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Salaries: Why it pays to be upfront and transparent

When you are engaging with a potential employer or a recruitment business, it can be tempting for a whole host of reasons to either withhold or alter your salary details. 

However, this is a tactic which rarely works to your advantage. In almost all cases, it is much better from the very beginning to be upfront and transparent about your current…


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Veterans during the holiday!!

As we approach this holiday time, let keep in our payers, minds and hearts all of those who have served. Let’s go out of our way to help, acknowledge, and appreciate those who proved the liberties that we live under. If you know of any who are looking for work, direct them to my Vet page below, to any of the links below and also please direct them to…


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The Importance of Candidate Feedback

Arguably, this article shouldn't extend any further than the headline. It says it all. It's a statement of the obvious. But unfortunately candidate feedback – or the lack of it - is a growing problem, and not just for the candidate.   

The phrase 'Employer Branding' is very much in vogue at the moment. And quite rightly so. Creating…


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Top 3 Myths About Employee Turnover Debunked

Everything you know about employee turnover is wrong

The end of the year is a common time when most HR professionals are calculating their annually HR metrics. One of the most commonly used HR metrics is a dreaded employee turnover rate. Are you a bit scared…


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Hiring Managers: Why & How You Should Sell Your Company at Interview

Many hiring managers still view the interview stage as a top-down, one-way process where the candidate is being assessed and the interviewer is asking all the questions. But things have changed. 

For the first time since the global financial crisis we are now operating within a candidate-driven market.…


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The 4 Rules of Giving Appropriate Feedback to Unsuccessful Job Applicants

According to Forbes Magazine, many companies are doing a very poor job of providing feedback to job applicants working their way through the hiring process. It is a matter of corporate responsibility and it reflects favorably on an employer if they make an effort to provide unsuccessful job applicants appropriate and timely information about the status of their job application.

In some cases, applicants have filled…


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Talent shortage stats to think about

Talent shortage it's here and it's real! For the first time in decades, we have more open jobs than workers to fill them. And although…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Code.google!!

Code.Google is a website that allows users to maintain Code.  Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, a simple search with some extras


So to source within…


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Choosing Job Titles: What's in a name

When trying to attract suitable candidates for a role, the importance of a job title is often underestimated. As it’s the first thing that a potential applicant will see, it’s crucial you get this part right. Failure to do so could mean losing out on the ideal candidate.

Here’s four things to keep in mind.

1. Include keyword…


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Reducing Time to Hire: How Long Is Your Piece of String?

Everyone knows the recruitment process is getting longer and longer, particularly within the financial sector. 

And everyone recognises the problems that come with such a protracted process: rising costs and…


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Candidate Cold Calls Revisited: Making Every Call A Great Call

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of delivering a presentation at the American Staffing Association’s Annual Staffing World Expo in Washington, D.C. I gave a talk entitled, “Going Old School – The Art & Science of Making Every Call A Great Call.”

The basic premise of my program was that recruiting has always been a communications…


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LinkedIn Search Operators

LinkedIn has documented the operators firstname:, lastname:, title:, company:, and school:. They are redundant because we can search using the relevant textboxes. But it turns out there are many more search operators that work on LinkedIn.

Below is a list of LinkedIn search operators that work with any basic or…


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Yearly Roundup of ATS Market 2018

As the year 2018 is about to end, I thought of reviewing how the year remained for applicant tracking systems so far. I know we all are curious to know how the ATS market has performed in this year.

  • Which were the most popular ATS in 2018?
  • How did they rank according to their market share?
  • What were their major achievements?
  • What has been their growth rate?
  • What were the major acquisitions and new…

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Post Sourcecon Atlanta Fall 2018 The Rest!

So this will be the last of the Sourcecon Fall share back. Here I will hit all the rest  of the presentations, as it relates to tools, methods etc.

 Anonymous track- Test, validate and modify your searches. Outlook things you can do: Search, Assign, Embed Links, Templates, Macros. Chrome; Chrome Flags, Save Searches, backup and import. URL…


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Up Against the Clock – 6 Productivity Hacks for Speedy Recruitment

When the countdown is on, and there’s a deadline looming, it often seems like the whole world is making a concerted effort to…


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3 Tips For Placing the Best Seasonal Employees (Hint: The Secrets Lie in your Staffing Software)

Many companies have already begun hiring seasonal employees, yet there are still thousands of positions waiting to be filled. Data has revealed that over 12 major companies expect to hire 700,000 seasonal employees this year…in the US alone!

In order to beat out the competition by making tons placements leading up to the holidays, there is one…


Added by Java Nguyen on December 5, 2018 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

A New Approach towards Candidate Experience

In my recent posts, I talked about how leading companies are simplifying their job application process to promote a positive candidate experience.

However, candidates are expecting a bit more than the traditional practice of resume submission for a job opening.

33% of job seekers want an automated email sent to them after…


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Post Sourcecon Atlanta Fall 2018 Day 2 Sheryl Sandberg track!

First up Rebecca Fouts Building a Sourcing Function. So the draft Plan; Calibrate,

Create a support team, Focus, Refocus, Publish the plan, and be agile.  Service

Level Agreements are must haves, and Metrics are all essential, as it hiring the

right people.


Ben Gotkin and The new measuring Standard of ATAP (The…


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How Tech Trends Made Life Easier For HR Professionals

HR, as a profession has seen a lot of changes in the last few decades. The names kept on changing and so did the roles of HR people. Administration, labor welfare, personnel management, human resource management, people development, call it by the name you want, HR remains the backbone of every organization.

All of this is thanks to many technological innovations.…


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How Can Recruiting Tools Help You Reach New Levels of Productivity

Every HR professional is looking at a hectic schedule on a daily basis. Due to an overwhelming number of tasks, overall employee productivity is declining. This often leads to recruiting mistakes that end up being detrimental to the company. To strengthen your HR department, a good idea would be to…


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