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The Benefits of Recruiting at Small Schools

Every spring, internet forums are filled with anxious high school seniors asking about college choices. One of the more common questions is something along the lines of “Will it hurt my future prospects to go to the University of Forgottonia?” There are plenty of reasons for students to end up choosing small schools: the lower costs, the smaller classes, the tightly-knit communities, etc. The career prospects are another question filled with so many variables that it’s not possible to…


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Choosing payroll management software made easy

If you are an HR reading this, I am sure the term ‘payroll management’ would sound scary to you! On the other hand, if you are already using good payroll management software, then I am equally sure that you are thankful that your company decided to opt for it!

Payroll management has been a tough nut to crack since the time of register-based payroll processing. However, times have changed and the modern cloud-based payroll management system far surpasses the…


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19 Recruiting Text Message Samples to Reel in High-Quality Candidates

In times of rapidly evolving communication technology, it is extra challenging for recruiters to get the attention of their prospective candidates. Job opportunities often get lost in someone’s inbox or even marked as spam.

According to Emissary, emails only get around a 20% open rate. On the contrary, text messages bring about an amazingly high open rate of…


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Top 5 text to speech solution providers in India

Are you finding an effective text-to-speech solution for your business? In general, the text-to-speech solution will provide an unforgettable experience for the customer, and it will become an integral part of your business in customer services. It instantly offers answers to all the customer's queries related to your business, including pronunciation difficulties and the tone of the answering voices. Narration and the human voice are quite the recipe to make online customers more interested…


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Gratuity Calculator, Importance and Benefits

Under the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, Gratuity is a sum of money paid by an employer to their employee for services rendered in the company for five or more years.

Gratuity is offered to employees for recognizing their services and can be considered as a benefit to aid employees after his/her retirement.

Gratuity Criteria…


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3 Innovative Campus Recruitment Cases

Campus recruitment is an ever-competitive and fast-paced race to find the best candidates.

No strategy is a sure-fire in this race as recruiters adapt their approach to a dynamic generation. With recruiting tools like ATS, CRM, or SMS recruiting solutions, many businesses…


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Why Should You Choose Cloud HRMS in 2021?

Advances in technology have transformed human resources in the last few decades. We all understand the importance of keeping up with the latest developments. Adapting to new technology can give you an upper hand in the competition. Those businesses that cling to traditional ways not only face a lack of productivity but soon become irrelevant. We no longer deny the important role that advanced technology plays for the firm.

The HR department is no longer home to the endless paperwork.…


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Why Recruiters Want Customer Success Agents with Subject Matter Expertise

Human resource departments have started to display a preference for recruiting customer success agents whose backgrounds are in the same vertical and/or role as the customers they’re interacting with, rather than direct customer support experience.

A recent report from Totango found that 68% of customer success agents who have…


Added by Sheza gary on December 20, 2021 at 6:07am — 1 Comment

6 Recruitment Strategies to Excel in 2022

We’re experiencing the issue of talent scarcity for a few years. And this isn’t contained in one industry or another; it is a ubiquitous issue that each field and organization is facing.  

The repercussions of this are a few; however, the main one being a whopping $302 billion in financial implications of this talent gap. And this already-shocking number will reach $775 billion by 2022 according to a report by …


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The importance of building a sustainable brand

The last few decades have seen the shopping experience revolutionize. With technology and independent stores drawing customers’ attention away from the high street, there’s now a better sense of community between customers and businesses. With the ability to have direct communication with stores as well as the digital world providing customers…


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How Can Hauliers Cope With an Even Higher Demand This Christmas?

The Christmas rush is something hauliers anticipate every year. But it’s going to be felt more acutely this year with the additional pressures of a driver shortage and Brexit affecting the supply of some goods.

The haulage sector is set to experience its busiest Christmas period on record. On top of the usual increase in demands,…


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6 Innovative Solutions for Effective Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is when a company actively markets its products to its ideal customers. Instead of waiting for customers to discover their products, they advertise directly to the customer. Outbound marketing includes telemarketing, email marketing, taking out ads in the newspaper, and using catalogs. New and improved…


Added by Tracie Grace Johnson on December 14, 2021 at 6:32pm — 1 Comment

The Trouble With Recruiting Young People

The future of a company depends on the future of its people. When new talent enters the workforce they are by definition inexperienced.

The few top percent of university students will stand out - the ones who have already started a business, earned a research grant, or completed some other remarkable work - but the majority of university students will not…


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The True Impact of Digital Technology on Your Workforce Efficiency

We know technology has had an impact on every area of our lives. We can manage almost our entire lives through our smartphones, from arranging appointments to paying bills. Technological innovations have also found a way into the workplace, completely revolutionizing the way we work.

As technology is embedded into workplaces, it can…


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4 Tips on Using WFH to Become More Employable

Covid-19 had brought a series of unfortunate impacts on our lives, right down to some of us sadly losing our jobs as the economy suffered.

In June 2020, it was reported that over…


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When Administrivia gets in the way!!

We all know there is a requirement for a certain amount of administrivia as a staffing professional. Whether it is; writing to contact a candidate, writing a job description, or writing up your interview notes, there will always be some administrivia.


However there comes a point when administrivia becomes counterproductive and even…


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Top 10 Unique Future Careers And How To Acquire Skills For Them?

The rate of adoption of newer and advanced technologies is increasing at a faster pace. The work of humans is no longer limited to basic jobs. Humans are being replaced by robots and AI in jobs at a lower level. Advanced technologies have reduced the workforce and almost everything is now digitalized.



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How Your Communication Methods Impact Company Culture

Communications is vital to a successful business. Effective communication means that people will feel comfortable talking to people at all levels of the business. Communication is essential to create productivity within a business. Allowing each employee, the freedom to ask what they like will create strong work relationships in your business.

In this article, we will show you how to encourage good communication within your business and furthermore how to create a great company…


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Why Communication is Key to Your Organization's Success

Communication is fundamental to any organization’s growth and success. It ensures a seamless exchange of info within and outside the business structure. Through communication, employees and management can discuss better ways to boost productivity and clear any elephants in the room.…


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07 Must-Try Ideas For Career Fair Giveaways

According to a recent Student Insights Report by Rakuna, nearly 90% of college students and recent graduates are attending career fairs. As career fairs are speed-dating events between employers and potential employees, you need to get the spotlight to attract the best candidates. Here are our suggestions to make your career fair giveaways impress your…


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