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How To Execute Recruiting Contact Campaigns

In my last post, I discussed types of recruiting contact campaign approaches; this week, I’ll discuss turning that initial approach into real recruiting action, along with some tips and tricks for turning contacts into candidates.  Like any campaign, it’s important to have a defined timeline…


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Happy New Year

On this New Year’s Eve, we get to make a choice of what we leave behind and what we take with us into the coming year. We get to choose our actions, goals, aspirations, dreams, and desires. We get to select a belief in all of the possibilities or all of the problems that could occur.

We have control over three things in our lives: our choices, our words, and our actions. Given this limited span of influence, it behooves us to choose wisely.

May your dreams come true…


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High Five: @RecruitingBlogs Top Posts of 2013

This year’s top five blog posts (at least, according to Google Analytics) not only generated the most traffic, but also represents something of a microcosm for RecruitingBlogs. 

Each of these posts was bylined by a working HR or recruiting professional with a unique perspective - and voice – as a…


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New Partnership Aims To Deliver ATS In Your Inbox

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) were designed to track requisitions and candidates as a system of record, but when it comes to actually engaging with candidates, most of these systems fail to capture the individual interactions and personalized engagement between recruiters and candidates, particularly when it comes to electronic communications like e-mail.  While…


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Your Attitude Is Your Own Darn Fault

Take a moment and see things through the eyes of a child, especially during this holiday season. Anticipation and excitement fill her entire being as she thinks about all of the possibilities that the day will hold. Even when family members become impatient with her or one another, she still sees the glass half full, believing that wishes do come true.

Where does this attitude go when you become an adult? It gets buried under responsibilities, distractions, and the stresses of life.…


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The Dreaded Counteroffer

It is the recruiter's job to make sure that the candidate is screened thoroughly to understand their true motivations when they're seeking employment.

Is the candidate just using you to angle for a raise or promotion and strategically seeking out a job offer so they can announce to their boss they've been offered another opportunity hoping for that…


Added by Jeanna Zivalich on December 29, 2013 at 8:00pm — 7 Comments

The Truth About Social Recruiting

Hey you guys, LinkedIn is DEAD. All the cool kids are recruiting on Facebook and you better have yourself some Pinterest sourcing sessions. I’m serious. So serious, in fact, I Binged “Social Recruiting” (well what did you expect) and got over 42 million results, most of which were a horrifying mix of conferences and poorly written blogs by people who couldn’t make a…


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A Recruiter's Night Before Christmas

[Hello RBC - Long time no see]

‘Twas the night before Christmas and somewhere online

A recruiter was puzzling over which webpage to mine

With visions of revenues and managers content

This recruiter was no ordinary Clark Kent

Dark horn-rimmed glasses covered his eyes

He was better than any of the CIA’s spies

His fingers were dancing on his silent keyboard

Looking for instances of names he could hoard

His Boolean strings would always… Continue

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Sears: A Profile in Job Loss!

My recently concluded 3-part series highlighted innovative ideas and companies that are creating countless new jobs. Unfortunately, there are numerous other companies like Sears Holdings Corporation that are doing exactly the opposite!

A Chicago and national icon, Sears was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah…


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Contact Campaigns: What Recruiters Need To Know

Contact Campaigns: What Recruiters Need To Know

If you can’t contact a candidate, you can’t hire them. Every hire begins with engagement. Getting in contact and getting a response from candidates is still essential, particularly in today’s increasingly social, interconnected world of…


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Predicting the Future of Recruitment

If the best way to predict the future is to invent it, has certainly made some remarkable predictions for the future of recruitment since 2000 and throughout 2013. Here are just a few of them:

Prediction One: There can no longer be a substitute for having an online profile

The professionals community is today over 14 million professionals strong and growing fast! At every career level from fresh grads to senior executive and C-Suite, professionals are…


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Time to Pause

Once a year something magical happens. The world stops. Stores are closed, and when you go outside, you can hardly hear any traffic. I really look forward to this time of year every year.

The world is frantic. We are always in a hurry and there is always something to be done. Our lists are always long and it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we often forget what the holiday season is all…


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2014: Tougher than Ever to be a Recruiter

What a great year...2013!  I'm sure for many of you the lump of coal for 2013 will the be taxes you owe.  Obviously, the flip side of that is that if your recruiting practice isn't on an upward climb right now, you might want to review what's going on.  I just finished working out on the elliptical for an hour and watched a documentary on the initiating boot…


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73% of Your Candidates Are NOT on LinkedIn

Within the last 30 days, more than 1.19 billion people have signed onto Facebook to update their profiles; interact with their friends, family members, acquaintances, and coworkers; follow companies; and conduct their social, personal, and professional lives online. 

On every login, Facebook users are…


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No news is bad news

You know the story.  You find a great candidate, they tell you how keen they are to join your company, you organise interviews and start the hiring process; the manager likes them so much they go out on a limb to get an offer to them... the candidate verbally accepts; and then... silence.  You can't reach the candidate, they don't respond to your messages and the joining date is rapidly approaching

The exact circumstance can differ by varying aspects (permanent / contract /…


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The HR Buzzword for 2014 - Social Recruitment

Q. Hi, I have heard the term ‘social recruitment’ thrown around a lot this year. What is it and how is it different, say from posting a job online here on – Danish H., Recruiter

A. Hi Danish, when you harness the power of social platforms to drive your recruitment efforts further, what you essentially get is termed as ‘social recruitment’.

As social media has developed and continues to morph today, its impact on HR and the recruitment process is…


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ADP - AIRS Training - Still The Best Recruiting Training In The Business

Certifications Available:

The Right Thing:


-The AIRS Brand is a Registered Trademark of ADP.

I have to give a shameless plug, my…


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Get Your Ducks in a Row: How HR Plays a Starring Role in the “Duck Dynasty” Controversy

Unless you’ve been one of the lucky few to escape the cold grasp of the webs this week, you may have heard a thing or two about the controversy surrounding the A&E show, “Duck Dynasty.” While there are many heated debates going on at the moment regarding the opinions expressed by one of the cast members and his…


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‘Tis the Season… to Untangle?

"Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving. Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We're all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here.” - Clark W. Griswold

Innovation drives change. Innovation…


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