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What is expected from HR tech trends to streamline the hiring process?

Need for HR technology:

Technology is changing the way HR teams function. It’s making the hiring process easier by gathering and breaking down data to get an overall picture. With the new age technologies like AI and ML the whole HR industry is going digital and it is opening the door to a whole new world of possibility for the recruitment industry. The…


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How many ways can you sue a recruiter?

I am substituting my regularly scheduled episode of “The Jim Stroud Podcast” for this special episode.

A little over a decade ago, I co-hosted “The Recruiters Lounge Podcast” with my pal – Karen Mattonen. It was very…


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7 Ways to Reduce Workplace Negativity

Workplace negativity hinders the growth of the company and also decreases productivity. Workplace negativity should be eliminated before it is spread across the organization. If the negativity in the workplace is ignored by the management, it may impact largely on employee retention and employee engagement. The first step in combating…


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5 Common Performance Review Mistakes

The performance review process should ensure the growth of the employees and the development of the company. A study in 2013 by research firm i4cp asserts that only 28% of employees reckoned that their companies had en effective performance management system. If the companies do not improve their performance management process, it would be hard for them to retain talents, and the employee turnover would increase…


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What Does this New Year Offer to Applicant Tracking Systems?

As we enter 2020, we see a significant change in HR technology trends. 

Companies are becoming more people-centric. Apart from attracting candidates, companies are now also focusing on retaining their workforce. Of course, AI and automation will remain at the top of the list. 

I am writing about a few unique trends that will be the priority of applicant tracking systems.

People Analytics …


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Successful Tips to Manage your Hyper Connected Workforce

Offices today are totally different from past few decades.  All the information you need is available at fingertips. Generations today are digital natives and traditional work systems do not match their expectations. Everyone is connected by technology online. Technology has both its positives and negatives and so does the technology connected…


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Should Executive Pay Be Regulated?

Today's episode, "Should Executive pay be regulated?" originally aired on August 5, 2009. So what was said back then? Well, Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discussed the issue of Executive Pay. Should it be regulated? Jim says NO! Karen (of course) says Yes! An argument begins that lasts waaay longer than it should have, then Lance Haun of HRM…


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Sex at the office! Is it a wonderful thing?

[Original air date: 12.10.08]  Jim…


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Role of An Effective Job Description in Recruitment

Writing a job description seems to be a tedious task but plays a vital role in the recruitment process. With JD, recruiters can also explain their expectations of what kind of candidate the organization is looking for. This might include the set of skills, qualifications, educational background required in a candidate.


What Should A Job Description Include?


Delivering a well-rounded job description includes…


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Optimal Healthcare Recruitment Process: Discover How To Compete For Talent

It is never easy to stay abreast with health care recruitment trends. Whether you are considering changes in health insurance industry or trying to keep up with constantly changing technologies, there’s a lot to equipoise when it comes to health care recruiting. Recent US Census information stated that there are 49.2 million people aging 65…


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The True Cost of Hiring Software Engineers

Hiring Software Engineers:

What Does it Cost and What Should I Do?

Growing a technology team is not straight forward. If there’s one major thing that the last 10 years working in the recruitment sector has shown me, it’s that there is a…


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Visualizing Data for Power Sourcing

This article is a summary of my presentation from the great Sourcing Summit that was held in Tallinn in June and in Amsterdam in October. I shared my thoughts on data visualization and how it can help to your sourcing success. There are multiple tools that can enable you to visualize data and I am…


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How to source with on a Lesser Known site!! AMA

AMA stands for American Medical Association. It is a well-known site, but not to recruiters it appears, as few search it. Unlike most sites where you need to xray to find what you want this site, is ready built, and all you need to do as you see below is not over think it.



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Seeking Big Bucks? Have a Look at These Unheard IT Jobs in 2020

Get yourself technology secure by the end of 2020.

Your career’s vulnerability solely depends on how technology adept you are in modern times. With ever more advancement of technology in our lives, our career is always at stake. Yet, they are exposing us to a new era of newer technologies to keep us future-ready.

The new decade is going to experience a whole new era of advanced workforce with job skills that were once not renowned. Thanks to the adoption of technologies like…


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Embrace Technology & Analytics: Prepare for the Future of HR

It’s no surprise that digital transformation ranks number one in 7 Critical Strategies to Prepare for the Future of Human Resources, according to a recent article posted by SHRM. That’s why SHRM Hawaii leaders…


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5 Key Candidate Experience Statistics: 2020 CandE Research

The latest CandE research is here!

The latest annual Candidate Experience (CandE) Benchmark Research Report…


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Recruitment Technology Trends 2020

Recruitment Technology Trends 2020 Not so long ago, the role of a recruiter in a staffing firm was more about scanning resumes, creating jobs, working on requisitions, shuffling paperwork, and making intuitive decisions based on limited information. Automation. Digitalization. Cloud. These technologies have transformed the way recruiters work and the outcomes they expect, creating new business models and new business opportunities. Indeed, staffing companies are quickly becoming technology companies and…


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Candidate Advice: 5 Bad Habits That Would Drive Recruiter Nuts

Unfortunately, bad habits are a fact of life. But one mistake during the recruitment process can result in you losing out a great opportunity. Most candidates rush through the process thus making errors which always results in a bad first impression. The key to success and breaking…


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A Short Guide to Get into HR Job

A career in human resources is as rewarding as a career can get. Good growth opportunities, as well as the prospect of being in the board room, make HR a promising career. The U.S Bureau of labor statistics suggests jobs in human resources will grow at 7% annually.

Additionally, a career in HR is lucrative. The average salary of an HR professional is $113,300, which is more than the average salary in other careers. Moreover, human resource professionals are increasingly getting…


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5 Sourcing mistakes you should avoid in 2020

We start every year with new resolutions. Sourcers are no exceptions. This article is about 5 mistakes that sourcers do and which one should they refrain in the new year. Let me walk you through the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. I guess you were also like me in this situation many times. Can you remember when you were so enthusiastic about a new position and you had omitted important aspects of the role. The result was that you created a bad engagement strategy. The first…


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