidates on improving their Job Hunt Strategy a Recruiters Role?

The Talent Acquisition profession is evolving rapidly due to the Digital Marketing Age.  We are slowly moving from performing full cycle Recruitment processes alone to Employee & Employer Branding as well. Given this scenario it’s obvious to question what aspects are involved in a Recruitment Professionals Role.

That being said our popular Wednesday discussions…


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Cold Calls

I have stayed on the sidelines and read a lot of articles, talked with people in my industry and other sales verticals, and just plain have taken stock on how I get new accounts. The death of the “Cold Call” is very pre-mature. I can’t count the articles on line and that come to my desktop stating I’m wasting my time “cold calling” or “cold prospecting” for new…


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Streamlining Your Hiring Processes With Automation

As our lifestyles become increasingly driven by technology and technical innovation, so must consumer markets. The business landscape must constantly adjust to stay competitive, creating a growing need for top talent in IT, engineering, design, marketing, and other key areas. This need becomes even more intense as consumer demands for technical…


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One-Stop Portal for Government Job Search -

Over 1 crore job hunters every year search for the platform of Government Job where they can get the information based on their area of interest and at the same time they can connect with other people preparing for the same.  is one of the most reliable job search website which provides correct and authentic information to its readers. It is an internet based startup and a Google partnered agency based in the City…


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Are You on The Move? Here's What You Need To Know When Hiring Movers

An average of 14.19% of the U.S. population moves to new homes every year. This increase in demand for movers has greatly improved the industry. Thus, there are many companies available for your disposal, but that does not mean you don’t need to screen them carefully.

Let's say you need to hire a mover to give you help…


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TLS Continuum Part 73: I Think I Can

In part 66 of the TLS Continuum Series I discussed that the missing ingredient in process improvement was the buy in to the process by management. There is another critical element that we did not discussed in the earlier segment.

In reviewing the evaluations from a recent seminar presentation one individual stated that the least valuable part of the program was the…


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You Live In Canada? You Need A Canadian Web Hosting Company

One of the most common mistakes that people make is the fact that, when the time comes for them to choose a web hosting company they will check out companies in general without thinking ahead. For example, every professional on the field is always suggesting that you're supposed to choose a web hosting company from the country you live in.

hosting.png (305×208)

Do you understand the requirements?

However, most people do not understand exactly why this is a…


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Belief and change the world

There are only 2 things that separate the “blissful” from the “stressed”…….. The blissful BELIEVE (ideally in themselves but some of them believe in external forces also) and this leads them to focus (on a goal).

All of us first NEED to BELIEVE in what we are doing and in its capacity to change the world ( I DO and thats the ONLY reason i come to work at CBREX).

Focus is something that each of us needs to develop on our own. I am talking about meditative focus i.e.… Continue

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Recruiting firms--Embrace the sharing economy

When you run a recruiting firm, the 2 biggestbarriers to scale are team size and location. Location: This determines the type and number of direct clients that a firm has. In case you want to acquire more customers, you would have to either open a new office OR collaborate with a fellow firm in a

In case you want to acquire more customers, you would have to either open a new office OR collaborate with a fellow firm in a neighboring city/country and operate a split fee model. A new…


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Recruiting fees of over 2,9 million dollars on CBREX

- CBREX has jobs posted on it, with a cumulative commission of more than $2,9 million
- 40% of these jobs are with fees in excess of 15k US$ (15k Euro)

What is CBREX?
CBREX is an exchange for recruiting firms with 1350+ members from 92 countries. Members on CBREX post jobs, send resumes and communicate with other firms globally.

How do I sign up?
Simple, visit ;

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CBREX - A Tech Enabled Online Split Fee Network!

am pretty sure you've already heard of and tried out many split fee networksso why are we …


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How to Make Your Resume Impress Employers in 7 Seconds

Resumes are your first point of contact with employers. Whether you hand them from business to business or spam them through an online job site, it's what prospecting employers will look at first and what gets you either an invite for an in-person interview or a painful rejection via phone or email. Working on your resume and ensuring it is 100 percent error-free and incorporates…


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Are You Enabling Bad Behavior From Hiring Managers?

I have had a lot of success “training” hiring managers into using proper processes and procedures. That is what we have to do as recruiters…we need to train hiring managers to a certain degree.

I don’t mean giving them training sessions on the illegal questions to ask during interviews. I don’t mean giving them training sessions of any kind.

I mean getting hiring managers to give timely feedback on candidates submitted for their review.



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If you are lucky, your organization has one or more full-time trainers who handle the process of collecting and sharing skill update and development resources. An organized trainer stores all documents, websites and physical training aids in a central location and can easily find these resources upon request. Getting your hands on many kinds of job-related information is just a matter of asking the trainer.

It's never too soon to consult your company…


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WhatsApp Group Chat - Employee Promotion Processes followed by Organisations

Appraisals are common knowledge to Talent Acquisitionists and the similar fields in the Recruitment Sphere. We’ve all had our appraisals for the present year. Ever wondered what happens during the appraisals and when the performers are rewarded for their hard work via promotions and what processes are followed by organisations?

This seems a lot to take in at the beginning, well don’t get overwhelmed just yet, as our popular…


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