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Talent Void: 4 Industries in Need of Skilled Employees

From 2000 - 2013, a position as a software developer yielded a salary increase over 25 percent. In some industries, like healthcare and IT, are talent shortages. Hiring the correct number of employees with the right skills sets is important, regardless of the industry. Here are four such diverse industries that have more jobs than qualified people.



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Entry-Level Sports Job Recruiting - What You Need to Know

Entry-level sports jobs are the best (and sometimes only) way to get your candidate's foot into the sports industry door. To choose the one that suits your candidate best, you must know where your candidate stand in terms of skills and competencies.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE)…


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8 Key Differences Between Corporate Recruiters and Staffing Agency Recruiters

Enlisting the assistance of corporate recruiters or agency recruiters are two main ways to fill positions. The two are very different, however, both fundamentally and operationally. To understand which best serves your company’s needs, you need to understand how they differ from each other. Here are eight key differences between corporate and agency recruiters!

Corporate Recruiters vs. Agency Recruiters

1. HR vs.…


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How to Keep Your New Employees Motivated and Happy

Everyone who starts up a new business wants to be successful, but in reality, many of these new businesses will be closed within five years. It takes a lot in today’s world to simply survive, and it takes much more to grow. If you’re new to the business world, you may feel lost in how to do either of those things. Fortunately,…


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Fall Sourcecon 2016 Day 1-Breakout Sessions 2

So day 1 Breakout Session Part 2 is here. The Breakouts fall into one of three categories; Candidate Identification (CI), Candidate Engagement (CE), and Marketing and Branding(MB).


First up Megan Calimbas “Avoiding Search Failure”, basically she makes it clear that research comes first. You need to know the who, what, when, where, why, and how…


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Why Team Communication Is Important in Project Management

Whether we are talking about professional or personal communication, it is the foundation of every healthy relationship. But, when it comes to project management, it is of extreme importance, because 80 percent of the project manager’s job is, as a matter of…


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How To Attract A Recruiter

Some trusted sources show that with the unemployment rates in the United States being as low as never before, you have all the chances to get the job you always wanted to. However, if you don’t play smart, you can easily blow an opportunity of a lifetime. Therefore, we have prepared a list of things you need to…


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How to Beat the ‘Bots – Advice for Applying to Jobs Online

            Ever since the first online job application process was used, several decades ago, the practice of automation of the process has continued, and even accelerated at a dizzying rate.  Today, it is very customary for most larger companies (and even small startups) to use Candidate tracking software which tries to make life easy for those that are doing the…


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Blogging Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Order to Become a Professional Blogger

Who ever said blogging is fun said it right; blogging is certainly a very fun and productive thing to do, especially for people who are using blogging as their means of earning. For those who don’t know, blogging is basically a process of posting unique, high quality content on websites that are referred to as blogs. Now the content can…


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TLS Continuum Part 69: TLS Continuum, Innovation and Society

A couple of weeks ago I posed in the weekly blog whether you are transactional or transformation based. While I contended that the new climate we are in mandated that you shift your focus from being totally transactional focused to being transformational focused, the events of the past week tells me that to some degree we need to continue the transactional focus.

Whether your focus is the TLS Continuum and process improvement or being innovative in the development of relationships…


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3 Big HR Changes for Tech Startup Talent Acquisition in 2016

Thanks to the…


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Do You Have What It Takes For a Maritime Career

Pratik had always been keen in a maritime career. The lure of the sea, the glamour of a seafaring job, and the allure of earning big money all attracted him to a career in shipping. After completing his class 12, he enrolled for deck cadet training, and soon enough, was selected by a prestigious shipping company. 4 months on the ship, however, were…


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Client Woes from the World of IT Contracting

A few weeks back I did a blog about The Top 10 Woes for Contractors - http://www.xperianrecruitment.com/top10woes/, so I thought it would be good to explore the same subject from the client perspective. Here are the top woes I have heard from clients…


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A Close Look at "Open to New Opportunities"

Signaling that one is "Open to New Opportunities" without alarming your boss is certainly a good idea for a job seeker. Recently, LinkedIn introduced this feature.

If you are a job seeker, there are a couple of things to be aware of…


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How NOT to Sell a Job to a Candidate

Let’s face it – given the choice, we’d pick a permanent employee over a temp time and time again. The benefits of taking on an employee full time are obvious, but this world of ours is far from perfect, and we all know that sometimes taking on a temp…


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Interview body language: Fake it ‘till you make it

Most people have no idea that the majority of communication is non-verbal. If you go into an interview and only focus on the words you use, you’re leaving your most powerful tool behind.

An interview is a daunting yet unavoidable experience that nobody is exempt from, and is crucial to your future. Ultimately an interview is your one chance to…


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"Filling a Leadership Vacuum" by Doug Peckover


In my effort to invent new ways to expand the range of possibilities available to Executive Recruiters/Management Consultants, I am currently working on a fascinating project with Inventor Doug Peckover who was awarded priority rights to the invention of "tokenization" security in 2005. Doug's invention is now widely used (in various modified forms) throughout the secure payments industry, and companies like ApplePay, SamsungPay, Verifone, etc. all use tokenization…


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Unrealistic Expectations


I still run a desk at my shop Sterling Consulting Group. Keeps me semi out of trouble and in the fray. Real time information from candidates and clients alike. It’s almost like having a looking glass or a machine that can see the future, maybe not 100% accurate but a solid glimpse anyhow.

I field calls on a daily basis from candidates that are “on the bench” looking for their next gig. I also speak with many candidates that I am trying to recruit to find out what…


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Managing Performance

No longer an annual event

Naturally, I am fascinated by how businesses operate and what management styles work in certain situations.  Recently, I have focused my attention on how postindustrial age hierarchy is not working and what that means for companies who are conventional in their human capital management structure.

Early in my career I worked for a large corporation.  The CEO had an Ivy League education, spent a long time in…


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One of the most maddening questions ever to come out of the interview process is "What is your greatest accomplishment?" This question is uncomfortable for a number of reasons. You might be afraid of giving the interviewer a wrong answer, or you don’t feel particularly accomplished in your current…


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