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HR Tools For A Successful Work-From-Home Strategy

Working from home when people are your work:  How to update workplace processes for HR professionals. 

Although certainly in the spotlight since the rise of COVID-19, the need for a successful work-from-home strategy has been on the horizon for years - both out of logistical necessity and employee preference.  When…


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The Amalgamation of HR and InfoTech- HRIS: A Boon or Bane

Human Resource Management is not a classical or customary job anymore. With modernization, the need to mechanize the HRoperations grew with leaps and bounds. Now, there are not just individual automatic systems to facilitate functions, the multifarious parts that each system has, also add to the level of advancement and efficiency. For instance, there are notable similarities between an HRMS system, HCM suite, and HRIS software, but the purpose of each has almost hairline differences which…


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A disservice to the economy

This blog post originally was posted in 2010 but it is never more pertinent now then it was when it was first published.

I received an email this morning from a trusted source which indicated that a growing trend among some employers is to state in the ad for an open position " the unemployed will not be considered." Corporate America is faced with the real possibility of a labor shortage in some areas whether you believe it or not. From the Huffington post was this note:

In a…


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4 Signs a Job in Construction Could Be the Right Choice for You

While most people never adequately consider a job in the skilled trades, the benefits of these jobs are difficult to overstate. Jobs in the construction industry, in particular, pay well and offer excellent job security. Here are four telltale signs that a job in construction could be the right choice for your career path.

You Love Working With Your Hands



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Why Is It Important To Train Your Staff In 2020?

In 2020, companies throughout the world are investing significantly in colleague training. 94 per cent of British businesses’ suggesting, ‘that even in the current economic climate, learning and development is at the heart of their strategy’. The…


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Empowering Females Within STEM Careers...

Studies show that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are industries which are primarily dominated by men. Statistics from 2017 found that only 23 per cent of the STEM workforce was female.

LinkedIn’s data has found that in the last four decades, STEM had more women enter the field than any other. Philanthropist and former…


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Want a career in fashion? Here are your options

Interested in pursuing a career in fashion once you’ve completed education? There are a wide range of options available aside from the ones you may expect, such as designers and models. From a career in fashion-related finance, to discovering a role in communications, the opportunities are varied. Join us as we take a look at the diverse range of opportunities available, considering some careers you might not have thought…


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We’re all in this together, but we’re not in the same boat.

During this unprecedented time, there are still moments of sanity and community. I participated in one such opportunity on April 22. SmartSearch vendor partner Verified First, a leading background screening provider hosted a Virtual Coffee Hour panel discussion group for Human Resources leaders in the tech industry. This virtual event helped bring…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!!Launchpad!!

Launchpad is a software collaboration platform that provides: Bug tracking · Code hosting using Bazaar and Git · Code reviews · Ubuntu package building and more. It can also be a great place to source. However most recruiters don’t think to source there because they are not sure how. Simply reach into your bag of…


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Recruitment And HR certifications: Are they worth it?

The recruitment industry is a versatile industry. It means that it offers as many ways to enter the industry as there are people in the industry. Given that there’s no hard-and-fast criterion to be eligible to work in the industry, it is also correct to say that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to enter recruitment and human resources.  

Degrees might be cost-prohibitive, taking a certification is an affordable and credible way to make your way and progress in the industry. …


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Top 5 freelance career opportunities

Starting a career, as a freelancer in Malaysia is a great option, as the country has a great economic value for such jobs.  To start freelancer jobs in Malaysia one should know how to make this an effective job opportunity. Working as a freelancer allows one to be his own boss helping them to work for themselves and earn a good amount which allows one to progress and develop without stress and burden in life

Malaysia is known for its developed culture which…


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The Change Maestro's Management Tip- Improvement based in complacency is false improvement

Improvement based in complacency is false improvement #TLS Continuum

Consider your organization. What happens when the organization make a change in order to make a process better?

You have two choices. The first is that you can look at the change…


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Properly Asking For A Raise In Digital Technology Companies

Asking for a raise is a tiny bit of art and a whole lot of science. Most guides will tell you that there are a few steps you need to take in order to ask for a raise, but they’re wrong. Asking for a raise is a complicated thing. But we’re going to break down exactly what makes a perfect execution of asking (and getting) a raise.

Before We Start, Do You Qualify For A Raise…


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5 Top Tips on how to stay productive if you are currently out of work

Hiring staff is uncertain now, but soon things will pick up – so what can you do to put you ahead of the competition when you are looking for a new role? We have put together 5 top tips that could help you:

Number 1 - Update your CV

Your CV is potentially the first point…


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High Impact Visualizations in Recruitment Analytics- II

Recruitment Analytics In part I of this blog series, we learned about recruitment analytics and some contemporary data visualizations that staffing firms could use to enhance their efficiency. Part II is about the must-have visualizations for every staffing firm.

Source of hire

This metric is really important when you want to know where to look to hire the best…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!!Sourceforge!!

SourceForge is a web-based service that offers software developers a centralized online location to control and manage free and open-source software projects.  However most recruiters don’t think to source there becasue they are not sure how. Simply reach into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, a simple xray search with some…


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Virtual Data Rooms For HR Experts And Accountant Team Usage

Virtual data rooms are often used in the recruitment process. HR experts and accounting team members work on documents at the same time. This often leads to a situation where there are duplicated documents and others are lost in translation.

Share the documents with…


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Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers - Google Docs #2

In this second episode of Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers, Jim Stroud shares a tip for those who prefer talking to typing when it comes to creating efficiency in Google Docs.…


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Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers – Google Docs #1

This is the first in a series of short videos designed to help remote workers become more productive. In this episode, Jim Stroud shares a tip on how to quickly access and start a Google Doc. If you are an expert user of Google Docs, you may be surprised by this quick and easy productivity hack many users are unaware…


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Do This! Not That. Employer Branding Tips During a Pandemic

Jim Stroud examines the way companies are treating their workers during this Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Some enterprises are severely damaging their employer brand by the way they are laying off their staff whereas others, are going above and beyond to do all they can for their workers. Companies featured in this episode: Dig, Bird, HEB, Facebook,…


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