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Chadd Balbi, Master of The Role Play

Back on Dec. 18, 2013, muscleman, Chadd Balbi was the guest on THE RECRUITING ANIMAL SHOW. It was a good show. He seems like a good guy.

But here's something surprising. I like role-plays so I can see how someone would handle standard situations on the phone. But my audience doesn't. As…


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FREE BOOK - FEB 3, 2014

THUMBNAIL - PJOH cover v3 BEST - W200 H320 This book is about COLD CALLING.

So it's good for Recruiters who have phone fear.

In the next version I am taking Job Hunters out of the…


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Dave Fecak, IT Recruiter

We had a good show today featuring Dave Fecak, an IT recruiter in Philadelphia who has a peppy way of speaking that is easy to listen to.

Most of the discussion was about about Dave's flat fee. Jerry didn't like that idea. We should have him back to ask him other questions.…


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Perri Gorman, Wall St Recruiter - Part 2

Harry Joiner, the Marketing Headhunter, was due to be the guest on the Recruiting Animal Show on November 20, 2013. However, Harry had to travel unexpectedly so I asked Perri Gorman, our last week's guest, to return and she did.

The show was spoiled initially by BlogTalkRadio's new online host call-in software. I did a five minute introduction to the show that was…


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Perri Blake Gorman Interviewed

@BroadwayAllison snapped this photo of the notes she took while listening to @BeTheButterfly on The Recruiting Animal Show. Perri is a lively speaker and there was a lot of participation from the Animal Crew, especially…


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Mike Astringer Interview - Animal Show

We had a great show today on The Recruiting Animal Show. And I'm going to say it was because we had a guest who was willing to answer questions. Also, because we talked about recruiting which everyone understands and therefore everyone could chime in with something to say.

We did talk about alpha males as well but, really, that's a regular topic on the Recruiting…


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Branding vs Recruiting

Back in 2011, Jodi Ordioni of Brandemix wrote an article for ERE claiming that Facebook was going to destroy Linkedin in 2013. That was an attention grabber (for shure) so…


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Lisa Jones, Recruiting Technology and Social Media Consultant

There's a ridiculous rumor about me. I know who started it -- @ResumeStrategy (see here) -- but Amy Ala picked it up and hammered away at it during this week's After Show. Supposedly, I go too easy on the women guests. Really? I didn't think I went easy on this week's guest -- though I admit that I did make…


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The King of the Cold Call

The show was a little sedate today. My good friend @ChrisRussell went to a meetup and saw a young guy named @GeorgesJanin speak about cold calling. George is a recruiter who teaches a course on cold calling so Chris referred him to me.



Added by Recruiting Animal on June 19, 2013 at 5:00pm — 4 Comments - Online Referral System - Totally Wild Show

A few weeks ago I received a marketing email from I replied to say that I wasn't interested but that I would be happy to have them on my show if they wanted exposure. The CEO, Ziv Eliraz, told me that he would like to come on., I warned him that it might not be the best venue for new technology. His interest was not…


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Stephen Nehez - Successful 3rd Party Recruiter

I had a great show today. Because I had a great guest. Steve Nehez sent me a detailed list of things he wanted to talk about that laid out the plan for the whole show. I added questions but I didn't even get to most of his…


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The Psychology of Cold Calling

image from I just published a short ebook on Amazon. It sells for $2.99.

It's called The Psychology of Job Hunting but it's really about the fear of cold calling and networking.

It's focus is self-image and boundary issues. That doesn't sound interesting but I tried to make it very colloquial and enjoyable to read.



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The 3 Stooges of Corporate Recruiting

Sometimes a show sounds a lot different in the recording that it does when you are participating in it live.

A few weeks ago Amy AlaDerek Zeller and @HR_Nasty decided to appear as tag team…


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How do you like my Big Data? Big Brother comes to Recruiting.

When Gerry Crispin was a boy hiring was so easy. There was lots of talent just lying all over the place.

All you had to do was put an ad in the paper and hire a secretary to open the resumes.

But, now, things are different.



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The Sex Test for Recruiters

CLIP - The Sex Test 4 Recruiters

I had two guests today. First, a short visit by Charles Krugel, the employment lawyer from Chicago.

My contention is…


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Chris Fields, HR Guy

Chris Fields - @New_Resource - was my guest yesterday on The Recruiting Animal Show

He wrote a…

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Adam Bogren's Secrets and Bill Vick's Social Media Formula

Yesterday was the first revelation of my show's new format.

That just means we had more than one guest. And it worked pretty…


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Will Thomson, Ex-Agency Corporate Recruiter

The Animal Aftershow slaughtered me today.

Here's what Jerry wrote when he posted the scores:

"Unfortunately the host let this one die very early. Sorry…


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Reed Kremer, Young IT Client Manager

The crowd loved this show and it was pretty good.

And without taking any glory away from the guest, Reed Kremer, I believe that the key factor was the great input from the Animal Crew.

I also had lots of…


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Casey Kugler, Young Recruiter

@CaseyRecruitsDC is a nice young fellow. The crowd loved him. Especially the maternal and paternal types. They gave him a higher score than me. They said I wasn't prepared. Yeah, right. Oh, please.

I did make one serious error. Around the…


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