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Hiring the right talent and candidate is very important to a business no matter the size. The right person could take your business to the next level or hold your plans back for a while. It is not as easy as matching a resume to your requirements, there is a lot more that goes into finding the right candidate. There is a conversation that needs to happen to…


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3 Diligent Facts For Recruiters To Know About Hiring!

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With the estimation of over more than 70 thousand recruitment and staffing agencies nationwide, there’s a higher competition rising among the recruiting industry. Whether it’s a concern of hiring candidates, linking customers, building a…


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WhatsApp Group Chat - Creating Candidate Personas

Creating Personas is a game that we’ve all played during our childhood and enjoyed it and we’re quite good at it. If we’re being completely honest when we’re creating JDs it requires creativity and skill that needs to be acquired if you don’t have it already.  Don’t you agree?

While we’re creating JDs we need to ensure that we catch the desired applicants with the right calibre. Hence our popular…


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Fall Sourcecon 2016 Day 2-Breakout Sessions 1

So day 2 Breakout session, included “Gaining a Competitive Advantage from Competitive Intelligence” by Gelnn Gutmacher and Monali Palmer, “Candidate Career Problems” By Shannon Anderson, and “Sourcing and Personal Branding” by Craig Fisher.

First up “Gaining a Competitive Advantage from Competitive Intelligence” by Gelnn Gutmacher and Monali Palmer.…


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How to Create a Winning Employer Brand


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VOTE in our Twitter Poll: What Does Santa Claus Earn?

A 2014 article concluded that if Santa Claus was paid for the work he does, he'd earn around $140,000 annually. We at the PeopleTicker thought that salary sounded too low so we did our own analysis to determine a fair salary. Now we need your help, our SkillsVillage, to validate the annual salary for one of the most sought after jobs…


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Five key components of your Recruitment CRM that you should be using to their maximum capability

The lifeblood of recruitment businesses are undoubtedly its people followed very closely by its technology - or database / CRM to be more precise! As we all know, the nuts and bolts of your database are your candidates / clients, but the workflows that stem from this such as CV's, Interviews and Placements all contain crucial bits of information. In my experience, many of these workflows were managed via an in-depth reporting / analytics tool. Qlikview has been my most recent preferred tool…


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How to Reduce Stress in a New Job

You’ve successfully passed the interview, received a job offer, and now you are waiting for the first day at a new place. For many people, this is the most nervous and the scariest time, especially, if this is the first job ever. They are not confident in their professional,…


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Don't you hate it when a candidate turns down an offer 1 week before their start date?

The dreaded decline of the offer usually comes before accepting the offer, oh no, not on this one. Relocation assistance approved and sign on bonus all in place, even 3 weeks paid in a hotel to help transition.  As a recruiter you have already visualized the check coming in the mail and your off on to your next biggest and most important search.  

Although, instead of being happy and feeling good about all the hard work you did that goes into recruiting the hard-to-fill unicorn all…


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Ransomware Threatens HR Departments

Cyber criminals are presently attempting to keep for ransom sensitive data accumulated in staff records of HR departments.

This year when reports of the Thor ransomware hit, security experts started to worry. The ransom amounts were usually ranging from $100 to $300. Ransomware…


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Professional Supply Chain Training Can Improve The Knowledge Of Employees

Supply chain is an integral part of any business process which is very difficult to handle. Without a supply chain process a business cannot sustain too long. There are millions of small and large companies and their customers are positively depended on the supply chain management. Without a supply chain management things just cannot just…


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How to Bring Military Precision to Your Hiring Process

Veteran’s Day is the perfect time not only to honor our service members, but also to recognize the valuable set of traits that veterans bring to the professional world. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs outlines several coveted characteristics common among military…


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Rethinking the Role of Recruiters

Recruiters as brand ambassadors – as opposed to salespeople - for your organization

Let’s face it. It’s a candidate-driven marketplace out there. It is more difficult than ever to attract and retain qualified employees. As a recruiter, you’re charged…


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Top 8 Effective Ways to Choose the Best Applicant Tracking System

When it comes to posting various job descriptions and candidate requirements on the job portals and social media platforms, the Recruiting Software serves the best under this category. However, every organization, big or small, needs to have a streamlined maintenance of all the applications received through these job postings. This is the very basic…


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Hurry up and Wait

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. People who you have tasked to get the job done can only do so much without a team effort, mutual respect and co-operation. Many pieces to the puzzle and one size doesn’t fit all. Are we all “Reading From the Same Page?” or all are agendas conflicting? Do our times lines all add up? Are we “Between a Rock and a…


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Veterans Day 2016 a special and weird day!!

Veterans Day 2016 a special and weird day!!


Veterans day 2016 a day that is very special as is all Veterans days. Veterans day is a day where we do honor to those who have fought for the freedoms we all enjoy.

This Veterans day carries a very weird addition to it, as it follows…


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5 Ways to Recruit Salespeople Who Can Deliver Immediate Results

Salespeople are the heart and soul of nearly every enterprise. without the right salespeople, your business will not be able to grow or profit. Even the best customer service will not be helpful if there are no customers to serve. But recruiting the best salespeople can be a challenge -- after all, they are often being courted by multiple…


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5 Out-Of-Box Recruiting Tactics You'll Want To Know About

So what are some of the creative, unique tactics companies have used to help them better connect, engage and recruit top talent? Here are 5 effective ‘out-of-box’ recruiting ideas to fire up your inspiration today:

1. Billboards

While this isn't necessarily a new marketing tactic, if done right, it can definitely be an effective one. A…


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Consultants play an important part in growing businesses by providing expertise and experience. But in order for consultants to really make an impact in the company, they need to feel like they are more than an outsider doing temporary work. Here are some tips for making consultants feel like part of the team.

1. Make it clear who the consultant is working with

There's nothing worse for a consultant than to come in…


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Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat – The Importance of Mobile Recruiting

Digitalisation has paved the way to building new connections and maintaining distant relations; be it professional, family or otherwise; it’s possible in a digital world such as the one we live in. There has been a long standing debate revolving around the importance of Mobile Recruiting and we’d like to get different perspectives about it as…


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