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Gold Diggers: 4 Jobs That Spot Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is something that a lot the population worries about. Between the ease of online purchasing and the number of hacking reports that you can see throughout varying news outlets, it’s easy to understand the discomforting thought that financial fraud may happen to anyone. However, there are some ways to keep your money safe and…


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Pain Releaf: What You Should Know When Starting a Dispensary

For those interested in starting a marijuana dispensary, be wary about all of the state and local regulations that exist around the business. Though it can be a very rewarding business, there are many obstacles you'll have to overcome to have the dispensary of your dreams. Many people find their dream job…

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4 Safety Reasons Jobs Have Dress Codes

You may resent the fact that you have to wear a uniform at work. In some cases, it may be uncomfortable to wear long pants during the summer or to wear a hat that is too small but can’t be adjusted. However, wearing a uniform may help to keep you safe while on the…


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What you Should know by the Second Interview

What you should learn from first interviews is fairly basic. Are they qualified and eligible? Cool. They can move onto the next round. But now you’ve brought them all the way in for another interview, and you need to start weeding out job candidates…


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Is Your Work-Life Balance Tilting Towards Work?

One of the most important aspects of a healthy work environment is employees who have a good work-life balance. By maintaining good work-life balances, employees can reduce stress levels and prevent burnout at their companies.


When employees have a good work-life balance, they are more likely to be productive and perform to the best of their ability. Here are some signs that may indicate that an employee’s work-life balance is tipping more towards work and needs to be…


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Make Your Onboarding More Enjoyable

Picture this: It’s your very first day at your new job and you’re nervous. You walk into your new office and are suddenly relieved when you find out there is a fun onboarding process in store. The onboarding process confirms that you made a good decision by accepting this job and you look forward to your future with this company.



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How to Manage All of Your Employees Remotely

Managing employees in an office environment can be difficult, but it’s far more challenging to manage them from home. When you work remotely, you will need to put in the extra effort to keep track of your employees' performances, to improve their workloads and to give them as much encouragement…


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Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 3 Purple Squirrel!!

So day 3 Purple Squirrel, as always I will hit the high notes and focus on tools, and methods.


Amy Miller and A tale of Two Interviews. This presentation was about her Journey to …outreach limbo, meaning lots of outreach little return. To being the “BEAST” of a recruiter she it today. Lots of trial and error, lots of ups and…


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4 Ways to Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

Recruiters need to adopt a lot of creativity in their process as the recruitment market is moving towards a candidate driven era. Recruiters need to be stay updated with the latest recruitment trends in order to find the best fit for their organization.

Here are a few of the rising trends of the recruitment industry:…


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Making giant leaps at the California Staffing Professionals Conference

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing was the perfect theme for the 2019 California Staffing Professionals Conference (CSP), where we explored how almost anything is possible with the right people, skills, systems, processes and leadership.

As we prepared for…


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4 Trade Schools Teens Are Choosing Over College

Many teens feel pressure to go to college right out of high school. It’s “expected”. Going to college isn’t the right thing for everyone, especially a teenager just entering the adult world. For those teens who don’t want to go to college, trade schools are a viable alternative that places the student into a well-paying job within a short time. Many…


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Recruiting Product Managers isn't always straightforward

If you want to hire a user interface designer you get to see their portfolio and you will immediately see the quality of their work.

If you want to hire a software engineer, you can see their code and see what it is that they can produce.

But when it comes to hiring product managers for software businesses, it's not quite as straightforward.

When you look at the role of a product manager you see that they identify someone else's needs and turn them over to others to…


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Automated interviews is changing recruiting forever

In part one of the recruiting automation blog series, benefits of automation were outlined and automated screening was discussed in detail. Recruiting automation is not just limited to screening and can automate most of the hiring processes- one of them being…


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The Art Of Decision Making

It has long been noticed that the distinguishing feature of many business leaders is the high speed of mental reactions and, as a result, quick decision making. The frequency of generating ideas does not mean that all of them will be equal in quality and effect. It would seem, purely statistically, multiple shots are more likely to hit the target than a single shot. At the same time, in an era of instability and “blurry” strategies, such a management style seems to be not only relevant…


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Living and Working in Glasgow in 2019

1. Introduction

You most likely know Glasgow as one of the friendliest cities on earth or for its reputation as the former shipbuilding capital of the world. 

But what you might not know is that Glasgow is one of the best places to live and work in the UK.

Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow is known for its rich…


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Kickstart your Blockchain Career: Earn a Blockchain Certification Today

Blockchain can’t be ignored anymore. The IT job market is rippling with a growing demand for this new age technology. Blockchain never stops to evolve. Technological marvels are created every now and then and, it has left us enthralled us through boundless imagination and wonders of its performance.

Blockchain technology, an invention made by ingenious brainiacs, is shaping the way business is done in the market. The technology is on its way toward making history. Several…


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Workplace Injuries: A Worrying Number

In 2015/16, there were 144 workers killed as a result of a workplace accidents – this number decreased slightly in 2016/17 to 137 workers. Whilst the number is still worryingly high, when comparing the past two years’ figures with 2006/07 when there were 247 deaths in the workplace, it is clear that health and safety is slowly, but surely, improving.

However, it is worth noting the number of non-fatal injuries in the workplace – in 2015/16 there were 621,000 workers who experienced…


Added by Jake Holyoak on June 18, 2019 at 3:47am — 1 Comment

Top offshore Candidate Sourcing/ List building companies

I am sure that most of the owners at Staffing agency have received an email marketing letter from offshore companies in India/Philippines outlining their services and how they could be game changer. There are bunch of such companies out there but it’s really difficult to find one good company. Some of these companies die within months of incorporation…


Added by Don Milan on June 17, 2019 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

What are the Benefits of HR Certification?

Certifications demonstrates the proof of skills towards the profession and is beneficial both for the employees as well as the employers. As a recruiter, one needs to have the validity of skills that the candidate possess. Thus, certification adds credibility and validity to the department assuring that the candidate is capable enough to take up a new venture.

In a report by PayScale, it was estimated that around 34.2% of overall HR professionals had at least one HR certification.…


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The Era of Recruiting Automation

Increasing demand for talent creates intense pressure on staffing companies to constantly look for better ways to hire.  Staffing leaders agree that the most challenging part is identifying the right candidate from a large pool of candidates as quickly as possible. Many staffing companies are currently doing this and other mundane…


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